Friday, September 28, 2007

Pet names

I am bored. And Augus isn't here to play with me!

Have u heard this saying, "An idle mind is the Devil's playground"? Well, I must have a very bored Devil too cos all he could think of was this curious topic: Pet names for pets.

I don't mean the names you were given by your hoomans, e.g. Benny (my buddy) or Chester (both the big and the small one), but names other than that. My hoomans have a couple of names other than Cody for me. I think you will be rather puzzled when you hear their favourite one for me... Here goes, take a deep breathe and don't laugh; it is FUNGUS!

Got you scratching you head? How did a prim and proper Welsh Pembroke Corgi named Cody be labelled FUNGUS? Read on...

You see, unlike most doggies who adopt their hoomans' last names or surname, I didn't. Dad said this doesn't give respect to my birth father if I were to take Daddy's surname. But calling me just Cody didn't seem right, especially when my hoomans wanted to scold me. I mean calling a person by their full name would make them sit up and take notice and this is especially handy when you are trying to drum something into someone's (like mine) skull. After much thought, they called me Cody Moldy. I think a glimmer of understanding is shining through the fog now isn't it? Moldy means fungus, a kind of organism that feeds on other organisms. I haven't seen one yet but when I do, I'll show it you.

So now my hoomans call me Cody Moldy everyday and when Mumsy wants to irritate me, she calls me FUNGUS at the top of her voice. You won't believe how embarrassed I am when she does that. Thank goodness she has only done it at home. Can you imagine how embarrass I will be if she starts calling me FUNGUS when we are at a dog run? I will be laughing stock of all the doggies there!

How about you guys? Do you have pet names other than the proper ones your hoomans gave you? Share it with me!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


My hoomans went for a nice long holeeday and didn't bring me along! At first I sulked a bit but it didn't work. Then I tried the "don't leave me" pathetic look in the car when Mumsy was driving me to Augus's place. Mumsy ruffled my head, trying her best not to feel guilty about abandoning me. I was steadily getting more and more miserable as we got closer to Augus's home.
That all changed when I saw Augus! When we first met at the dog run, he ignored me most of the time. But this time, he couldn't wait to leap on me for a wrestling bout! I forgot about pretending to be forlorn and jumped onto Augus! It was lotsa drool and fur flying everywhere! My Mumsy was embarrassed to death at my bad behaviour cos there I was, attacking the hosts' dog! Not only that, I peed everywhere! I was so excited playing with Augus that I peed. Mumsy stayed with me for a bit but I didn't care about her existence anymore. All i wanted to do was to pounce on Augus!

Auntie Jane's Mum was really really good to me. I didn't have problems finishing my food there becos every meal was so delishcious! She mixed Addiction's wet food together with my kibbles and this new kibbles called Back to Basics. Doesn't that sounds yummy? She also added this green coloured bitter thing into my meals to keep my pee from being stinky! Meal times were my favourite times of the day when I was in Augus's place! The first night was a little scary cos everything smelled different and there were many weird noises. I whined for awhile until I dropped off to sleep cos I was exhausted from all the wrestling I had with Augus.

I didn't think much about Dad and Mum for the next four days. Afterall, they didn't bring me along with them. I had so much fun with Auntie Jane, Auntie Joan, Augus and of cos Mama Soon (that's Auntie Jane's Mum). They brought me for walks every night and I met a couple of doggie friends too, like Tiger, who is really as big as a tiger. I even climbed up this hill with them! Augus had to rest a couple of times but I was raring to go! The downside from having an outdoor romp was that I needed to have a shower! Auntie Jane and Auntie Joan bundled me into the bathroom and gave me a good scrub. I tried my best to escape their clutches but they were too smart for me. Hmmppff!

Alas, all good things must come to an end and my hoomans reappeared on Sunday afternoon to bring me back. I wasn't really interested in them as I was having a romp with Augus. I learnt quite a few things from him, including barking! When I first got there, I was doing the soft goose-like quacks instead of barking. By the time my hoomans came, I was barking loudly at the top of my voice! Mumsy told me if I did the same back home, she would spank me! After much struggling, they managed to pull Augus and I apart and off we went home. I kept turning back to see if Augus was following and deep down inside, I knew that it was time to part with Augus and go back to my boring home. I was so tired that I fell asleep in the kitchen a couple of times before Mumsy carried me up to my hidey-hole. I knocked out immediately and didn't even open my eyes when my hoomans came to say goodnite.

