Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Something smelly

No no, I wasn't referring to Dexter's pent up poo.. *grin*

My hoomans came back from their usual wheekend grocery shopping smelling some what stinky. As if they stepped on some poop (not mine!) and forgot to wash their feet. Yet the smell wasn't all that repulsive. But before I can sniff around their groceries, they brought me out and I happily forgot about it.

When I got home, the smell permeated everywhere. I was dying to find out but was whisked away for the much hated shower. When I was finally dry, Daddy revealed the source of the stinky smell, something called due-rians.
The hoomans took the whole smelly box and went off to watch teevee, leaving me sniffing in the air after them. I thought the forgot all about me but half an hour later, Mumsy came back with half a due-rian seed for me to try. Apparently it was becos Daddy was too full and couldn't finish the last seed. How apt right? I took a tentative sniff at it, then a lick. To my surprise, it tasted wonderful. Soft, sweet and creamy! I quickly gobbled the whole thing up and kept licking Mumsy's fingers for more, but she said that's all I am having.

Here are some photos of me eating the wonderful fruit. Mumsy told me it is called the king of fruits!

First tentative sniff

And the first lick

Finally going crazy for more

What's left of it

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Fee's warning came too late... Getting micro-chipped has nothing to do with chocolate chips! It was a tad painful in fact!

My usual Doc Dog wasn't around today and in her place was this pretty young thing! I wanted to impress her by being on my bestest behaviour (actually I was on my painful collar again). Daddy was the one that had to hold me and before I knew it, something painful entered the area somewhere between my shoulders. I gave a quick yelp but the pretty young thing told me it was done and gave me a rub. I mistrust her after that as Mumsy always says don't judge a book by its cover (although in this case it was a hooman). She then came after me with this metal thing and I ran away from her (the vet was trying to take his shoulder height for his license with a metal tape)! Daddy had to hold on tight to me so I protested by sitting down... Took them quite a bit to get whatever bits of my vital statistics. Oh yeah, the pretty young thing also felt me up! I was so embarrassed cos she left her hands there for an extended period of time while she chatted with Mumsy! Then the spotlight was off me and on Scruffy, my housemate, who was feeling under the weather.

I was glad to leave Doc Dog's place. I keep forgetting that each time I go there, it always ends with me traumatised. If this continues, my hoomans better have a sum of money for me to go for therapy!

I thought we were going home but Dad drove us to some place I never been before! Mumsy explained that the veehicle needed some repairs so Dad was to drop us off at Grandmama's place! I was apprehensive when Mumsy opened the door. The place smelled so clean that I didn't dare to put my paws in. I stuck close to Mumsy as Grandmama came and talk to me. She smelled cleaned too. After awhile, the hoomans brought me down to the garden and Mumsy let me off my leash! I went crazy chasing her around garden. It was so good to be able to run around without the leash though I made a point to stick close to Mumsy as I wasn't familiar with the place. I slowly got used to Grandmama and when Mumsy was too tired to play, I pottered around Grandmama while she did her gardening. Grandmama was trying to tell me to "Sit" but I don't know why it sounded like "Sheet"! Took me 3 times before I got her meaning! She said if I listened to her, I'll get to visit her more often. With a big garden like hers, of cos I will listen to her and tried to curry favour her by sitting at her feet. I thought I could get into her good books if I gave Grandpapa a lick too! Grandpapa said I was fat though, which I promptly tried not to laugh as I am anything but fat! Well, he did make it up by saying I got a gorgeous coat.

I got home completely tired. Even though today's trip started out painful, I got to run around a nice patch of garden and meet two new hoomans which I like very much. I hope Mumsy will bring me to Grandmama's place more often!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Good News

Mummy came home last night with a silly grin on her face, holding a piece of paper in her hands. She sat down in front of me and for a moment, I thought she went a bit crazy. Cos Mummy never sat down and grin at me so uncontrollably before! She told me that it was time to spill the beans (my ears perked up immediately and I swivelled around to look for those beans) about The Good News she told me about last wheek.

Apparently, according to some fellas, I am not allowed in the apartment I am currently staying in. Mumsy wrote many long passionate eemails to them and after waiting for quite a bit, she was given the approval. That means I can continue to stay with my hoomans! Yippie!

