Thursday, July 17, 2008


To me, Sundays are the best day of the week! That's when my hoomans will bring me out for looooong walks when the sun is still shining. Not only that I get to spend some time with my housemates when they get their weekly cleaning.

Now I really love my housemates.. Just to refresh your memory again, Scruffy is a white/ lilac rex who looks like a panda bear. Scrappy, her sister, is also a white/lilac smooth coat that looks like a tapier. They live in my kitchen in 2 separate cages cos even though they are sisters, they fight!

I am unable to reach them since they are in their cages and my hoomans are worried that I might chomp them up if I do. It was during one of these lazy Sunday afternoons, under my hoomans' supervision that I finally gotta meet them face to face. And despite my hoomans' fears, I didn't tear them into pieces. In fact I love them soooo much that I gave them a good licking!!! I don't think they like it though, cos they were squealing like crazy.

Here's the veedeos Dad managed to capture. Can you see my abundant love for them even though they aren't, well, doggies. I still treat them like my older sisters.

Now my hoomans tell me that our family is going to expand again! This time a tiny hooman boy will be joining us at the end of the year. Apparently Mumsy is carrying him right now as I type. I mean I know Mumsy has been acting all strange in the last couple of months. Heck, she even smells different. Makes me wanna protect her, but she is avoiding me like a plague! Dad says it is not my fault that my natural scent makes her nauseated. She hasn't been going for walks with us so it is just Dad and I having some male bonding session.

The hoomans are trying to teach me to more sharing and more patient before the tiny hooman comes. But after seeing how I react with my piggy housemates, I think they now trust me with the tiny hooman. I haven't decided if I like him yet, cos I haven't seen him, but since I like all tiny hoomans, I am sure he and I will get along just fine.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The making of a Sith (?!) Lord

Obvious this post would have loads of inputs from my Mumsy. No sane doggy would subject him/herself to such humiliation.

The story begins...

Long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, a young Jedi Doggie has been captured by two evil hoomans, in their bid to convert him into the world's first Doggie Sith Lord!

First, the young doggie has to subject himself to a thorough wash to remove the reek of the Jedi off him...

As you can see, he isn't enjoying it much. He is trying to use his big eyes to implore someone to release him from this torture.

After the trial by washing, there is the trial by rinsing... For a corgi who hates water, this tests every bit of his courage. He has a big pail of water dumped on him unceremoniously. He tries to escape and return to the Light but he cannot escape the clutches of the evil hooman (This is def MY input!) despite shaking lotsa water at him!

As if the torture was not long drawn enough, he has to be subjected to BUTT washing (yes, not brain washing). By this time, the young Jedi lost his resolve and started to whine...

At last he is half through the rite of conversion! Before leaving the water hell, he has to go through the squirting rite of passage while the evil hoomans laugh away....

He is not through yet. To be a Sith Lord means he has to earn his cape! He tries to escape but the hoomans are too strong... Whining doesn't help either...

Slowly, his resistance weakens... He now obeys the evil hoomans, albeit with some reluctance.. The transformation is almost complete!

After the final vigorous rub of the cape, our young palawan is now



Sith Lord!