Here's some photos courtesy of Auntie Jane, of my stay with them. Thank you very much Auntie Jane, Auntie Joan and Mama Soon for taking care of me when my hoomans were away. And special thanks to Augus, my constant playing companion for that 6 days. I missed you already.
Synchronized head turning!

New friends: Prince the Golden Retriever (top) and Tiger the Rough Collie (bottom)

Augus and I just chillin'

The much dreaded shower, here I am trying to worm my way out

Tired o' me after the climb up Mt Faber

Oh yes, my buddy Benny wrote about my trip to his Mum's place for the massage. You can read all about it here. You guys should bug your hoomans to make an appointment with his Mum! Guarantee you won't regret it!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Fun, fun, FUN!

I went back to school yesterday! And so did Chester! Mumsy's toe was better so she took me over to Lucas's and sad to say I didn't do anything at all. I sulked at one corner while Mumsy tried her best to entice me with sausages but I wasn't interested! All I wanted to do was to wrestle with Chester, but he had to be the goody-two-shoes and performed all his obedience command perfectly. Rats! So now everybody thinks that I am a spoilt brat who throws tantrums as and when he wants. But I am proud of Chester though, my bro is good enough to go for agility classes, while I am stucked at obedience. Nobody to blame but myself.

The fun only started after class! Chester and our new friend, Nikka, came over to my place! Nikka is a three months old husky (yes I can hear your sigh of disbelief) who is rather wild... Luckily she is about the same size as me so I could still handle her. You can see how wild she is on the veedeos below! Chester and I had a hard time handling her.

Nikka looks fierce don't she?
Three heads are better than one!

Chester, all tired out from Nikka's rough play!

I was wondering why the sudden change of routine. I don't get visitors you see, and was rather surprised that I had two other doggie friends with me. Mumsy kept an eye on us while Uncle Ian and Nikka's dad went to get lunch. Mumsy told me that all of us were going to Auntie's Zoe's new shop! Apparently Mumsy was worried about me after the husky attack and wanted to send to for a massage to relax! And best of all I get to see Benny!

So the 7 of us made our way there. It was a huge compound and the road smelled rather queer. Auntie Zoe said they only just resurfaced it. Anyhow, Benny was there and he immediately pounced on me. I am not sure why Chester or Nikka didn't attract his attention. Is it because I look like I can be bullied? He kept nipping my ears and I have the evidence to prove it! And my brother didn't bother to lend me a helping paw! Auntie Zoe scolded Benny for barking and quickly shuttled me into the treatment room. I didn't like it cos I could see Benny. Chester and Nikka's shadows from under the door and all I wanted was to rush out to play with them!

Look at Benny's face! No help from my bro as u can see!

Alas, Auntie Zoe and Mummy held onto me tightly while Daddy used his thin frame to block out as much of the shadows as he could. I whined and whined and whined, until even my hoomans were surprised. Cos I never whined for so long and that loudly before. Can't they understand that a dog gotta play when a dog gotta play? Needless to say, I showed my displeasure to Auntie Zoe. I tried to bite her, wriggle out of her grasp and struggled when she tried to massage me. Mumsy and Dad had to scold me numerous times but the massage did me good! Auntie Zoe said my tummy was rather bloated and massaged it so well that I let out a loud burp in Mumsy's face! That wasn't all, I managed to let out a small amount of lethal gas through the other outlet quietly, into Auntie Zoe's face! Mumsy told me that was very rude of me and I think I owe Auntie Zoe an apology. Sorry Auntie Zoe, your massages were so good that I had no way but to let it all out.

Mumsy also told Auntie Zoe to check on my right hindleg as I was walking in a weird manner. Auntie Zoe said I have been lazy and have not been using my right legs correctly and consistently. I might have strained it, but honestly I don't remember any pain (trust me, I remember pain very well). Lo and behold, just as I was starting to enjoy the massage, the session ended. Once Auntie Zoe opened the door, Benny immediately pounced on me and we had a good time wrestling while my hoomans left me there to explore the place. Mumsy even bought me some cookies from US Doggie Bakery but she said that's for me to share with Augus when I go and stay with him tomorrow.

