Monday, February 25, 2008

Prince William's Barkday Pawty!

I feel so much more refreshed after a good night's rest. I got my hoomans a lil' worried after not moving much in the kitchen yesterday evening. Daddy was convinced that I was sick but Mumsy proved him wrong when she took out my bone and I was up and jumping in no time.
So where were we? Oh yes, Prince's barkday pawty!

My hoomans bundled me out of Benny's shop as we were already late for the next pawty. At first, I was very reluctant to move as all my pals were still having fun! After much (forceful) persuasion, I got into the car with Mumsy, who was again feeling sneezy all over. She actually lost her voice becos she was coughing so much in the shop. At this rate, I might never get to go and hang out with my pals again cos it always make her so sick. Sigh...

We got to this place called Pawtobello, where doggies and their hoomans can have a meal together. Now for my overseas frens, this might seem ordinary, but over here, many eateries, bistros, restaurants and coffee shops do not allow pets in their premises! Not even if you are dining al fresco! Many pet lovers have protested against this, but the mindset is already fixed. Hence the owners of Pawtobello decided to come out with a place to help doggie lovers have a good meal with their pooches! When we got there, Auntie C and Prince were already there, tucking into their food. Also there was a really sweet gal named Ami! She is a Yorkie and sits dainty like a princess! After a bit, another sweet gal doggie named Milky came to join us! Milky is a Maltese and also sits dainty like a princess! I think all gal doggies sit like princesses! Only guy doggies do macho stuff!

As usual, here are the photos. I think they tell a better story than me!

Me greeting Prince rather, erm, enthusiatically

Prince - camera shy

There! A decent photo of him!

Ami, waiting patiently for the food to be served

Cake! It tasted so much nicer than my barkday cake!

Waiting eagerly for the slow hoomans to give them the cake

Hurry up! Ami says she want TWO servings!

Prince definitely enjoyed the cake

And surprise! So did I! I usually don't bother with food as there are a lot of other things to do!

I had TWO servings too!

After the cake, the hoomans continued to chat while Mumsy took the chance to take a look at the mechandise sold at the shop. She saw this really cute cap and made me wear it. Although it fits, I think the cap is too, erm, GAY for me. Whatever that means.
Gay-looking me!
I was beginning to feel tired even at the shop. Although there were a lot more pooches there, most of them were the small dainty breeds so I couldn't do much wrestling with them. I did bit two white doggies but not Milky! I simply have something against them! This Japanese Spitz came too close and I immediately reacted. Dad saw and gave me a big yank on my prong collar so I decided to stay away from those pesky white doggies. Two big labs came in too and they almost stepped on the Barkday Boy before Mumsy had the sense to yank him away. Now, having a squashed Barkday Boy wouldn't be nice, would it?

I think this photo would be an appropriate ending to a fulfilling day! It describes my feeling aptly don't you think! I can't wait for more pawty invitations!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cookie's Barkday!

I have never been invited to a barkday pawty in my life before and today, I got to go to not one, but TWO barkday pawties! Cookie and Prince both threw awesome pawties and I had so much fun that I did nothing but sleep when I got back.

The hoomans overslept this morning, hence we were late for Cookie's barkday pawty at Benny's shop! I got lamblasted for that by the barkday boy for being late, the moment we stepped in! Not only that, Benny joined in too!! I was so terrified that I hid under the chair while my useless hoomans left me to fend for myself!

I never seen so many corgis gathered in one small place before! There were 12 of us and boy, we had fun! Fur was flying everywhere and Mumsy was consciously trying to hold her breath each time a tuff of fur flew across her face. It is rather tough to describe everything so I am just gonna show you the evidence and describe as I go along.

The Pawty!

Getting a earful from the barkday boy, Cookie (the one in blue angel wings)

Wrestle - Clare, Benny, Cookie and I

Me getting an upper hand over Benny for once

We were all waiting patiently for the cake cutting session and for the feasting to start. At least they were, I wasn't! I went to check out the other corgis at the pawty instead!
Clare, chilled out and calm

Ode - who growled at me!

Here is Collar (left) a very shy boy and Ode

Mumsy loves huggable corgis and the next series of photos is of Buta, a really pwetty lady! I think she is ok, but my Mum is obsessed with her!
All hail Lady Buta!


