Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Bone...

My Sundays are filled with school now. With Chester graduating to agility, I have been working really hard to catch up and graduate soon! Lucas told Mumsy that I can start going for agility classes already but she doesn't think so and wants me to be absolutely good at obedience first. Cos honestly when there is another doggie around (preferably a gal doggie) I don't listen to her at all! I mean why would I want to listen to her NAG at me when there is a nice doggie (no white ones please) about my size that I can play with? Ah, but that's another story.

So after school last Sunday, Mumsy bought more milk for me (I like my food with milk, I'm still a pup!) and asked Lucas if it was ok to start me on real bones. My Mumsy is rather particular about dental hygiene and after this incident, I have been rather touchy with my mouth. I simply don't like anybody touching my mouth, although if it was Mumsy, I am slightly more forgivable. So to ensure that I have good teeth, gnawing on bones is the way to go. After some recommendation for Lucas, she chose the pork bone for pups for me! And I got to savour it that evening after my shower. Yumz!

After attacking the left, attack the right!

Don't waste! Smaller bits can be chewed on too!

I need my paws for better leverage.

Hrmmm which is the best way to finish it up?

Let's lie down and enjoy it slowly...

There's even a veedeo of me enjoying it!

Monday, October 29, 2007

All about me...

I know I haven't been talking much recently. Blame it all on my Mumsy!

Anyway just some updates on me. After getting a lot of advice from other corgi owners and Lucas, my hoomans brought me to visit Doc Dog to check on my right hindleg. Apparently I have been walking funny (that's the closest word that I can come up with) and this has caused some worries. Thank goodness it was my usual Doc Dog and not the one that was so touchy-feely with my privates!

Doc Dog made me sashay around her room and said that my leg was too straight! My hips were fine though and most likely, my too-straight leg was inborn. Auntie Zoe said I am a left pawed dog, which was absolutely spot on cos that's the paw I used to play footie with! Anyway, being a leftie, my right paws' muscles aren't as developed. Doc Dog said there was nothing that she can to medically to treat it and recommended my hoomans to keep me slim! Ha! Now my hoomans are grateful that I have been so fussy with my food!

Other than that, to make up for her neglect, Mumsy and Dad brought me to the beach on Friday for a nice long stroll. I got to eat this Mac-do-something french fries! My Mum said I would glad sell my soul to the Mac-do-something clown in order to eat those fries! After that it was a loooong stroll to the jetty and I spent my time licking those salty fishy smelly stuff off the ground. Needless to say, I was very happy that evening.

I think I should give my hoomans the doleful look more often. Cos each time I do that, they will give me presents! My Mumsy bought me my first real bone today and I had so much fun chewing on it! I will post the photos the next time cos Mumsy needs this back to start doing her work...

Until the next time!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I am reeeeaallly sorry... Mumsy has been really busy, hence the lack of updates on my part. I have all the posts ready in my head already, so don't worry, I won't disappear or run out of things to say.

Remember the weird ball I was talking about? Well, Mumsy taught me how to play football with it! Well, not really, it was really a no brainer cos I realised that if I pushed the ball on a certain way, my fav chicken jerky will drop out! Mumsy took this veedeo a long time ago but I have been saving this for times when my hoomans haven't been bringing me out to play and I have nothing to write about.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Blog Action Day!

Sir Chance-lot posted that it was Blog Action Day on 15th Oct. I am a day late, but I thought better late then never.

It never fails to amaze me that hoomans can be ignorant asses when they want to be. Mumsy hates walking me under the apartment blocks as the floor are filled with litter. I mean if they were throwing stuff that can be degraded by nature, that would be a little more forgivable. But nooooo, they throw stuff like metal cans, plastic bottles and bags!

We dogs don't throw our stuff away (heck we don't even have any belongings!) and the only thing we contribute to the environment is poo and pee. And all these go back to help plants grow better. I don't know why Mumsy is so fussy about picking up my poo when it does only good stuff to nature. She is so obsessive that she picks up other dogs' poo too!

So on Blog Action Day for the environment, I managed to brainwash my hoomans into doing something. Mumsy has always been very green conscious and she pledged not to drive her veehicle to areas less than 5km from home. I think she is gonna struggle cos she is so dependent on it now.

And though I think I am a green enough dog but I think I can do better. I shall 1) finished all my food and 2) erm, I can't think of anything else! How about eating one less rawhide a wheek?

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pawsitive Sensations' Official Opening!

My hoomans woke up earlier than usual this morning and started bustling around immediately. I could sense that something was up cos Mumsy was running around getting ready while Dad was trying to get my school bag ready. Something was definitely up, so I refused to eat my breakfast cos I wanted to find out what was going to happen.

Mumsy has been dropping Benny's name at me in hope that I will eat my breakfast, and for an instance I thought we were going to Benny's! Knowing that my Mum likes to bluff me, I didn't want to get my hopes high. Was bundled into the veehicle and when the door next opened, I was back at a familiar place: Auntie Zoe's shop! It was Pawsitive Sensations' Official Opening and yes, I was going to see Benny!!!