I felt much better after the massage and the prolong wrestling bout I had with Benny. All doggies should try the massages Auntie Zoe gives! And after that, have fun with Benny! Makes a dog's day compete. Visit K9 Kampus for more details of all the other shops located there. I overheard Mumsy discussing with Auntie Zoe to have me go over once a wheek for massage and then Auntie Zoe would bring me to the shop next door for some socialisation classes. Mumsy said I am a coward! Well, if she got her neck clamped by a huge hooman, she would be feeling the same way as I do. Hmmmppff!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Ume's Barkday

I have to admit I have been rather lax at keeping up with my Daily Reads. Only just found out that I missed Ume's 1st Barkday! *blush*

Here you go Ume, Happy Belated Barkday! Wanted to send you an ecard but I realised I forgot to ask you for your eemail add.

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Thursday, September 13, 2007


What's up with me and huskies! I seem to be always be their punching bag! There I go about doing my own biz and I get chased, harassed and even bitten by them. I am just a harmless lil' corgi, why do they have to torment me so much?

Late last evening, my hoomans brought me out for my usual walk. The normal route we took was one that cuts into the area with shorter houses. I like going there cos there are lotsa doggie scents around so my nose would be perpetually on the ground. What I don't like about that route though, was the numerous dogs that bark at me loudly when I walk pass. I think they are just jealous that I am out for a walk while they are trapped behind that fence of theirs.

So there we were, me messing up other dogs' scents by pissing here and there, especially when I smelled a dog that I don't quite like. We were almost home, only needing to run across the road to get home. This is one part I like, dashing across the road like a mad dog. I accidentally slipped on the metal grill and when I struggled to my feet (my hoomans were laughing at me), something chomped on my neck! I immediately screamed and vaguely heard Mumsy doing the same. It was another dog and it didn't let go of me until Dad pretended to kick him! When it let go, my heart sank as what stood in front of me was ANOTHER husky! I immediately turned to run, but I was on my painful collar and Mumsy told me sternly not to panic. Look who's talking cos I could smell her fear! Mumsy walked slowly away from the husky, who kept staring at me in a menacing manner. Dad walked behind us, trying to deter the husky from chomping on me again!

That sneaky doggie tried to run up on me a couple of times and this time I was in blind panic. All I wanted to do was run for my life, but Mumsy was adament that we walk slowly. I kept straining on my painful collar and it lived up to its name: it was damn painful. I was out of breath and in fear and didn't realized that I was wheezing and whimpering out loud. All of a sudden, the painful collar broke and I ran! Dad chased after me for a bit and this spurred me to continue running. Then both my hoomans stopped and called me to them coaxingly. I turned and saw the husky behind them. That persuaded me to stick close to them and Mumsy managed to put the painful collar back while Dad shooed the husky away again.

By this time we have already crossed the road and near home. We walked past another 2 doggies and Mumsy stopped to warn their owner about the stray husky. All I wanted her to do was to get me home safe! We finally got into the box that beeps and bring us up to our floor and I collapsed on the floor gratefully. Once we got out, I made a beeline for the door to my home. Usually my hoomans and I would play a game of Chase, i.e. Dad would be at the door while Mumsy would be hiding at the lift lobby. I had to herd Dad back to the door then run back to herd Mumsy. But last night, I refused to move at all and stared longingly at the door. Dad got the hint and carried me in. I was finally safe.

Now I am very wary when I go out. I gonna sniff everywhere for the smell of huskies and if I smell them, I am gonna run in the opposite direction. My hoomans too were shaken. Dad approached the husky to check if it was wearing a collar, but the husky didn't dare to come near. My hoomans initially thought some idiotic hooman unleashed the husky and looked around frantically for its owner. After awhile they realized that the husky either escaped or abandoned, but having no collar made the second scenario more plausible. For the rest of the night, I stuck close to my hoomans.

I think I m mentally scarred after this. May be I shall start a "Help Cody get therapy" fund. Would you guys donate?

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Final Adventures of Mr Teddy & more...