I have to be micro-chipped though, whatever that means. I hope it has something to do with the chocolate chips I am always seeing in Daddy's food. Mumsy made an appointment with Doc Dog this coming wheekend to do the deed.

I like getting Good News cos Mumsy would look goofy for an extended period of time while giving me extra cuddles. More Good News please!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mr Teddy and I

A treat for you guys! Double post in a day! Actually, I am so bored I don't know what else I can do.

Remember Mr Teddy? I wrote about him here previously. Last wheekend, Daddy was doing the usual cleaning of my hidey-hole and he decided to throw Mr Teddy away. He didn't bother to even ask me for permission and he just threw Teddy in the bin! I waited for him to go and do whatever hoomans do before sneaking to the bin and rescuing poor Teddy out. When Mumsy came down to check on me, she was surprised to see Mr Teddy lying next to me. She asked Daddy if he changed his mind on throwing Teddy away and Dad said no. They both stood there and looked at me for a minute (I was trying to look as innocent as I can cos I wasn't sure if I did the right thing by rescuing Teddy, Mumsy don't allow me near the bin) before it dawned on them that I took Teddy out! Daddy apologised and took Teddy away for a wash. So for the rest of the wheek I slept alone without Mr Teddy.

Teddy was finally out of the wash yesterday and Mumsy gave him to me. I immediately went bonkers and... well I think you can view the veedeo yourself and judge.

Mumsy took a look at me and shook her head. She then showed me what Mr Teddy looked like before she gave him to me. When I saw that, I was feeling a teeny lil' bit of guilt. Cos Mr Teddy doesn't look like Mr Teddy anymore. Oops... Here's how Mr Teddy looked before and after being friends with me. Mumsy said Mr Teddy makes a good case for corgi surgery!

The Original Fussypot Pants

I got my chicken drummets yesterday for dinner! I gave up on my hunger strike and finished my food consistently for the last couple of days before Mumsy considered feeding me my fav food. It was yummy! And I think I ate too much. Cos Mumsy took the chance to give me the maximum amount I was supposed to be eating and mixed it with the chicken drummets. It was delishcious!

Just that this morning, I couldn't fathom why I could stomach plain keebles and decided to do my hunger strike again. Mumsy isn't too concern though. She told me I have just finished the whole can of chicken drummets and she ain't gonna ever buy it for me again. *sob*

The wheekend was pretty quiet. It was raining off and on so we didn't go to school. I didn't go for my usual walks too cos it was too wet or raining when it was time for me to stretch my legs. Despite being much cleaner than usual (since I was indoors for a few nights), I had to have my usual shower! Pooh! I protested during the blow drying and bit Daddy hard on his arm. For that Daddy refused to play, talk or even look at me for the rest of the evening, no matter how hard I tried. He did his disappearing act at some unearthly hour this morning before I had my chance to say sorry. Well, I guess I have to act all contrite when he returns on Friday for good.

Mumsy said I should take this chance to introduce the person who was the ORIGINAL Fussypot Pants. She met up with Auntie Hui Xian and Auntie May on Sat (BUT she didn't bring me along!) for lunch and coffee. And with them was Miss Fussypot Pants: Cate! Cate is older than me by 5 months and she is one of the tiny but smart hoomans I was telling you about. She speaks my language, likes to throw things around, like to lick everywhere, likes to scream (or bark) for attention, and... she is a Fussypot Pants too! She lives with Auntie H, and apparently Cate chooses to drink her milk powder by brands! If Auntie H buys a brand she doesn't feel like drinking, Cate goes on a hunger strike! Sounds like my soulmate! I think I am in love!

Here's a photo of Miss Fussypot Pants. I would prefer if she was hairier, but I ain't gonna complain.

Friday, August 17, 2007


I'm bored!

Daddy isn't around to play with me and I am bored playing with Mummy. Even a dog can only play so many rounds of fetch before the novelty wears off. Of cos, I don't mind running arounf the house just to keep Mummy entertained but I get tired too, you know. The only plus point is that Mummy takes me out on extra long walks so I have been sleeping very well.