Ya, u called?

Benny checking out Buta's ear, while Chester looks on

Gimme a paw massage like Aunty Zoe does, Mum!

Sweet gal ain't she?
This shot is definitely NOT taken by me. It is very rude to take photos of other ladies' butts! Handsome Chester!

Shy Collar who never strayed away from his hoomans

This is Wolfie, a 10 months old corgi that is the smallest sized corgi there!

He looks like a JTR don't he?

He is even smaller than 6 mths old Lucky and Clare!

It was time to cut the cake! Benny, the resident foodie, immediately positioned himself under the the food table so that he would be the first to get it!

Benny is wondering if there is a possibility that the table would collapse. He would be in the best position to get the most food!

Cookie and his cake

Buta wasn't really interested in singing the birthday song

Time to eat?

This is Rhubarb, another shy dog that only emerged when the food was served

Stretching to get good food!

Finger licking gd!

No more!

Buta waiting patiently

Gate crasher!

Ode was shadowing Rhubarb the whole day!

Rhubarb waiting at the door

Mumsy loves corgis' butts. Hence another photo of Rhubarb's butt. She didn't manage to get photos of Lucky and Barn2 this time though...

I'm tired... I think I shall save Prince William's barkday story for tomorrow. I... can... barely.... keep......... my.................. eyes..................... o............pen............. *snore*

Monday, February 18, 2008

Much to do about nothing...

My Mumsy has been really busy hence I could not find the chance to use her piece of metal to update my blog!

The only two highlights that happened to me since my last post were that two small hoomans came over one Sat afternoon and played with me! They came together with their big hoomans and two older hoomans. Mumsy said they were Daddy's parents, brother, his wife and two hooman puppies! I have seen them before but the last time they came, they refused to stand near me! As if I looked scary! I am the nicest, most placid dog in the world. I might even be a teeny weeny afraid of them (don't tell!)! This time around I thought it would be the same cos they kept running away from me shouting "eeeeeee". I think it is a type of hooman game so stood there patiently, wagging my tail while waiting for them to come back to me. After they had their meal, they plucked up enough courage to come into the kitchen to pet me. I wanted to pounce on them since they were roughly my size but Mumsy held on tightly to my collar. In the end, I sensed that they were a bit scared of me so I sat there quietly for them to pet me. It took all my self control to do that!

I look so cute, why would anybody be afraid of me?
The older hoomans had lotsa fun teasing me. Now Mumsy has been training me to respond in Doglish when someone knocks on the door. I still can't get used to it and so far, I would only do it if either of my hoomans are home. I would bark ONLY if my hooman says, "Who's that?". So that afternoon, Daddy's parents kept saying "Who's that?" loudly and each time I hear that, I would bark! They seemed so amused at it!

The second highlight was the trip to the reservoir. Usually my hoomans sleep late on Sat mornings. Much to my surprise, I heard them stirring at 7.30am yesterday! It seemed that Mumsy had to work and Daddy was gonna be sweet and waited for her while she did her stuff. I got to go along too, partly to keep Dad company and also as a treat for me to stretch my short legs. Mumsy disappeared once we got there and after a bit, there was a loud din! Lotsa clanking and banging that I started to bark back! By this time Daddy was motified and had to drag me away. He later explained that during Lunar New Year, dragons and lions appear and when they do, hoomans would make loud noises to scare them away! I didn't think those bangings would be effective though. In fact I saw the dragon and the lions dancing about! Dad said it was for show and it was to welcome some very important people for the function. Oh well, hoomans are too complicated to comprehend. Anyhow Mumsy appeared after the din died down and it was time to go home.

Oh Mumsy reminded me to thank all of you for your well wishes and concern. To Barn2's Mummy, Mumsy says she has already built up resistance to many pills, especially over the counter types. She has been on antihistamines since young and now only uses the newest type when she suffers from severe reactions. Mumsy is more careful while playing with me now. With the exception of some rashes, she is perfectly fine.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The day I almost killed my Mom...

