Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hot date with the babes!

WOAH! I had a hot HOT morning at the beach with a couple of hot babes!

It came as a complete surprise cos usually my lazy arse Mumsy would like to sleep in on Sat mornings. This morning, the hoomans woke up early, got me ready in a jiffy and told me we were going to meet some pretty babes!

Waiting patiently for Daddy at the void deck while he buys coffee

And yes, I finally met Miss Fussypot Pants herself! She is reeeaaally cute, although like I mentioned before, I like my gals a bit furrier! I could sense that she wanted to touch me cos she kept standing in front of me and blocking my view but something stopped her. I tried to stay still for a bit so that she can touch me but I think she is too shy.. May be she has a crush on me!

The weather was unbearably hot that I drooled tonnes... Dad brought me to the sea and I surprised him by JUMPING into the sea! Now my frens who have been following my blog would have known that I don't quite like the sea. Mumsy promptly tried to film me SWIMMING but that klutz must have hit the wrong button cos when she got home, there was NO VEEDEO in the camera! DUH.. and they say primates are the smartest animals on the planet.

I did the swimming stunt a few more times cos Miss Fussypot Pants wanted to see.. Poor Auntie Xian had to keep carrying her cos she (the cutie) didn't wanna touch the sand. After a bit, the 2nd babe arrived! This one is really tiny! Baby Lilin kept grinning at me and was brave enough to touch me. To reward her, I licked her foot a couple of times and she giggled each time when I did that. Mumsy told me the tiny hooman coming will be like Baby Lilin and that I have to be gentle with hoomans of this size. I was! I sat there for Baby Lilin to pat my head!

Sexy babe alert! Baby Lilin struggling to get to me!

Back to Miss Fussypot Pants, Cate... She finally plucked up the courage to feed me some water. After her first try, she kept trying to feed me more.. I tried my best to drink as much as I could, but seriously babe, there's only so much I can drink!

Cate plucking up her courage to feed me water

We mingled a bit more before the tiny hoomans had to go get some food in their tummies. By then I was getting tired myself too! The weather was really getting into me and I was so thankful when the hoomans led me to the car.

Oh one last thing. I met another babe at the beach too. Her name is Cookie and she is a 10 mth old Border Collie! Even Mumsy said she was lovely cos she has never seen a BC in that colouration before. I was a bit afraid of her though and Mumsy had to embarrass me by calling me a COWARD! SIGH!!! PARENTS!

Cookie the BC!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Guard duty"

Mumsy is trying to make up for the relative silence of the past couple of months by posting some of the peektures and veedeos she and Dad captured. Also, I foresee that she will be too busy once the tiny hooman appears, hence I probably will not be posting much once he arrives (which is reaaaaallly soon).

From Jul to Oct, my hoomans have been making sure that they lavish quite a bit of attention to me. Dad has numerous veedeos of me going off leash in the field chasing after my duckie, my balls and frisbees. I won't post them as they are rather boring. All you see is my sexy (ahem) butt running up and down to retrieve my toys.

But Dad did manage to capture one very unique veedeo... As Aunty Jane (Augus's mum) can attest to it, I am a very light sleeper. Any sound will cause me to wake up and look around. Dad managed to capture a veedeo of me 'guarding' the washing machine. Well, I don't know what guarding means, but from the way Mumsy uses that word ON ME, I m sure it meant something, well, not good. She said if I am going to be like that, I will prob make a lousy guard dog when the tiny hooman comes.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The grape

Mumsy currently has cravings for grapes. It's one of her all time fav fruits. That day, she got Daddy to get some for her and Daddy, being Daddy, always share stuff with me. He gave me one of her grape to try! Mumsy gave them to me before but cautioned Dad that I might choke on it. She told him to break the grape into half and not distract me when I am eating it.

At first I thought it was a really small ball. It was rather tasteless though. I chased it around with my tongue, licked it about and basically had a ball of a time (pardon the pun) with it. Only when Daddy made a move to take it away from it (bcos I didn't seem to want to eat it) that I swallowed it in a gulp.

Mumsy took a veedeo of it. Please pardon the shaky footage cos Mumsy has a lousy sense of balance with her huge tummy now.


13th Nov, 1.06pm
Hi guys, I thought i would add a bit in about this grape issue. Mumsy would like to clarify that this is the THIRD grape I have ever eaten in my life. She didn't realise that it was toxic to me becos the very first grape I tried was one that fell out of her food bowl. I gobbled it up before she could stop me and was fine after that. That's why she thought it was ok for me. But now that she knows better, she has told me that I will never get to taste it EVER AGAIN. BOO!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A visitor!

