Sunday, July 29, 2007


My hoomans came home later than usual last night. I was rather cross with them as I was still worried that Mumsy would disappear again. But when they got back, they showed me what they got for me and I immediately forgot my anger. Because they brought back lotsa stuff for me! They explained that they went to Uncle Martin's shop and did some shopping for me. I think Mummy is feeling a tad guilty for abandoning me the past 2 weeks! Here's a peekture of me posing with my pressies!
Here are three packs of Oven-Baked Chicken Dog Food for me to try! Apparently Uncle Martin gave them to me free! Then there is this thing I can't wait to try: Evanger's Roasted Chicken Drummet Dinner! The peekture on the can looks absolutely enticing and drool producing! Mummy said I only get to eat part of it on Sundays, after school, cos I am such a fussypot pants when it comes to food. She said after eating the drummets, I probably won't eat my keebles anymore! But Mummy has already added in the Oven-Baked keebles to my dinner and I love it! In fact, I have been picking out the Oven-baked ones and ignoring my usual keebles, much to Mumsy's exasperation.

And then there is my usual chicken jerky that I loooove... I finished the other pack already even though Mummy gives them to me very sparingly. The last 4 small packages are the Greenies! Mummy has been trying to check my teeth regularly and to her horror, she said she sees ta-ta and plate (it's TARTAR and PLAQUE)! Since I am a bit young to start on real bones, she decided that Greenies would be a good substitute.

I am a contented puppy!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

School with Chester!

Chester my brother, finally got his lazy ass off the floor and came to school last Sun! I think I did gain a bit of weight on him cos this time I managed to get on top of him while we wrestled! Even before school started, both of us were muddy and wet. This is the first time I got to roll in the mud without Mummy screaming at me. In fact, she and Uncle Ian were both looking at us, torn between amusement and exasperation. Photo below is when we are still clean.
We also got chased by Spice, the husky, our fellow classmate. For some strange reasons, she kept coming after me! What's with me and huskies?? I am either getting chased by one or harassed by one! Urgh! She gave up after awhile and went for Chester instead. Here's a peekture of Chester showing Spice his tummy, except Spice has already moved away from him. He laid there for 5 mins, just showing his belly to the rest of the world! I think he wanted to enjoy the mud. Afterall the hoomans always gush about some mud wrap and spas... I don't know why Mummy is so stuffy about me rolling in the mud when hoomans do it too!

Lucas thought us how to sit and wait but I was rather distracted by the other dogs that I got punished. Threw a tantrum after that and refused to look at either Lucas or Mummy. I mean all I want to do is to run free and play with the rest of the doggies. Mummy tried to bribe me with chicken sausage but I wasn't gonna soften my heart. Hmmmpppff!
Didn't get to play with Chester Kor Kor again. But we did see him doing a magnificent catch when Auntie Shannon threw the frisbee. I overheard Daddy asking Mum if I would ever be like that. I think that's why Mummy is throwing my keebles at me during every meal, making me jump and catch them. Sigh...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Going away again!

Mumsy is going away again! I overheard her telling Daddy to send her off on Mon and that she would only be back on Wed... Just when I thought life is going back to our normal routine. After hearing that, I stucked to Mum the whole day, getting under her feet and made her trip! She finally got irritated with me to send me to sit in a corner. I don't want her to go!!!! *hic*

But since she is around, I thought I better take the chance to pound on the metal. I didn't do much in the wheek that Mum was away. I wake up in the morning, get fed by Daddy and when he isn't looking, I chewed the laundry basket! After he leaves to do whatever hoomans do, I just spend the day wishing that Mum comes home quick. In the evenings, Dad and I will sit in front of this amazing contraption called a tee-vee. It changes so quickly that nothing stays constant more than a second. I have to say it kept me entertained cos before I can figure out what they are doing on tee-vee, it changes!

Initially, when Dad brought me out for walks, I kept thinking that Mummy was hiding behind the pillars. So I kept running round and round the pillars looking for her. I missed her that bad. After a few walks I realised Mum was never around and decided to divert my attention to eating whatever I can find. This drove Daddy nuts (I didn't see any nuts though) and he had no choice but to bring me for short walks.
When Mum finally got back, I couldn't stop licking her. She did spend the whole of yesterday with her nose buried in some big book. I saw the title about some potter and some hallows. Hoomans do read the strangest thing. Anyway Mum's sharp eyes spotted the damage done to the laundry basket but she didn't scold me. Phew! Here's a peekture of the damaged basket. Mummy made me pose beside the basket, with me looking a bit sheepish and guilty.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Miss me?