I am still on my hunger strike, but more often than not, I cave into the temptation of the aromatic keebles mixed with Nupro. I mean after thumbing my nose up on the keebles in the morning, you can't expect me not to eat dinner right? I can only hope that Mummy don't notice the occasional lapse in willpower. I still want my chicken drummets and lamb meatballs! My hoomans forgot to give me the chicken drummets last Sunday! But then again, I didn't go to school either. Chester and I both skipped school cos Uncle Ian was away and my Daddy was too tired to get out of bed. Hopefully, this Sun my Daddy will have enough energy to bring me to school!

Mummy came home last night smiling ear to ear. She said she has some good news to tell me, but until she can confirm it, she won't say it. I wonder what is the news about? May be she is going to tell me that she managed to secure a lifelong supply of chicken drummets for me and I don't have to eat keebles anymore!

I don't have anything else to post cos I am leading such a boring life. Time to go back and face the boredom. *groan*

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mixed emotions

Daddy reappeared late Wed night, much to my delight! Had a good time playing with him before Mumsy packed me to bed. Knowing that Daddy was back made me sleep better that night. However, the next morning, I woke up at my usual time and my hoomans were still sleeping! They slept till the sun burnt their butts before waking up and feeding me my breakfast. I am still protesting against my yucky food cos I want my chicken drummets and lamb meatballs! In the end, Mum had to handfeed me before I managed to finish my breakfast. Well, actually Mumsy bribed me. She said if I finished my food, she will bring me out that afternoon.

The hoomans brought me to the beach! There were so many other hoomans there too! Even those smart tiny ones! I was so excited that I promptly dumped a load of crap! I saw other doggies there including one big corgi! The hoomans found a good spot to sit and while Daddy went to buy food, Mumsy and I played ball. There were two tiny hoomans watching me do my tricks and I liked hearing them laugh when I managed to catch the ball!

This is the first time I have been to the beach when the sun is still out! I finally saw the sea and boy, it looks scary. Daddy brought me down to the sand for a walk and tried to lead me into the waters but each time a wave came, I would promptly run the opposite direction! Call me a coward, but I don't think I am ready to master swimming just yet! However, everything tasted salty. The grass, the sand and the water! I never tasted anything so salty before! Hence I was drooling all over. Mumsy made sure that I had enough water to drink and even remembered to bring some of the yummy cookies and chicken jerky for me.

After some time, the corgi I noticed came over to say hello. There were two other doggies but they didn't seem to want to make friends and ignored me. Only the corgi came over to sniff me and I did the same too. My hoomans spoke to his hooman for a bit before they went off for a walk. Daddy too brought me for a long walk while Mumsy just sat there and bury her nose in another book. I saw many other doggies along my walk, but I was too engrossed in exploring the beach and sniffing other hoomans' stuff so I just ignored them. Well, I think I am still kinda small to be playing with those big retrievers! They would probably just squash me like an ant!

We left when the sun disappeared and I was tired by then. It was a wonderful day to be close to my two hoomans and exploring a new place.

On another note, Mumsy just told me that Trax, the grandpa of all corgis left us to go to Doggie Heaven this morning. I just saw him at the dog walk last Sunday and wanted him to teach me to be a samseng! My Mummy says he is at a better place now, waiting for his Mummy patiently. I can't imagine a place that is supposed to be nice, yet without my hoomans. I guess when the day finally comes, I would know.

Goodbye Trax! We will meet again!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Another missing hooman

My hoomans keep disappearing from me! This time it's Daddy who just poofed into thin air! Mummy explained that he had to serve the nation, whatever that means, hence it would be just me and her for the next couple of wheeks! I am in two minds of just staying with just Mumsy. I mean she gives me yummy treats to eat everyday BUT she doesn't hesitate to spank me if I don't behave. Like what happened to me after the last two meals. After the nice tasting drummets for dinner on Sunday and the yummy lamb meatballs on Monday, she served me just plain keebles last night. I threw a tantrum and refused to eat it, even though the yummy Ovenbaked keebles were mixed in there. She waited for 15 mins, before taking away my food bowl. When she took it away, I changed my mind and ran after her but she didn't turn back and gave me back an empty food bowl. I had to go to bed hungry.

This morning I decided that Mumsy's breakfast was more interesting than mine so I ran around her trying to get a bite out of it. I clambered, shed and drooled all over her until she got mad and spanked me. Hey, it isn't my fault that she woke up late! She again waited 15 mins for me to finish my food and took it away when time was up! I wasn't too concerned cos the last couple of days, she left the delishcious cookies hidden around my hidey-hole. I thought today would be the same but Mumsy didn't! She said since I wasn't hungry for my keebles, I wouldn't be hungry for cookies either. What a mistake! I am so hungry now!