Last Sunday, the hoomans were especially busy.. Usually they will take their own sweet time to clean my housemate's cage (Oh, Scruffy passed away recently, so all that is left is Scrappy). I was wondering what the commotion was about until Mumsy said we were expecting some visitors, including one especially for me!

I could sense the excitement and barked at any footsteps I heard. FINALLY they came! It was a white Westie!!! Now, frens who have been following my blog would know that I have a problem with white dogs! Blame the husky who made me fear white dogs. Anyway this Westie's name is Beemer! Cool name! I wonder why my parents gave me such an ordinary name. Why can't I be Merc, or Ferrari or Lotus?? Ok, Lotus sounds too feminine!

Anyway I was excited to see Beemer! His hoomans were Aunty Elaine and Uncle Terry! They were so nice to bring me two cans of Addiction wet food! Still waiting for my hoomans to let me try the new favours! I wagged my tail so hard that Auntie Elaine said I was doing the butt dance! Then something embarrassing happened: I lost control of my bladder! SIGH! I think I need to meet more doggies. Beemer thought I was teaching him how to mark and started marking my house!! Auntie E quickly put him into the kitchen and we started to wrestle. He plays rough and I have to say I m getting rusty at wrestling... Then he started marking my kitchen!!! Boy, was I mad! I went and mark at the places HE marked so Mumsy's kitchen became a battleground. In the end, the hoomans thought it will be better for us to go down to the field for a romp.

We, or rather I, had fun in the field! Dad let me go off leash to play some Fetch but poor Beemer was tied up.. He seems to like my Mumsy a lot and stood on his hindlegs to play with her. Since the field was muddy, poor Beemer's coat was dirty. I think he must be wondering why we dragged him to a muddy field and made him dirty, yet not allowing him to have fun.

We ended the day outside my house, talking to the next door neighbour. She was so nice, gave me and Beemer each a tennis ball! Auntie E said Beemer loves his ball but my hoomans kept mine out of reach so that there will be a ball for me to play with when I go down to the field.

Here's some photos of the visit!

Trying to look like we are good boys so that we can get the free tennis balls!

Me telling Beemer that I have a plan to get more balls!

Ok, don't ask me what I am doing here. I don't know!

One nice photo to remember!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Sorry guys! It's not like I don't wanna post, but Mumsy has been so tired lately that she seldom allows me to type on her piece of metal! If you are wondering how I am, I have been rather well. In fact I gained quite a bit of weight since my hoomans gave up on the food fight. They have started giving wet food mixed with my kibbles and since the regime started, I have finished all my meals! YUMZ!! So to all the doggies that are still fighting for good food, keep up with your hunger strike!

Anyhow, Mumsy ordered a Furminator from Benny's Mum in May and that lazy arse (my Mumsy not Auntie Zoe) didn't bother to collect it from Auntie Zoe! She finally got it last wheek after much chasing from Auntie Zoe. Immediately, my hoomans wanted to furminate me. I was a bit suspicious cos I smelled Benny on the packaging.. I thought it was some new toy or chew bones from Benny! Dad had a hard time convincing me not to go for the Furminator and to sit still while he did it! I kept wanting to have a bite of it! You can see from the peektures how confused I was. Cos usually if I perform some tricks, my hoomans will reward me with something... And I was hoping that this time, it would be the Furminator!

Daddy trying to tell me rolling over doesn't mean I get to bite the Furminator

Trying to get a nibble of it!

Ok no more monkeying around. Don't be fooled by my docile face cos immediately after that I went for the Furminator again!

Daddy was pretty skeptical of the brush, cos to him, it looked like any other brush.. Nothing really special about it. Plus the instructions mentioned that it might cause skin burns if the hoomans don't use it properly so Dad was brushing me very gingerly. Hence he didn't get much fur out! Mumsy got impatient and took over. In 10 mins, she got that pile of fur out of my coat!

Can you see the fur ball? Notice Mumsy holding onto my tail? Cos I have the tendency of eating my own fur...


