Thursday, November 29, 2007

*Scratch scratch*

I loooove my hoomans scratching me. One bad thing about having short limbs is that you tend to miss quite a bit of area when you wanna scratch this itchy spot somewhere behind you head. Reaching it is possible but I rather have my hoomans doing it for me.

This is how I get my scratches. Usually my hoomans will be sitting on the floor, reading their books or having a conversation and I walk up to them surreptitiously. I just flop next to them and instinctively their hands will come towards me and start to scratch me!

This morning was the same. Mumsy was having her breakfast (I tried to jump for her bread) when I flopped beside her. She started to scratch me all over unconsciously, but after awhile she noticed that I was twisting and turning my body to get her to scratch the places I wanted. She looked at me with this amused expression before hollering for Dad to take some photos of me in ultimate bliss.

Don't I look like I am absolutely enjoying it?

Scratch under my right ear please

A bit more to the right...

AHHHH..... That's the place

Yes yes yes....

Don't forget under my chin!

Of course, I show my appreciation by snuggling in between my hooman's legs (and get free pets at the same time!). Dad wasn't too happy after this above peekture was taken becos he had FUR all over him!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

One rainy evening...

The weather has been pretty sucky recently. I absolutely hate thunderstorms... Mumsy is laughing at me while I type this cos she thinks I am a big chicken (like Benny?) during storms. I don't know what's so wrong about practising some self preservation! What I am talking about? Why hiding when you hear the loud crash of thunder!

If my hoomans are with me, I would try to hide behind them. But both of them are rather skinny so they don't really offer me much shelter. If I am in my hidey-hole, I will hide between the white throne and the wall. If I am in the kitchen, I run to the loo to hide under the sink! My hoomans don't like me doing that cos most of the time the loo's floor is wet and I will get my fur wet if I plonk down under the sink.

Anyway the last couple of weeks have been rather wet and my hoomans can't bring me out for my usual walks. So to get rid of my pent up energy, my Daddy played some games with me! I used to lose to him in such games when I was younger cos I am (if you haven't noted) very short. Now that I have grown bigger, I am starting to beat him at such games!

Here's a veedeo of one of these games. Dad tends to turn pale in the face after a few bouts of this but I am always raring to go again! I beat him in this veedeo and you can even hear his loser cry!


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Flying corgi!

Someone gave Mumsy the link to this amazing corgi and now she made me watch the damn veedeo over and over again! She is trying to get me to memorise what that corgi is doing, in the hope that I can follow his footsteps! Why's up with parents? Why do they constantly need to compare their child to other hooman's children?

Anyway that is Monty, a Welsh Pembroke Corgi like me. But he definitely runs much much faster than I. I would probably get bored with the jumping and would rather much prefer to sniffing other (gals) doggies' butts.

Anyway I got my grimy paws on Mumsy's metal and did some virtual digging. I found lots more of such corgis doing these weird stuff! Jumping, running through tunnels and such. I wonder what their hoomans are using to bribe them to do such stunts. If my hoomans feed me the crap I am getting, I won't even move my ass!

Anyway enjoy the veedeos. I have finally graduated from school and I am proceeding to agility classes (with my brother, Chester YAY!) this coming wheek. Wish me luck!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Living like a "superstar"

I attempted to act like a superstar one day last wheek. Afterall, hoomans (especially mine) like to take photos of us doggies. Sometimes they can be so annoying, sticking their cameras into our faces when we don't want them to... I have christened them bugbug-razzi as they are as annoying as bugs!

So I started out standing on staircase landing, waiting to be sure all eyes were on me before I made my descent. Of cos my hooman bugbug-razzis had to take some shots of me preening and posing there.

When I finally do get down to the first floor, I make sure the camera is still on me and that my every move is being recorded down. My Mumsy said that it is like being Bean-ney Spears (I think she meant Baked Beans!), where every move the Bean-ney Spears makes, cameras will pop and flash. Bean-ney Spears drives crazily while I run crazily!

When I am eating, the bugbug-razzis continue to pester me for more photos. So much so that I lost my appetite and turned away. Eating is so unglam, yet they still wanna take peektures of me making a mess during meal times. No wonder all the superstars develop food disorders!

