Saturday, May 3, 2008

I have been naughty...

My hoomans have been really busy! With Auntie E leaving, things are finally a bit more settled. I am back in my own hidey hole, although I much prefer the larger space in the kitchen. With that, my walks have been cut back to once daily. SIGH!

But I have been keeping myself busy in my hidey hole! Dad accidentally left a piece of yellow cake-like thingy with green topping within my reach. Initially, I thought my hoomans were being nice by giving me a cake to welcome me back to my hidey hole, but it didn't taste like the cakes I had before. Pooey! Nonetheless it was pretty addictive once I got my teeth into it. I haven't been shredding anything lately and this was definitely fun!

Mumsy wasn't amused though. She was worried I swallowed some and gave me a scolding. I am alright! I have better taste than to eat something called a SPONGE!

Here are the peektures. As you can see, I am pretty embarrassed after getting ticked off by my Mumsy.