Mr Teddy has left me. And Mumsy said I contributed to him leaving forever. This was what happened to Mr Teddy. As usual after my hoomans disappeared to do whatever hoomans do in the day, I was all alone with a bone and Mr Teddy in my hidey-hole. For some strange reason, I felt like playing with Mr Teddy that day. I flung him around, tugged and pulled at him and when I was finally tired, I saw that Mr Teddy had something whitish coming out from him. Intrigued, I decided to help Mr Teddy remove the white fluff and to my horror, it was endless!

When Mumsy came home that night, she thought that I was so bored that I tore off bits of my own fur. Until she saw Mr Teddy laying face down on the floor. I put him face down as I didn't want to see his accusing eyes. Mumsy turned him over and saw the source of the white fluff. She then told me sternly that Mr Teddy has to go and this time, I wasn't supposed to rescue him from the bin. So with one final lick, Mr Teddy was dumped in an undignified manner. I tried to rescue him but Mumsy's sharp eyes saw what I was doing and I got a rebuke for it. So now I am all alone in my hidey-hole at night. I wasn't used to it and whined for him the first couple of nights but my hoomans decided to keep me occupied (and exhausted, but more of that later) so that I won't remember Mr Teddy's absence. Here are some peektures if me when Mumsy discovered the mess and Mr Teddy before he was taken away from me.

To keep me occupied, my hoomans came home early for once last Friday, when the big globe of light was still shining. To my surprise, they brought me down to the big field I have always longed to run free in. And they actually unleashed me! Now you see, Mumsy hurt her toe last Thurs night while playing football with me. She had to have her whole nail removed (yes, I cringed when I heard it cos nobody is gonna ever remove MY toenails!), so she wasn't able to run and walk properly. The hoomans decided that I should be doing all the hard work, running after my favourite ball! Not that I am complaining, cos playing Fetch is my ab-soolute fav past time! Mumsy, in her haze of pain, forgot her camera so there wasn't any evidence of me running free like a wind! I enjoyed myself thoroughly, running after the ball. In fact I was so hyper despite looking tired, that my hoomans decreed that I should rest before I die on them or something. It was one of the best days I ever had.

Then today, the hoomans decided to bring me out again since the weather was bright and sunny. I was mad with delight but the sun was so hot! I felt tired only after a few runs and when a cocker spaniel and a lab pup came onto the field, I just collapsed into a heap and refused to run anymore. My hoomans were a tad concerned cos the last time I was still begging for more! I think they put two and two together and realized that wearing a fur coat and running around under the hot sun don't go together. I was promptly whisked home and given ice cubes to cool down.

But still it was wonderful running free without a leash, feeling the soft grass beneath my paws, rolling in it and generally having so much fun! This time Mumsy remembered her camera and here are the veedeos she took. As you can see, I kept on running back to her instead of Daddy and I think I inadvertently hurt Daddy's feeling.

Running free!

Thoroughly enjoying myself!

Returning the ball to the wrong hooman!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The weird ball

Uncle Martin's shop is now ranked the place I most want to visit, again and again! So many wonderful stuff there, from yummilicious food to all the spanking new toys I want to lay my teeth on!

Mumsy got me loads of stuff from Uncle Martin's shop that day. Heard her mumbling under her breath that she always spend a bomb when she is there. I sniffed around to look for bombs cos the only bomb I know stinks! This time she got me this funny ball that makes sounds when it moves, a set of things that she used to brush my teeth, a new collar, the beckham shirt and of cos my yummy drummets meal which I didn't get to have on Sun!

Brushing my teeth didn't seem as bad as I thought it would be. In fact I like the taste of the paste! Smells like bananas! I'm sure Benny would love it, right Benny? Mumsy made me lay down on my sides and inserted this scary looking brush into my mouth! It tickles! I wanted to struggle but the tickling sensation had an odd effect of calming me. So in the end I just laid there happily having my teeth brushed. Mum was remarking that my teeth were still rather stained and I would have to get them brushed three times a week.