Except it wasn't just Benny, there were 2 other corgis there, Dexter and Barn2! I have never met them before and since Benny was busy doing his duty as the official mascot, Dexter and I had loads of fun playing together. Mumsy was very impressed with the well behaved Dexter, who was a gentleman, not like me, tumbling and bumping into stuff. Barn2 was another matter. He looks fierce and he growled at me when I tried to make friends with him! He is huge too but Mumsy seemed to be especially taken with him. Saw her telling Auntie L (Barn2's Mum) that this is how a corgi should be, big and sturdy. I steered clear from Barn2 after he gave me the fiercest growl ever! Having a 18kg dog pouncing on me isn't my idea of fun. I got the feeling that Barn2 feels that we kids are too noisy for him and he can't wait to put us in place. I got photographic evidence of Barn Barn giving us the evil eye!

Top to bottom: Benny standing at the door, welcoming guests; Dexter and I; gentle Dexter and scary Barn2.
When Benny was released from his duty, the boy (dressed up nicely with a red bow tie) came to join Dexter and I for some wrestling! Benny took turns to wrestle with us before we all escaped and ran out into K9 Kulture's compound! I followed Dexter around and I must say that chap has good taste! He actually ran directly into US Doggie Bakery! For the next couple of minutes, it was me pulling my hoomans around after Dexter. Benny joined us too before Mumsy put a stop to it and brought me back to Auntie Zoe's shop. They had to leave to go somewhere else and I didn't even notice them telling me goodbye. Benny and Dexter were just too distracting!

After a bit, everybody left and Auntie Zoe started her massage on me. I struggled a bit and hoped that by biting her, she would just leave me alone to play with Benny. But she gave me a stern scolding and I decided that I might as well just lie there and relax a bit. Benny took the chance to sleep and woke up refreshed for the next bout of wrestling. In between all the fun, I peed in Auntie Zoe's shop 6 times and unloaded a big pile of crap under the food table! Mumsy said I must apologise for the bad toilet behaviour so Auntie Zoe, I am really sorry for not telling you that I needed to pee. *blush* Sorry for making you and Uncle Clement wiping my mess countless of times.

My hoomans reappeared later that afternoon and by then both Benny and I were tired. We attempted to do one last bout of wrestling but gave up. My hoomans said it was time to go but i refused to budge. They literally had to drag me out of the shop. But I guess I was kinda tired too cos I slept all the way home and collapsed in a heap once I got home.

Playing is tiring too u know!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Especially for Mama Soon

Mama Soon dropped me a surprise message here yesterday! I didn't expect her to remember such a naughty dog like me. Coincidentally, I wanted to write about my recent diet but after the long (and embarrassing) post last evening, I lost the mood to talk abt food.

Since I came back from Augus's place, I have been the perfect dog when it comes to food. Friends would remember I was rather finicky with food. But Mama Soon changed my viewpoint totally. Meals at her place were yummy and delishcious! I gobbled everything up partly because it tasted soooo good and partly I was afraid that Augus will eat my food (Augus was a perfect gentleman throughout the whole time). All the same, I realised that I am not the only dog in the world and there are others that won't be as nice as Augus and steal my food when I am not watching!

I brought the habit back home and my hoomans are very pleased with me. They no longer have to cajole me or play games with me for me to eat! And because I have been so nice, they went to Uncle Martin and got me some raw food! Now Chester my brother has been on raw stuff for most parts of his life and tells me it is very yummy. When I tried Primal Raw Food mixed with Oven Baked and Back to Basic kibbles, it tasted just the way Chester said it would: YUMMY!

Mumsy, encouraged by my new found appetite tried other stuff on me too. She learnt from Mama Soon that bittergourd is good at controlling my urine odour (what odour?) so she has been feeding me that too. I love it although I did catch my Mumsy saying she can't stand the darn thing! Look at me gobbling it up!

So Mama Soon, I have been a good boy!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cody the Cowardly Dog

It is pretty obvious that I share this post with my Mum. Who (doggie or otherwise) would call themselves a COWARD?

My Mumsy said I remind her of Courage the Cowardly Dog, a dog that is terrified by the most mundane things in the world. I shook my tail at that, cos I am NOT that a coward. She begs to differ though. I tried to erase this but Mum took her metal back and edited this post, so I am limiting the damage by rewriting the whole thing.

Yes I got to admit I have a huge fear of the dark now. I used to wait eagerly for my walks at night, wagging my tail off and giving my hoomans a big grin when they take the leash out. But nowadays, I am a bit more subdued. Don't get me wrong. I still prefer to get out and stretch my legs but why can't they bring me out when the big globe of light is still shining? And why on earth do they have to bring me to dark places? I keep having flashbacks of that fateful night when the darn husky sprang a surprise on me. I'm sure if I have seen him coming, I would have given him as good as I got! So now I keep whirling around to check my back when we are out. My hoomans are pretty irritated with this behaviour and try their best to encourage me to walk properly (not run away in fear).

