Sunday, January 27, 2008

Belle is home!

Mumsy just heard the good news! Uncle Eric has been reunited with Belle! Apparently a nice lady picked Belle up and waited close to an hour at the bus stop, hoping that Belle's owner will turn up.

As Belle's nails were bleeding, the nice lady even brought her to the vet and paid for a check up too. Since the lady takes the bus from the same bus stop everyday, she noticed the poster Uncle Eric put up and contacted him. Belle was returned back to Uncle Eric last night!

That shows that there are still some kind hoomans out there. My Mumsy is a cynical soul and for once I am glad that she is proven wrong.

Thanks to the big GOD who listened to all the hoomans' prayers and delivered Belle back safely!

Now if only big GOD would listen to my prayers for more chicken jerky... HE can be rather selective...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Operation Belle!

Hi guys! I know I do have some doggie frens who are regular readers of my blog, so I thought this will be a good way to spread the news.

My fellow corgi fren, Belle is lost! Although I have not met her personally, but I definitely don't want to be separated from my hoomans, however annoying they are.

So please, my fellow doggie frens, please help find Belle. Below is the poster that the hoomans are distributing and you can save a copy it and send it out too. Or if the resolution is very bad (whatever that means) please contact my Mumsy for a better copy of the poster.The more hoomans know about it, the better the chance for Belle to be reunited with her hoomans. Her hoomans are really worried.

Hope to hear some good news soon!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

I am ONE!

I am ONE!!! Not that I feel any different from yesterday though. But being The Special Doggie for the day sure feels good!

To my disappointment, there wasn't any special outings for me cos Mumsy fell sick... She spent the whole afternoon sleeping! And in the evening, I thought the hoomans might bring me out for a walk, but nooo... they all got ready to go out WITHOUT me! Apparently, Mumsy's sister shares the same barkday as me! Happy Barkday Auntie E! *woof*

But my hoomans did buy me a cake! And it was... *drum roll* a Muffy cake!!! Cos Mumsy said I don't do well on cheese (I tend to produce a lot of smelly cheese myself after that if you know what I mean) and she didn't want me to make a mess in the kitchen with those cream cakes either. I showed her what Benny recommended and I guess she trusted Benny's taste!

The hoomans made me posed in front of the cake and all of a sudden, burst into a song! I got a fright, cos honestly, Mumsy sounded as if she was having a fit. The hoomans blew the candle off and I was finally given a big chunk of the cake! I was so excited that I peed all over the newspapers the hoomans laid out for me to make a mess of when I eat my cake! But it was yummy... I finished it without my hoomans cajoling me! And there are 3 more slices for me to eat for the next couple of days!

I have decided! Barkdays are as nice as Christmas! If only every other day is one of these days, then I will be a happy dog!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Less than 24 hours!

OOOOH! I am soooo excited! It is less than a day to my barkday and I can't wait for it to come...

I smell a rat (not a live one) at home. I can hear the hoomans whispering something about birthday, Cody, food, cake and something about breakfast. I wonder what's gonna happen tomorrow!

I was so excited that I couldn't sleep last night and whined until I woke Mumsy up at 5am. She wasn't very happy and told me to go back to bed. She said something about time moving faster when we are asleep but I think it only applies to hoomans... Cos the reverse is true for us doggies! Paws up if you agree with me, my fellow doggie frens!

Ooh hurry up and move along Mr Time! I am dying of anticipation!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Counting down...

It's coming, it's coming!!! My barkday is coming!!!

But my hoomans haven't given me any clue as to which cake I would be getting. I have to thank you all for voting! Seems like cheesecake is a guilty pleasure for many of my doggie frens! I hope my Mumsy would know what to get it... I am soooo looking forward to this Sat!

It isn't just me celebrating my barkday. Mumsy told me that I have been invited to not one, but two partees!!! Cookie, a fellow corgi, will be celebrating her barkday on 23rd Feb and we are going to Benny's! I have never met Cookie before so I am definitely looking forward to his partee!

This is Cookie! He looks like me! (Photo courtesy of Cookie's Mum)

And then there is the invite from Auntie Claudine for Prince William's 1st barkday on 15 or 16th Feb. Auntie C isn't sure which day is possible yet though, so my suggestion is have it on both days! Teeheehee... I hope we get to go to Pawtobello so that I can try out their yummy stuff!

Life at home is rather quiet now cos Dad is down with tummy pains. Mumsy isn't any better but she is still able to bring me for walks while Dad stays in to rest. I prefer walks with Daddy cos he isn't so rigid! Mumsy is a control freak! She constantly pulls me away, especially if I am marking the pillars. A dog gotta do what a dog gotta do! I hope my hoomans get better soon so that they can bring me to the beach soon... May be as my barkday treat? I need to get my legs stretched! It has been raining quite frequently, so on some evenings, the hoomans would just sit with me in the kitchen, bored to death.