Mumsy brushed me again the following night and I am proud to say that I produced another big fur ball!! May be I should measure the balls I produce! Dad was finally convinced it was worth paying so much for this brush cos when he gave me my weekly shower, I didn't clog up the drain. That's a first for me! I am gonna get furminated again tonight and I have to admit, it is rather soothing... The only worry Mumsy has is that it seems to be getting more fur out on my right flank than my left one.. Dad said if that continues, I might be bald on the right! GASP!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


To me, Sundays are the best day of the week! That's when my hoomans will bring me out for looooong walks when the sun is still shining. Not only that I get to spend some time with my housemates when they get their weekly cleaning.

Now I really love my housemates.. Just to refresh your memory again, Scruffy is a white/ lilac rex who looks like a panda bear. Scrappy, her sister, is also a white/lilac smooth coat that looks like a tapier. They live in my kitchen in 2 separate cages cos even though they are sisters, they fight!

I am unable to reach them since they are in their cages and my hoomans are worried that I might chomp them up if I do. It was during one of these lazy Sunday afternoons, under my hoomans' supervision that I finally gotta meet them face to face. And despite my hoomans' fears, I didn't tear them into pieces. In fact I love them soooo much that I gave them a good licking!!! I don't think they like it though, cos they were squealing like crazy.

Here's the veedeos Dad managed to capture. Can you see my abundant love for them even though they aren't, well, doggies. I still treat them like my older sisters.

Now my hoomans tell me that our family is going to expand again! This time a tiny hooman boy will be joining us at the end of the year. Apparently Mumsy is carrying him right now as I type. I mean I know Mumsy has been acting all strange in the last couple of months. Heck, she even smells different. Makes me wanna protect her, but she is avoiding me like a plague! Dad says it is not my fault that my natural scent makes her nauseated. She hasn't been going for walks with us so it is just Dad and I having some male bonding session.

The hoomans are trying to teach me to more sharing and more patient before the tiny hooman comes. But after seeing how I react with my piggy housemates, I think they now trust me with the tiny hooman. I haven't decided if I like him yet, cos I haven't seen him, but since I like all tiny hoomans, I am sure he and I will get along just fine.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The making of a Sith (?!) Lord

Obvious this post would have loads of inputs from my Mumsy. No sane doggy would subject him/herself to such humiliation.

The story begins...

Long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, a young Jedi Doggie has been captured by two evil hoomans, in their bid to convert him into the world's first Doggie Sith Lord!

First, the young doggie has to subject himself to a thorough wash to remove the reek of the Jedi off him...

As you can see, he isn't enjoying it much. He is trying to use his big eyes to implore someone to release him from this torture.

After the trial by washing, there is the trial by rinsing... For a corgi who hates water, this tests every bit of his courage. He has a big pail of water dumped on him unceremoniously. He tries to escape and return to the Light but he cannot escape the clutches of the evil hooman (This is def MY input!) despite shaking lotsa water at him!

As if the torture was not long drawn enough, he has to be subjected to BUTT washing (yes, not brain washing). By this time, the young Jedi lost his resolve and started to whine...

At last he is half through the rite of conversion! Before leaving the water hell, he has to go through the squirting rite of passage while the evil hoomans laugh away....

He is not through yet. To be a Sith Lord means he has to earn his cape! He tries to escape but the hoomans are too strong... Whining doesn't help either...

Slowly, his resistance weakens... He now obeys the evil hoomans, albeit with some reluctance.. The transformation is almost complete!

After the final vigorous rub of the cape, our young palawan is now



Sith Lord!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bones, bones, bones!

As promised this is the follow up post on the goodies Uncle Martin brought along during his last visit! He usually brings one BIG bag of my keebles, my fav dog biscuits and my milk bones! This time around he brought along 6 cans of Addiction's Bushmeat! Mumsy is trying to fatten me up!

Alas, the usual milk bone I chew upon ran out, so Uncle Martin compensated by bringing me the biggest size he has. Mumsy doesn't like me eating the big ones because I take longer to finish it and I like to swing it about so violently that it packs a tight smack when it hits my hoomans. In fact, after getting one of these huge bones, I promptly gave Mumsy a huge bruise on her ankle after she stood too close to me while I was on my swinging rampage!

I couldn't wait for my hoomans to give me the bones. Mumsy had to ruin it all by making me dig for my bone! Needless to say, the whole plastic bag was covered with drool after that. Take a look at it!

I failed the first time around so Mumsy had to give me a helping paw. Got it on the second try!

I am off to enjoy another big bone... YUMZZZZ!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Uncle Martin's visit: The bad side

I always have mixed feelings when Uncle Martin comes to visit me. Why? Because he brings the yummiest stuff over to me, like my milk bones and new food (this time around it is Addiction's Bush meat!). If he only just stick to delivering the good stuff and leave my paws alone, he might be my favouritest hooman ever!