I am baaack!

But, this is going to be a short post cos I want to go and lick every inch of my Mumsy! I missed her so much. Late last night, when I heard her keys on the door, I thought my big satellite ears were playing tricks on me. I've given up on seeing her again. 7 days away from me is too long in my puppyhood! Anyway, the first thing she did was to climb up to see me and that's when I slobbered all over her. She didn't seem to mind though (my Mum hates to be licked, so weird right?). I spent the rest of the evening staying close to her.

She told me that the hoomans she were teaching were successful in their learning so I guess I will be seeing a lot of veedeos of rolling hoomans soon. I won't write about what I did in the 7 days that Mum was away just yet. My notes are in a mess!

I will leave you with this cute veedeo of 4 handsome corgis singing a song for some hooman called qween. Now this is what I call talent. I doubt the hoomans can do something similar. If any of you doggies have a veedeo of hoomans doing the same thing, post it and let me know!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Dog interrupted

Mumsy made me write this post as there are a couple of friends reading it on a daily basis. At least I hope so!

I won't be able to post any new stuff for the next 7 days at least cos Mumsy is going away to teach some young hoomans! I can picture the scene in my head already: hoomans made to do tricks like rolling, hands shaking and the Bang Bang trick! I should go along with her and demostrate how it is supposed to be done!

Alrighty, this has to be a short post cos 1) it's past my bedtime and 2) Mumsy has to wake up very early tomorrow morning!

Till the next time!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I have been tagged by Ume again! She is one fast one I tell you. I am supposed to post photos of me smiling.
Erm, I tend to smile a lot, well, becos I like to think I am very friendly. So friendly that it gets me into trouble a lot of the times. I have a story which I will elaborate on later, after my smiley photos. Mum says I can't stop smiling hence my drool always decorates her kitchen floor!

From top to bottom: me at 8 wheeks, 10 wheeks (one of my ears is starting to stand), at the Bontanny-cal Garden, at 19 wheeks for the last 2. As you can see, I look like a dog you can easily trample your grimy paws all over! All tongue, no teeth.

Something embarrassing happened to me 3 nights ago during my walk. I encountered another husky! Although I do have some reservations about them, I decided to flash my handsome grin (evident from the photos above) and be friendly. Afterall, we should always give a dog another chance. To my horror, the husky was a female dog that was, ahem, very interested in putting her snout at somewhere where it didn't belong. At first, I thought she might have accidentally put her snout at the wrong place. But she persisted in doing so! I was so uncomfortable so I decided to run away from her nosey snout. So we ended up in a comical twist, me running away from her, and she chasing me. I didn't know how to break the news to her that I wasn't interested.
In the end Mum came to my rescue and tugged me away. You should have seen how fast I bounded away from that frisky husky! *shudder* So embarrassing to have somebody's nose up your ass in a public place!
I tag Chester, Furby and Ume to share with us their most embarrassing encounters!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

He ain't heavy, he's my brother!

I am supposed to be asleep now, but hey there are findings out there that shows that dogs are noctural animals! Mum's in the shower now hence I am tapping my grimy paws on her metal.

Big news! Big news! My brother, Chester, has his own blog! Please feel free to visit him here and leave nice comments for him! Chester and I have been trying our darnest to persuade his Daddy allow him to pound on his metal too but I think his Daddy's metal is much more precious to him than my Mum's. Anyway that's all in the past! You can finally read all about him after my many glowing comments about him. *ahem*

I have been tagged by Ume to tell everyone how my name came about! Well, I asked Mummy and she said I better asked Daddy! I can't believe it! I always thought the female hooman would be the more creative than the males but it seems Mumsy doesn't have a single ounce of creative juices (must be due to all my licking) in her! Dad chose the name without really thinking very much. He said all he did was to pluck the name from the air! I have to master this skill from my Dad! Plucking things from the air! I would wanna pluck bones, steam chicken and my fav chicken jerky from the air! And when I am lonely, I wanna to be able to pluck my hoomans from the air.

Sorry to say my naming story is tad a bit boring. They got the name even before they saw me. I hope the rest of you have a better naming story than me. I tag Chester and Benny!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Boring Saturday!