Take a look at the veedeo below. That's how bored Daddy is... He resorted to playing with my EARS to keep himself entertained. *roll eyes*

Friday, January 11, 2008

Yet another one...

Another accident that happened to me that is...

Last Sat morning, Dad saw that Mumsy was still snoring away, he got our my leash and decided to bring me out for a walk all by himself. We decided to explore a new route and since the big globe of light was out shining, I didn't feel scared and gamely agreed.

So there we were having a great time walking, me pooing and peeing everywhere. We went down a tunnel (Mumsy: he meant an underpass) and while running up the stairs, I broke my nails. Daddy didn't notice and since the pain wasn't that bad, I continued to run... We stopped to rest and that's when Dad saw The Blood. It was everywhere on my chest.

I admit, I was quite a sight! Dad panicked and since he didn't bring any munny out nor his pesky ringing device, he couldn't wake the sleepy pig Mumsy up and get her to come and pick us up. I was rather cool cos I knew it was my nails but no matter how I tried to tell him, he didn't get it. In the end he made me WALK all the way home. Once home, he shouted for Mumsy to take a look at me. Mumsy had a shock cos by this time, I was completely drenched in blood. Dad thought that I might have sustained a cut on my chest (since it was completely covered with blood). Mumsy couldn't find the source of the blood (it's my paws silly!) and they had no choice but to rush me to the vet.

The vet assistant had a shock of her life when she saw me. In fact I heard one of the hoomans in the clinic exclaiming at the bloody me. They thought that I was knocked down by a veehicle! The nice nurse quickly ushered me into the surgical room and proceeded to check on me. They couldn't find the source of the bleeding also (my paws, MY PAWS!!!) and began to shave me down.

After much rinsing and shaving, they found NO wounds on my chest. That's when the Doc Dog decided that it could be my paws. I gladly held my paws up for her to see and there were 2 bleeding nails. What an anti-climax it was. But all the same, my hoomans were rather relieved that it wasn't something major. Dad was especially shaken cos he had never seen so much blood before and he had no means of getting me to the nearest Doc Dog fast enough. I heard that he had no appetite for the rest of the day! The hoomans next door came to check on me too cos I left a lot of blood outside the door. My hoomans had to wash the whole corridor after they got me settled.

So here I am, feeling a-okay, with ridiculously looking chest hair now... Mumsy made me pose for this shot. Not very flattering don't you think?

Mumsy: No bloody photos were taken this time around because there were simply too much blood and our first priority was to get him to a vet immediately. It was bad enough that neighbours came knocking on our door cos Cody left a messy blood trail on the corridor.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Main Event

I don't know if you have noticed the ticker on the top of my blog page. It is to count down to my barkday! Each day when I get to use this piece of metal, I will take a look at it. As you can see, my Math isn't that good so I need to constantly remind myself when my barkday is.

I have been browsing online for doggie cakes, in the hope that Mumsy will buy something decent for me. After the Christmas feast, I think my hoomans won't forget my special day. I was just browsing the US Doggie Bakery page (it is on my Favourites) and the sheer number of choices of cakes I can select from astounds me!

Should I choose from the fresh cream cakes which have SIX flavours (carob, vanilla, banana, strawberry, blueberry and pandan)?

Or the yummy healthy looking fruit jelly cakes with peaches, pears and strawberries on the top?

Or the sinfully rich fresh cheese cakes (again with a choice of SIX flavours and FOUR toppings!)?

Or the yummiest looking bone I have ever seen: the Muffy Cake that is made from either lamb or chicken?

I am soooo torn apart now. I WANT EVERYTHING!

Tell you what, why don't you guys gimme a helping paw and help me vote for my first barkday cake? I got all the way till next Wed to decide so please help me okie?

PS: I am willing to share my cake!

PPS: All photos are courtesy of US Doggie Bakery. Check them out!

Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year, new trick!

Happy New Year my fellow doggie frens (and their hoomans too)! I am still suffering from the post celebratory hangover(well actually, it is my hoomans that are having the hangover), hence the lack of updates. Anyhow, better late then never and here I am with a supposedly new trick!

Over the holeeday period, my hoomans taught me how to bark on demand. Mumsy discovered it by accident when she was reading the papers with Daddy. I wasn't allowed to join them but sat as close to them as possible only with the metal grill separating us. I was whining and whining, wanting to be with them so Mumsy got irritated and BARKED at me. Those hoomans finally got the hang of speaking Doglish and I happily replied! At first, they taught it was sheer coincidence that I replied Mumsy so she tried a couple more times! And of cos I replied them again! My hoomans billed it as a new trick but honestly it is nothing much... I am just communy-cating with them! Silly hoomans.

Since that day, my hoomans made it a point to communy-cate with me daily in Doglish! And lucky for them, I am not the chatty type and will only speak when spoken too. Mumsy said that was a good trait cos she doesn't want me bark non stop!

Here's a veedeo of us having a conversation. You can tell who has the better voice and enounciation!