But NOOOOO, he has to always take the stupid nail clipper out to check my nails and give them a trim! WHY oh WHY must he torture me so? So I do what I do best: STRUGGLE! Now it takes Dad and Uncle Martin together to get all my nails trimmed. I dunno why it is so scary for me. It doesn't really hurt but when I see the clipper coming close to my digits, it is just pure panic for me.

Here's me greeting Uncle Martin happily! Note my waggy tail!

Here's me not looking at the nail cutting process! In this case, I have gone totally limp and Dad has to support my weight.

And here's me trying to take a bite out of the nail clipper and Uncle Martin's paw steathily.

I try to think of the good stuff that Uncle Martin brings along each time and it makes things easier to bear. I will show u guys the loot he brought along in the next post. Till then...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I have been naughty...

My hoomans have been really busy! With Auntie E leaving, things are finally a bit more settled. I am back in my own hidey hole, although I much prefer the larger space in the kitchen. With that, my walks have been cut back to once daily. SIGH!

But I have been keeping myself busy in my hidey hole! Dad accidentally left a piece of yellow cake-like thingy with green topping within my reach. Initially, I thought my hoomans were being nice by giving me a cake to welcome me back to my hidey hole, but it didn't taste like the cakes I had before. Pooey! Nonetheless it was pretty addictive once I got my teeth into it. I haven't been shredding anything lately and this was definitely fun!

Mumsy wasn't amused though. She was worried I swallowed some and gave me a scolding. I am alright! I have better taste than to eat something called a SPONGE!

Here are the peektures. As you can see, I am pretty embarrassed after getting ticked off by my Mumsy.

Friday, April 11, 2008

New fren!

I have been rather busy recently! U see, Mumsy's fren is currently staying with us. That means I had to give up my hidey-hole so that she can do whatever hoomans do in that room.

I am getting used to staying in the kitchen. Although I miss my hidey-hole, the trade off is that I get to go for walks TWICE a day! That means I get to mark everywhere TWICE! Isn't that good?

Anyway Mumsy's fren, Auntie Esther, has been awesome. She has the nicest smelling feet! When she comes into the kitchen, I would literally lick her feet. Mumsy is embarrassed by my behaviour but Auntie E just shrugs it off and give me a gd scratch beneath my ears. She is sooo cool!

Here's a photo of us together. With her around, I no longer follow my hoomans around. I hope she stays forever!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The toilet plunger

The hoomans came home the other day with this weird thing in their hands! I immediately thought: What a big toy for me! I chased after it and it was awhile before my hoomans realised why I was bugging them.

Mumsy was very amused but explained to me that it is a toilet plunger. Now, because I shed so much, the pipe in my hidey-hole is clogged up. This isn't good as whenever I take a much hated shower, the water level just goes up and not down. With Mumsy's fren coming to stay, having a flooded toilet ain't good! Of cos if I had my way, I would have a flooded loo any day! That means I don't have to bathe! Sad to say my Dad managed to declog the pipes so it is shower as usual for me. ARRGHH! I am gonna shed more and stuff my fur down the pipes!

Here's a veedeo of me going crazy with the toilet plunger. I really like playing with it!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nice & sunny!

The weather held! It was bright and sunny the whole of today and my hoomans decided to bring me for a looong walk at the beach to make up for the lack of exercising the whole of last wheek!

All ready to go! Here's me in my hoomans' new veehicle!

Lotsa hoomans at the beach!

It was very warm though, and we corgis aren't really built for such hot weather! I was panting within 5 mins but was definitely game to take a long walk!

Here's me on the beach! It smelled funky... I can't really decided if I like the smell of the beach. Dad saw a pile of weirdly shaped sand and wanted to trample on it but Mumsy stopped him! Apparently, my fellow doggie frens, these are NOT the works of aliens (whatever they are) but of tiny hoomans! Somebody should teach them to do better things than that!

Me at the strand line, sniffing the smell of fresh air!

See the weird pile of sand on the right? Also notice that I have been doing some serious sniffing around!

I am still petrified of the sea though. Mumsy managed to capture a short bit on veedeo showing me running away from the incoming waves. Sigh.. Sometimes I think parents are out to embarrass their kids, hoomans or otherwise.

We next came to a new area of the park, a place where hoomans zipped around this body of water, ON TOP of it! I was rather amused by them flying here and there! May be they are a new type of hoomans that can fly!