The hoomans have been really busy. Apparently it is the Lunar New Year so they have to do lots of cleaning and throwing and keeping the house clean. Even with Auntie Huay coming to help them, they were still struggling all the way till Wed's night, which was the eve of the New Year. Because of all the cleaning and washing, I haven't been getting my usual dose of attention. Even my daily walks were shorter! I could only watch the hoomans carrying mops, brooms, this machine that sucks in stuff and makes lotsa noise, tonnes of washings, detergents and such around the house. That is when they are at home though. They have been coming home late, laden with deliciously smelling stuff (Mumsy: they are the tibits and cookies for the Lunar New Year). But the good news is, the Lunar New Year has came and went and the hoomans are back to giving lotsa attention! Not only that, the hoomans have lotsa other hoomans visiting them! Grandpapa, Grandmama and Auntie E came over this afternoon and I had lotsa fun playing with them although Grandpapa said I was a big coward! HMMMPPFF!

Just a background for my non-Chinese hoomans frens: Chinese around the world celebrate Lunar New Year as the start of spring. Festivities last 15 days, starting on the eve of the Lunar New Year, where families gather around to have reunion dinners. These dinners are usually more lavish than those prepared at other times of the year and extended families will travel long distances to catch up and meet up with frens and family. On the first day of the year, the younger generation will visit their elders and those who are married would have to give red packets to single relatives! All in all, it is a very tiring but happy time for everybody! Mumsy tried to include me in the festivities by buying me US Doggie Bakery's reunion dinner and making me pose with red lanterns!

Me, looking stoopid with red lanterns.

My yummilicious reunion dinner! Yumzzz...

Pose, pose, pose. Hoomans and their posings!

Today the hoomans are a lot more free and they decided to make it up to me by bringing me to the beach. Everything went well and they stopped at a drive through to buy food. That's when the problem started and I almost killed my Mumsy. Mumsy decided to carry me on her lap and opened the car window so that I can feel the breeze on my face. I normally sit at the foot of her feet in the car. I kinda enjoy the wind ruffling through my fur but hate it when other cars zoomed passed! We managed to find a place to park and I noticed that Mumsy was starting to have her sniffles. She began to rub her nose and started sneezing in my face! That isn't something out of the ordinary as Mumsy is very sensitive to many stuff and her sneezing in my face is quite the norm. But this time around it wasn't like the usual. She started developing welts on her face and her mouth swelled! By this time Dad was worried and insisted that she sat down and rest. Her eyes were red and she was wheezing like an old lady. In the mean time her sneezes continued unabated and she began having difficulties trying to draw a breath. I tried to comfort her but Daddy held me far away from her! Dad himself couldn't go near her without me getting in her face. She rested for quite awhile before recovering some what. Dad insisted that we aborted the walk and headed for home, but didn't want her to be in close contact with me. Can you imagine how hurt I was? It was as if I was making her sick! Mumsy had to drive and you could see that in the enclosed area of the car, she was steadily getting worse again. She managed to get us all home in one piece before she collapsed in the kitchen, sneezing and coughing at the same time. Dad had to shut me up in the loo while he tend to her. I heard Daddy insisting something about hospital and injections but Mumsy managed to pop a pill in time. By then her face was covered with rashes, her eyes were red and watery, her throat and mouth were itchy and she couldn't breathe properly... Dad bundled her up to take a bath and that was the last I saw of her. She is resting now, but I think she is better cos she has stopped sneezing!

Mumsy's rashes after the welts subsided. Can you imagine how bad it was before that?

Daddy later explained that Mumsy almost went into anaphylactic shock as she had a bad reaction to me. I was really puzzled cos I have been together with Mumsy for almost a year and have never seen her reacting to me in this manner! Dad said that when I sat on her lap and stuck my head out of the car window, the wind ruffled my fur and caused dander to be blown into her face, hence she reacted that badly. Mumsy is allergic to 78 different things out of the 150 stuff she tested against. And guess what? She is allergic to DOGS! I was so insulted! The only good thing is that she is also allergic to cats and get this: COWS! When she changes Scrappy and Scruffy's litter, she wears a mask to prevent herself from getting a bad reaction. At this point, I started to blame myself for causing Mumsy so much pain. Dad saw it and told me that Mumsy loves animals too much to live without them and wanted to have me despite knowing the dangers and that I shouldn't be blaming myself.

Sigh... The only good thing was in the hurry to finish the food and get Mumsy home, my hoomans shared with me their fries! I just hope Mumsy gets better and we can all go out for a nice walk tomorrow!