It took me some time to get used to the new toy. I have to admit that I was afraid of it when my hoomans removed the packaging and gave it to me. It was making the weirdest noises when it moves, only to stop abruptly when it came to a rest. I was so scared that I went to hide under, you guessed it, the sink again. Mumsy was pretty exasperated with me and played with that ball all by herself while I tried dodging it. After awhile my curiousity got the better of me, especially when Daddy joined Mummy in the game. I joined them, playing football and I forgot how scary the weird noises were and after a bit, it was me playing all by myself! Dad said I should be wearing that beckHAM shirt while playing football cos apparently that slab of sausage plays good football! If I ever get to play against beckham, I think I will eat him first, then play on a full belly. And I will get Wally to join in the eating too! Mumsy then showed me an amazing thing with the ball, apparently if I roll it a certain way, my fav chicken jerky will drop out from it! This is my ultimate favourite toy now! I am sure Augus is having lotsa fun with his too!

Here's a veedeo of me playing all by myself. I was so into the game that I forgot to pass the ball to my hoomans!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

New friends, new experience

What a wonderful day it was for me! I thought I was gonna be stuck at home doing nothing much again since Daddy woke up early to go to work and Mumsy was still snoring away. To my surprise, once she managed to get her lazy butt out of bed, she got herself and me ready in a jiffy (15 mins is a record for her). She told me that we were going to a new place to meet new friends.
After what seem like a looong car ride (which I fell from the car seat when Mumsy hit the brakes hard), we arrived at this park which smelled wonderfully new to me. I immediately tugged Mumsy towards the place where all the doggy scents led to, the dogrun! And in there, I saw two handsum corgis! Mumsy introduced me to Augus and Ode, two brothers belonging to two sets of hoomans. I was a lil' afraid of them at first and had to run from Ode when he came up sniffing. Augus was friendlier so I stuck close to him, and joining us was this Jack Russell that looked like a deer and this black and white mix. On a whole I just tagged along with the two other corgis since I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. The Jack Russell chased me though and I had to hid underneath the bench to get away from him! Mumsy was left shaking her head at me but she, Auntie Jane (Augus's Mummy) and Auntie Jane's mummy all agreed that we get along very well. Which is a good thing as I am gonna board with them when my hoomans disappear sometime this month. Auntie Zoe and Benny were supposed to take care of me, but Auntie Zoe opened a new BIG biz so I guess I must remind her to give me a discount when I visit her NEW SHOP.

I think I better leave it to the peektures to tell the complete story of what I did this morning at the dogrun. U can see that I was practically Augus's shadow! Augus is the one with similar colouring as me while Ode is the sable one.
Giving Augus a massage with my jaws!
Me checking on Augus' butt! Smells just like a dog!

Ode drinking water while Augus and I watched him.

Mumsy especially like this photo above of our butt shot!

This series is of Augus and I running after Auntie Joan, Auntie Jane's sister. I am pretending to be Augus's shadow.

After the run, the three of us were covered with each other's drool and sand. Auntie Sharon and Auntie Jane decided to bring Ode and Augus to shower first so Mumsy drove all of us to Uncle Martin's place! I never been to Uncle Martin's shop before and it was like my bestest dream come true. His shop was stacked from floor to ceiling with yummy dog food! Mumsy decided that I should go for a shower and grooming too, since my fur was getting a lil' out of shape. I was so scared when the grooming lady took out that buzzing thing to shave my paws! I think I bit her accidentally and got a scolding in return. Hey, I am a puppy what and I have not been to the groomer's often. Mumsy explained to the groomer and she (the groomer) gave me a reassuring hug before she continued. I felt a tad better after the hug and Mumsy left me there with Uncle Martin and the groomer while she went off with the rest of the hoomans for lunch. Here are some peektures of me at the groomer.

Mumsy reappeared some time later, when I was already smelling great. I waited for her patiently (well not really, I whimpered when I saw her cos I missed her already) while she did some shopping for me. She got me loads of stuff again, including this tee shirt that says England 7, which from what Daddy said, it was supposed to be something called beckham. I think it is a type of yummy sausage that's why it is called HAM. OOOOH she bought the chicken drummets! I nosed through the shopping bag when she wasn't looking! I can't wait for Sunday's dinner!
This bandana was given to me by the groomer. I supposed it was to reward me for being such a good dog. *grin* See my hairless ears?