New species discover by me: hoomanus volans!

I was quite a celebrity today too! A lot of the hoomans were pointing at me. Sometimes I hear good stuff like, "So cuuuuute!" or "That's a cute corgi!". But there are some really annoying hoomans that said "Sausage dog!". I am not a dachshund! The two breeds only have one thing in common, short legs. I have more similarities to a husky (tail, shaggy mane and pointy ears) than a dachshund! Well, I can tolerate these people as sometimes, my hoomans would correct them and tell them that I am the Queen's dog! The people I can't tolerate are those that view me like I am a monster! A couple of gals actually stood frozen in place squealing at me when they saw me! I could smell their fear and was tempted to pee at their legs, if it wasn't my hoomans stopping me! Hmmppff!

Contemplating on why some hoomans think I am a monster

After the two hours walk, I was completely bushed. Collapsed in a heap where ever my hoomans stopped. It feels good in a odd way, your muscles aching, your throat parched and your paws sore. But I rather have a good work out then stay at home doing nothing!

Me, stretched out on the floor of the lift in my apartment building!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

It is finally sunny!

We had terrible weather the past week! There was no way my hoomans would have brave the rain and allowed me to romp in the mud so it meant that I was given extremely short and boring walks! Because I am now kept in the kitchen, I usually hold my pee (and poo) in until my regular evening walks. In the past, I just did the deed on the newspapers left in my hidey-hole. That means no matter what the weather, I NEED that walk!

This is what I have been up to the whole wheek: NOTHING! Don't I look pathetic?

After a whole week of walking up and down the void deck, I woke up to a bright and sunny day! Finally! I hope the weather last, athough some dark clouds are already creeping across the sky. Why can't my hoomans bring me out now instead of going to work?! I can't wait to stretch my legs and have a good run!

Can you see the ships on the top right hand corner? That's how near my home is to the beach!

Please please please stay up there in the sky Mr Sun!

Psssst: the peektures are up in my previous post!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Hey my fellow doggie frens! Do you still remember me? I didn't fall off the face of the earth! Blame my Mumsy! She has been really busy and coming home later than usual. That means I have been feeling rather neglected. Dad has been bringing me out for long walks while she is busy at work. Why these hoomans only think about work?! They should be like us doggies, stay at home and sleep. After all GOD does provide for everyone, why should these hoomans fret so much?

Anyway, in preparations of the arrival of a house guest at the end of the month, my hoomans have been training me to stay in the kitchen during the day. In the past, I was banished to my hidey-hole once they leave for work. I was a puppy then and I couldn't really control my pee and poo. But now, since I am a big boy now, I can usually wait for them to come home and bring me for a walk before I do my business! So now I have a much bigger room to roam about! I have company too! My two housemates live in the kitchen but they are usually too busy eating grass to hold a proper conversation. They can't speak Doglish and I can't speak Piglish either. At least I know I am not all alone at home.

Enjoying my bone in a bigger space!


I did have an accident or two while in the kitchen. On both times, my hoomans forgot to leave some newspapers for me to pee on. My hoomans didn't blame me though. If they did, I would have bite them! GRRR!

Mumsy forgot to upload the peektures of my new play area into her metal piece, despite me nagging her to do so! Urgh! That means I can't show u how happy I am in my new space! Have to remind her to do so AGAIN!

Blame the hoomans!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Prince William's Barkday Pawty!

I feel so much more refreshed after a good night's rest. I got my hoomans a lil' worried after not moving much in the kitchen yesterday evening. Daddy was convinced that I was sick but Mumsy proved him wrong when she took out my bone and I was up and jumping in no time.
So where were we? Oh yes, Prince's barkday pawty!

My hoomans bundled me out of Benny's shop as we were already late for the next pawty. At first, I was very reluctant to move as all my pals were still having fun! After much (forceful) persuasion, I got into the car with Mumsy, who was again feeling sneezy all over. She actually lost her voice becos she was coughing so much in the shop. At this rate, I might never get to go and hang out with my pals again cos it always make her so sick. Sigh...

We got to this place called Pawtobello, where doggies and their hoomans can have a meal together. Now for my overseas frens, this might seem ordinary, but over here, many eateries, bistros, restaurants and coffee shops do not allow pets in their premises! Not even if you are dining al fresco! Many pet lovers have protested against this, but the mindset is already fixed. Hence the owners of Pawtobello decided to come out with a place to help doggie lovers have a good meal with their pooches! When we got there, Auntie C and Prince were already there, tucking into their food. Also there was a really sweet gal named Ami! She is a Yorkie and sits dainty like a princess! After a bit, another sweet gal doggie named Milky came to join us! Milky is a Maltese and also sits dainty like a princess! I think all gal doggies sit like princesses! Only guy doggies do macho stuff!