Well I think I better distract myself. Last night Uncle Martin came over. I have decided, my hoomans are welcome to go to Uncle Martin's shop but Uncle Martin is NOT welcome to come over to where I live! Cos when Uncle Martin comes, it means nail cutting time. I absolutely hate getting my nails cut! I struggled and struggled, each time the nail clipper went 'click', I would scream. I mean it doesn't hurt (if Uncle Martin's doesn't cut the quick by mistake) but I thought if I act like it is painful, Mumsy would take pity on me and stop him from cutting my nails. It didn't work cos Mummy only held me tighter. I even attempted to bite her hands but was rewarded with her holding me even tighter!

The only good thing about Uncle Martin's visits are the great stuff he brings! Yesterday's stuff were 2 bags of Ovenbaked keebles, 2 big bags of rawhides and a huge bottle of shampoo. Erm, not sure if the last one is a good thing for me cos I don't like getting showered either. My housemates got stuff too! Their big bag of pellets came but Uncle Martin forgot their hay. Come to think of it, I should pity my housemates. Cos nobody in the right frame of mind, doggies or otherwise, can eat those pellets they do! Urgh... Gimme meat anytime!

I guess this is a good time as any to introduce my housemates. They are supposedly peegs but I always thought peegs were pink and much larger than they are. Scrappy is a smooth coat, grey haired peeg that is friendlier while the other is Scruffy, a rex, that is currently sporting a funky multi-coloured coat. Both of them are sisters but for some strange reason they can't stand the sight of each other. Mummy had no choice but to separate them. Scruffy is fiercer and well, more cranky. When it is time for them to have their houses changed, Mummy would allow me to sniff at the both of them. I don't like licking Scruffy as much as I like licking Scrappy! I think it's becos I am afraid that Scruffy would bite my tongue off!

Here's a peekture of my housemates and I. Scrappy is the one that has more grey while Scruffy is more white. Daddy was so afraid I would pounced on them and have them for dinner! Sometimes I think hoomans look down on us doggies. We don't eat our friends!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Dog walk

The dog walk was fun! I never seen so many doggies in so many shapes and sizes in my life! But instead of going crazy, I was very well behaved. Cos Mumsy put on the painful training collar on me and if I ran around making friends, my neck would suffer.

My hoomans picked up Auntie Claudine and Prince William before the dog walk and I started my nonsense immediately! I scrambled to try to get to them in the car, and in the process I scratched Mummy quite badly. In my struggle, I accidentally hit the stick in the car and Daddy had to stop the car for me to calm down. I think I scared Auntie Claudine quite a bit with my over eagerness! Dad dropped us off at the starting point and we met up with Auntie Grace and Furby. Furby was in a stroller! That lazy Furby! Auntie C put Prince William in there too! That 2 lucky dogs, didn't have to waste a single ounce of energy walking! But I enjoyed myself tremendously, sniffing at other doggies' butts. I got chased by a BIG St. Benard! I keep getting chased by bigger doggies!

At the end of the walk (which was easy for me), Mumsy called Dad and found him and the car stuck in the mud. Dad was kinda annoyed so Mumsy had to help him get unstuck. There were some really helpful hoomans who tried their best to help us too. I must thank them for their help cos if they didn't we wouldn't be able to get out.

We went back to the party but I could feel that Daddy was still annoyed. Mumsy left me with some of the SOCK members while she went to look around. I saw my bro, Chester, looking all spiffy and smelling nice cos Uncle Ian brought him grooming! That lucky guy! Then there was another Chester, also a corgi whom Mummy was petting. He chased me away and promptly sat at Mummy's feet! I was jealous but Chez Bond (that's how we differentiate him from the rest) was too intimidating. Luckily Mummy didn't stay long and brought me to where Dad and Auntie C was. Silly Mum forgot her coo-poon so she couldn't redeem the goodie bag! I put my snout in Auntie C's and saw so many goodies! Why am I stuck with silly, forgetful hoomans?