When I am out playing and getting dirt all over, the cameras follow! I think this bugbug-razzi has to change her camera! It is a shot that doesn't do me justice. Can't see my sexy silhouette because of the blurred edges!

Here's another shot of me with my bodyguard. I am trying to run and hide from the pesky bugbug-razzis while my skinny good-for-nothing bodyguard takes a leisure stroll beside me. I am gonna fire that guy!

These bugbug-razzis also take unflattering shots of me when I am not noticing! I don't know what my publicist is doing, allowing such ugly peektures of me to be published! I am gonna fire her too! Don't you think my butt looks fat in the second peekture? They should airbrush the peektures like what they do for Mimi Carey!

I got sick of the sub standard peektures and decided to give them my best smile, in the hope that all future publicity peektures will be of the same good quality as this one.

Being a superstar is tiring. I don't think I am cut out for such a life. I don't know how Bean-ney Spears does it, but I would recommend being a doggie is so much better than being a supersta

Don't you agree?

Friday, November 9, 2007

Not for the fainthearted

No this isn't some arty-farty painting. That's, according to my Mumsy, my blood. So if you are already feeling faint (I don't think doggies would feel faint, only hoomans), don't read this!

Last Sunday I didn't go to school. Not that I played truant but becos there was a doggie competition going on and Lucas had to be there with his students that were taking part. One of them did him proud by clinching a REAL trophy! And that is Big Chester, but I am sure he would have preferred food? Anyway, congratulations to my hero!

Ok, back to my story. My hoomans brought me out to run in the field and brought along my squeaky ball and my frisbee. According to my hoomans, I am still not playing frisbee correctly. I was supposed to catch it and bring it back, not catch it and shake it all around like I was trying to break it into pieces. So my hoomans took it away and threw my ball around instead. Like always, I tire out after 15 mins of hard running and to end the whole thing, Mum took out the frisbee and gave me one last run. I caught it and proceed to mangle it. Mumsy ran up to me and gave a gasp before ordering me to drop it. Something in her voice made me plause instead of running off, and I dropped it immediately. That's when I tasted something salty and warm in my mouth.

By this time Dad ran up and both my hoomans immediately hustled me off the field. Dad even carried me in his arms for a bit. All this while that warm salty liquid was coursing now my throat and dripping everywhere. I was a bit puzzled at my hoomans' reaction cos I felt physically fine. I did notice red splotches of stuff were coming out of my mouth. When did my saliva turn red?

Once home, my hoomans proceeded to check my mouth. Like I said before, I don't like hoomans touching my mouth but this time I sensed that Mumsy was a lil' panicky (and I was rather tired) so I didn't put up a fight. Mum looked at me for a bit and said something about me bleeding non stop and that I should be brought to the vet. In the meantime, Dad gave me a piece of ice to suck on while they got ready. When they came back to get me, I stopped bleeding, just like that! Mind you, by this time my blood was all over the kitchen but it stopped just like that. Mumsy sat beside me to monitor me and I decided since she wasn't gonna play with me, I would just lick off all the blood on my paws. But it seemed like a neverending chore and all of a sudden Mumsy pushed my head away. I looked at her indignantly but she told Dad that I was bleeding again! They gave me more ice and it stopped. My hoomans soon realised that it was my incessantly licking that was keeping the wound open.

Daddy supposedly watching me

Guess what they did next? They sat with me for an hour, keeping me distracted with my duck so that I wouldn't lick! It worked and the bleeding stopped for good. Can u see the small wound on my tongue?

Actually I don't know what the fuss was. You heard how Mumsy was squealing in the veedeo for me to stop licking! I didn't even feel any pain and I kinda like the taste of my blood. Smells like my Primal Lamb dinners! The only good thing I got out of it was lotsa tummy rubs and scratches for the rest of the day and I got to gnawl on my leftover bone!

On other matters, I am finally a LAWFUL citizen of this island! My dog tag came in the mail yesterday and here is a peekture of me wearing it! Handsum or not? *Woof*