As usual, here are the photos. I think they tell a better story than me!

Me greeting Prince rather, erm, enthusiatically

Prince - camera shy

There! A decent photo of him!

Ami, waiting patiently for the food to be served

Cake! It tasted so much nicer than my barkday cake!

Waiting eagerly for the slow hoomans to give them the cake

Hurry up! Ami says she want TWO servings!

Prince definitely enjoyed the cake

And surprise! So did I! I usually don't bother with food as there are a lot of other things to do!

I had TWO servings too!

After the cake, the hoomans continued to chat while Mumsy took the chance to take a look at the mechandise sold at the shop. She saw this really cute cap and made me wear it. Although it fits, I think the cap is too, erm, GAY for me. Whatever that means.
Gay-looking me!
I was beginning to feel tired even at the shop. Although there were a lot more pooches there, most of them were the small dainty breeds so I couldn't do much wrestling with them. I did bit two white doggies but not Milky! I simply have something against them! This Japanese Spitz came too close and I immediately reacted. Dad saw and gave me a big yank on my prong collar so I decided to stay away from those pesky white doggies. Two big labs came in too and they almost stepped on the Barkday Boy before Mumsy had the sense to yank him away. Now, having a squashed Barkday Boy wouldn't be nice, would it?

I think this photo would be an appropriate ending to a fulfilling day! It describes my feeling aptly don't you think! I can't wait for more pawty invitations!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cookie's Barkday!

I have never been invited to a barkday pawty in my life before and today, I got to go to not one, but TWO barkday pawties! Cookie and Prince both threw awesome pawties and I had so much fun that I did nothing but sleep when I got back.

The hoomans overslept this morning, hence we were late for Cookie's barkday pawty at Benny's shop! I got lamblasted for that by the barkday boy for being late, the moment we stepped in! Not only that, Benny joined in too!! I was so terrified that I hid under the chair while my useless hoomans left me to fend for myself!

I never seen so many corgis gathered in one small place before! There were 12 of us and boy, we had fun! Fur was flying everywhere and Mumsy was consciously trying to hold her breath each time a tuff of fur flew across her face. It is rather tough to describe everything so I am just gonna show you the evidence and describe as I go along.

The Pawty!

Getting a earful from the barkday boy, Cookie (the one in blue angel wings)

Wrestle - Clare, Benny, Cookie and I

Me getting an upper hand over Benny for once

We were all waiting patiently for the cake cutting session and for the feasting to start. At least they were, I wasn't! I went to check out the other corgis at the pawty instead!
Clare, chilled out and calm

Ode - who growled at me!

Here is Collar (left) a very shy boy and Ode

Mumsy loves huggable corgis and the next series of photos is of Buta, a really pwetty lady! I think she is ok, but my Mum is obsessed with her!
All hail Lady Buta!


Ya, u called?

Benny checking out Buta's ear, while Chester looks on

Gimme a paw massage like Aunty Zoe does, Mum!

Sweet gal ain't she?
This shot is definitely NOT taken by me. It is very rude to take photos of other ladies' butts! Handsome Chester!

Shy Collar who never strayed away from his hoomans

This is Wolfie, a 10 months old corgi that is the smallest sized corgi there!

He looks like a JTR don't he?

He is even smaller than 6 mths old Lucky and Clare!

It was time to cut the cake! Benny, the resident foodie, immediately positioned himself under the the food table so that he would be the first to get it!

Benny is wondering if there is a possibility that the table would collapse. He would be in the best position to get the most food!

Cookie and his cake

Buta wasn't really interested in singing the birthday song

Time to eat?

This is Rhubarb, another shy dog that only emerged when the food was served

Stretching to get good food!

Finger licking gd!

No more!

Buta waiting patiently

Gate crasher!

Ode was shadowing Rhubarb the whole day!

Rhubarb waiting at the door

Mumsy loves corgis' butts. Hence another photo of Rhubarb's butt. She didn't manage to get photos of Lucky and Barn2 this time though...

I'm tired... I think I shall save Prince William's barkday story for tomorrow. I... can... barely.... keep......... my.................. eyes..................... o............pen............. *snore*