What a boring day for me. I thought since my hoomans were not disappearing (like they do every morning), they would have brought me out to stretch my legs. But all they did was to let me sleep in a bigger room today, the kitchen. And although I can smell Mumsy in the house, I hardly saw or hear her. Dad explained that Mumsy was sick and was sleeping off her medicines. I think she got the runnies too!

So all I did today was to sniff around the kitchen, watch my housemates run amok in their cages, stare pleadingly at Dad to bring me out. I think I must be losing my cuteness cos Dad had no effects from my hypnotic play-with-me-now look anymore. He basically ignored me the whole afternoon while he did what hoomans do on wheekends: housework (strange, the house doesn't work does it?)

Mum came down at about 5-ish and I tried to pounce on her. I did that last nite, pouncing on her with all my 8kg frame! She squealed like a pig (not the pigs like my housemates) and clutched her tummy. I got a bit worried cos Dad had to check on her. So subsequently I decided not to pounce on her tummy but on her bony legs instead. In the end I gave up cos I ended hurting myself landing on a pile of bones. I prefer landing on her soft tummy. Anyway Mum refused to play with me today and made me stay away from her. I whined and whined and whined but she was firmed about it. She said she didn't want to pass me the floo, whatever that means. I only perked up when I heard her talking to Daddy about bringing me to school! I can't wait cos Chester will be there!

Mumsy also broke a piece of bad news to me gently. It seems that Auntie Zoe and Benny might not be able to take me when my hoomans disappear for an extended period of time. Auntie Zoe is expanding her bizness hence she might be too busy for me. Part of me want Auntie Zoe to be successful and part of me wants to stay with her. I guess if she is successful, then she might remember that I wished her all the best and she might give me a massage! Right Auntie Zoe?

Monday, July 2, 2007

Back to school!

Hiya guys! I am baaaaack! Feeling as fresh as a daisy (I never seen one in my entire life) after my prolong rest. I am feeling better too! No more runnies in the last 48hrs, though I haven't managed to poo either. Mum said she would give Doc Dog a call tomorrow to ask abt my lack of poo. I can't understand these hoomans sometimes. When I poo a lot, they freak out. When I don't do the deed, they freak out too. They should learn from us dogs, to chill out a bit! I did enjoy the change in diet! Doc Dog said I needed to eat something bland like steam chicken and rice, but I think there is something wrong with her taste buds! She should try my hard brown yucky stuff I get for dinner! Steam chicken and rice beat that paws down!

Mumsy said I need to thank a couple of doggies and their hoomans for their prayers. I didn't see any prayers though. Did my hoomans hide them from me? All the same, I wanna thank Uncle Ian (my bro's hooman), Auntie Grace, Auntie Zoe (Benny's Mummy) , Auntie Shannon (big Chester's Mummy) and my newest net friend, Wally, the corgador! I am better and I am sure one day I will sniff out the stash of prayers you guys gave me. I am sure it's somewhere!

I went back to school today! My bro Chester played truant though. I was one of the tiniest there! Everybody was so much bigger. I got swiped at by a huge dog tied by the fence! I wanted to go over to say hi but he hit me with his paws! I got a shock cos normally they will go for my neck but this guy literally smacked me in the face! I met one of my old kinny-garden classmate. Spice is friendlier now. She didn't bit off my head! Oooh I saw another corgi there too! I forgot his name but he seems so big!

I learnt some heel work today. Lucas also taught Mum to walk me in circles. Kinda silly if u ask me. We should walk with a purpose, i.e. piss everywhere, chase after other doggies and munch on the grass. But I wanted the sausage so badly that I just let Mummy lead me round and round and round. In the end, she was a lil' pale in the face cos she was dizzy. Daddy, on the other hand just sat around, talking to Auntie Shannon and Uncle Dan. I wanted to prance over to play with Chester Kor Kor but Mummy kept making me walk around in circles instead. By the time I was free to go, Chester Kor Kor had to go for his lesson. I saw the way he flew off Uncle Dan's back! I think I got a new hero! I wanna be like him when I grow up!

I can't wait for next week's lesson! Chester (my bro) will be coming and we can wrestle! I hope I managed to gain some weight on him. He always manages to overpower me! More steam chicken please if you didn't get the hint!