And yes, I am sure after what I have gone through, you would understand why I try to make myself invisible when I encounter another dog. Why can't my hoomans be more understanding? They brought me to the dog run last Sat and all I wanted to do was to dig a hole and bury myself when I saw the number of huskies there! There were other big dogs too and I was too petrified to do anything else but hid under the bushes. Mumsy dragged me out and made me sit in the middle of the field, holding my collar. When other dogs came up to me to investigate, it took Mumsy everything to prevent me from bolting away. I actually snapped at a friendly cocker spaniel when he persisted in sniffing my butt! Dad pitied me and suggested to bring me home early. I was so relieved that I ran to the gate and stood there while my hoomans took their own sweet time.

I thought we were going straight to the veehicle but NOOOOO, my Dad said we should sit at the benches next to the pond for a bit. All around me were big dogs getting their shower and being dried. The only good thing was they were leashed or placed high up on a table so they couldn't get me. However, next to me was a small Maltese that was super friendly. My hoomans were laughing at the way the Maltese was standing on his hide legs and dancing around. I was pretty glad to watch from afar but that Maltese decided to come and make friends. I immediately got up and tried to tug my hoomans towards the car but they were too dumb to make a connection. So I had to run around in circles AWAY from the Maltese. Gawd, it is killing me just to admit this fact, but I prefer my version of the story than what Mumsy had written. The Maltese was like some mad possessed dog, twirling on his hide legs and coming after me at the same time! *Shudder* I can't write anymore about this without dying so I guess it is better you watch the veedeo yourself.

Mumsy was concerned enough to tell Lucas (my trainer in case you are wondering) about my bad(?!) behaviour at the dog run when I went for class on Sunday. To try see how bad I was, he brought up 3 of his dogs, Bailey, Jean and this chocolate lab. I was trembling in fear because on Sunday I was the only dog that attended school and I was always hanging out with puppies! But Lucas brought out my fav toy, tennis ball, many of them in fact. He bounced the balls around and rest of them chased after the balls and I did the OPPOSITE. I ran away from the dogs! Mumsy joined in the fun and after seeing how the other dogs ran after her for attention, I was jealous that she wasn't playing with me. I started to run after the balls she threw and after awhile I started to enjoy myself! I was so surprised at myself when I ran after a ball that Jean was chasing and grabbed it away from her! Needless to say, I had the best training session that afternoon!

All the same Mumsy is thinking of sending me to K9 Kulture for more socialisation classes. I can then have a relaxing massage with Auntie Zoe and have lotsa fun with Benny! Thinking of all the fun I can have with Benny almost make me forget the fear of socialisation classes!

I am still deciding if the pain from going for socialisation classes is worth Benny's wild romps! What do you guys think?

Friday, October 5, 2007

New toy!

Ba! Mumsy has been super busy and she won't lend me her metal thing to bang this out! In fact, I haven't seen much of her as she leaves the house early and comes home late. And when she is home, she hides in her hidey-hole, banging on her metal! The only time I see her is when she brings me out for a walk. Dad has been doing the feeding recently and I have to say I finished all my food consistently! My hoomans were rather impressed but I didn't tell them I learnt it when I was at Augus's place. I learnt that I don't eat fast enough, another dog might eat it! I thought I should impress them even more by eating everything I can lay my mouth on in my hidey-hole. But some how they weren't amused when they saw this.

My guilty look when Mumsy started yelling at me

Before I go any further, I would like to thank those doggies that posted their pet names on my blog! I think none of you got it as bad as me. Barn2 even has a Chinese name! Hrmm, we should turn the tables on our hoomans. Do you have pet names for them? I call my Mumsy The Klutz cos she is always knocking into stuff and hurting herself. And my Daddy would be The Bean Pole cos as the name implies, he is very skinny! Not very creative but it will do.

I haven't been doing much lately. No visit to Auntie Zoe's yet. Each time the wheekend rolls around, I would be eagerly anticipating a possible trip to see Benny. My hoomans made it up by getting me a new toy, a flying plastic plate called a frisbee. I was so excited about it that I made a flying leap in the kitchen like how I saw Big Chester did, and landed awkwardly. For a moment, I thought I broke my paw cos it was so painful. Mumsy did a check on me but after awhile the pain disappeared. My hoomans refused to bring me out just in case it was something serious but I just ran round and round the kitchen looking for the frisbee that they relented.

Here's a veedeo of me running after the frisbee. Dad said I must return it to him after catching it but as you can see, I had more fun mangling it!

Look at my drool string! Cool ain't it?

The veedeo of me mangling the frisbee. I think I need a lot more practise before I can attain Big Chester's level.