Mumsy made up that mistake by getting me a big bagful of doggie cookies and lamb meat balls from US Doggie Bakery! I decided to be generous and shared my loot with Prince William. I could see he had a bit of problems eating them but nonetheless he was enjoying himself!
I saw Auntie Shannon and Big Chester there too.. My idol was there to perform his mean frisbee tricks! Being so short, I didn't manage to catch the whole performance. Lucas was there too and he made Chuckles do amazing tricks! I can't wait to grow up and learn all these cool stuff!

We left early since Daddy was still a lil' annoyed and Auntie C had to get back early too. I was very tired by then and was looking forward to snooze in my lil' hidey-hole. Here are the peektures of the dog walk! From top to bottom: me in the car, me trying to offer my paw to Mumsy so that I can get the darn cookie from her hands, Prince William and I, me and my spiffy bandana. Ham-some or not? Last peekture is all my cookies! Mumsy hid some away in my hidey-hole this morning before she left. I had fun looking for them and munching them up!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

And they said hoomans were better than animals

Mumsy was doing her usual surfing (the one that doesn't involve water) this afternoon when all of all sudden, I heard her spluttering indignantly. I perked up my ears and to my surprise, she started cursing and swearing. To my knowledge, nobody else was there with her! Then she called me in and showed me this.

And I was horrified to my bones!

The reports of abuses on animals by the so-called superior race, the hooman beeings. I was appalled at the stories written. Dogs that were locked up for months without water or food died horrible deaths, cats being thrown into some washing machine, I am sure not to wash him, horses' hooves not trimmed for months! I was totally disgusted with these hoomans!

Mum was especially affected by the story of three crossed terriers being abandoned by their owner when they moved. Two of them died and the last one only survived because he ate his dead friends! I can't imagine myself eating Chester at all, no matter how hungry I am! The only good thing was that this puppy was rescued in time.

I wonder if these people were really hoomans or some alians inhabiting beneath their fur. Because I have seen really nice hoomans and I can't believe hoomans are capable of hurting so many animals. Mummy explained that there are eediots out there, just like there are dogs that are mean and agressive.

I think when I get my dinner tonight, I will say a prayer for all the poor animals and be thankful that I have plenty of food and water everyday.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I finally got to sink my teeth into the delishious Evanger's chicken drummet dinner, but I got only ONE miserable piece! Mumsy transferred the whole can out for me to see but before I can even take a whiff of it before she tapped my nose and kept the rest in the fridge! Can you believe it? One small piece only! So now I m smart. Whenever Mumsy opens the fridge, I'll sit right at the opening and stick my head in! My ears get cold though, but I am not complaining. Even if I can't get to eat them, at least I get to stare longingly at them.

Here's the photos of the chicken drummets! Mumsy mixed it with my old and new keebles. There's even carrots in the drummet sauce. There is even a veedeo of me enjoying the chicken! Obviously I went for the chicken first before the usual keebles. You can hear Mumsy and Dad talking in the veedeo cos Mumsy wanted to teach me to pick up food that I dropped before going back to my foodbowl for more. I am drooling all over Mumsy's metal as I type this. *slurp*

I am finally shedding too! My fur is everywhere and I am kinda pleased about it. Cos that means I am going to be a big boy. Chester, my bro, has been bragging to me about his new denser chest hair and I was kinda envious as mine still look sparsed and puppish. Now I can show off my new coat to him when I finally see him for the dog walk this wheekend! That lazy bum skipped school last Sun again.

I also get perverse pleasure of seeing Mumsy sneezing her nose off and chasing after those lil' dust bunnies made out of my fur! Those dust bunnies also keep me entertained as they seemed to have a life of their own. I am not that stupid to think that they are alive since they are part of me and I should know my body parts well right? I like chasing them though. *grin*

Here's some peektures of Mumsy brushing me. Don't I look like I am enjoying myself? I used to hate getting brushed but now I just flop on my belly and let Mumsy do her magic. She told me I needed to be brushed daily or I might get hotspots. Which I promptly showed her the one I have been worrying about since last afternoon. She and Dad immediately pinned me down to clean the wound and boy, it stings! This morning, they did it again and I growled and growled at them but they wouldn't let me go! But the wound didn't feel as itchy this morning as it did last night.

See the amount of hair I am shedding? That brush only ran through my fur 5 times and it got all clogged up! Mummy is complaining that she is eating my fur with all her meals!