Saturday, June 30, 2007


This is Cody's Mumsy posting on his behalf. Cody isn't feeling too well today with a slight fever. He has been having diarrhea off and on, i.e. 2 piles of solid poo and a puddle of watery stools, for about 8 days. He also threw up some whitish, foamsy vomit a few times this week.

Anyway he has been to the vet and but she doesn't know what is causing him to react this way. All she can do is to give him some meds. Being such a young puppy, we, the parents, are worried sick about him. So do keep him in your prayers.

When he gets better, he will come back on to write about his ordeal, and thank you guys too.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

To the groomer's we go....

I had a new experience today! Last evening, Mummy was trying to cut my ‘thumb’ nail and being the naughty boy I am, I struggled like mad. Mummy accidentally cut off some of my quick and I gave a big yelp and bled all over the floor. Daddy saw the blood and scolded Mummy for being careless. I kinda pitied Mummy for getting scolded cos honestly it was my fault but I ain’t gonna tell her that! Mummy was so guilty that she gave me an extra serving of my favourite chicken jerky!

Anyway aft that that traumatic experience (I think Mummy was more traumatized than me), Mum brought me to the groomer this afternoon. At first I thought it was a treat as I haven’t been out for a couple of days (more of that later). I wagged my tail so hard at this huge guy at the groomer’s and when he led me off into a small room. I promptly forgot about Mummy and happily walked off without her. When I went into the small room, I saw 2 other doggies! I got even more excited! The big guy hoist me up onto a table and to my horror, grabbed my paws! I realized that I got conned into getting my nails cut! I struggled and struggled, looking for Mummy, but she wasn’t in the room with me. The big fella was now using some buzzing tool to do something to my paws (he was getting his paw pads shaved) but I continued to struggle.

All of a sudden I heard tapping and saw that Mumsy was standing outside and looking at me. She tried to talk through the glass and I could hear her telling me to stay. So for 2 seconds, I laid on my belly quietly before resuming my struggles. Luckily the big guy was patient with me and stopped for a moment to calm me down. He finished my four paws and I thought I was home free, until I saw the nail clipper! I struggled even more and yelped each time the nail clipper went ‘click’ (Cody was acting like somebody was out to murder him!). But by then I was getting a lil’ exhausted so the groomer cut them pretty quickly.

And still my ordeal was not over. He took the buzzing thing again and this time he aimed it at my, ahem, sensitive regions. Mummy later explained that the guy was shaving my nether regions so that my pee won’t wet my fur. That wasn’t so bad cos I felt much cooler aft that! I think I can handle it the next time I go to a groomer.

After getting out of the groomer’s shop, I immediately went berserk and wanted to chase those black things that can fly (he meant the mynahs). My hoomans normally bring me out when the sky is dark and I don’t get to see these flying black things. Coupled with the fact that I have not been out since Sat’s trip to the Botanny-cal Garden, I longed to run free. Now the reason that I have not been going for my usual walks is because I have been having the runnies (diarrhea). After the grooming, I offloaded quite a bit of watery stools. I feel perfectly fine though and tried my best to convince my hoomans to bring me out but Daddy was pretty firm about it. Hence all I have been doing is playing Fetch with them in the kitchen. So boring! I overheard Mummy making an appointment to see Dr Ling on Fri that means I get to go out and stretch my legs!

Mummy had to drag me home cos all I wanted to do was to run around and play with those black flying things. On the way home, I saw the hoomans living next door to me and guess what I saw tiny hoomans too. The tiny hoomans smelled very nice and they seem to be smarter than the big hoomans cos one of them could communicate with me with doggie language. He was going, “ooooo….” and “waaaaah”. Sounds like me when I want attention! The other tiny hooman came to pet my head. I wanted to pounce on him cos he was about the same size as my best bud, Chester, but Mummy held my leash tight. She then spent some time talking to the big hoomans while I tried my best to get near to the tiny hoomans. They even came to my home but before I could show them around, Mummy locked me up in the kitchen. I did manage to show them my housemates, Scrappy and Scruffy though.

It was a pretty eventful afternoon for me. Normally I would be all alone and I guess despite getting my paw pads shaved and my nails cut, it was a treat for me to have Mummy with me today. I wish she didn’t have to disappear every morning though. Sigh… I wonder where she goes?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Let's go out!

Mummy has been busy again! Though there was one day she got home much earlier than usual, but all she did was to hide in her hidey-hole and did not emerge till Daddy came home. I thought we could have spent some time together but seeing her tired face, I doubt she has the energy to run after me.

What shall I blog abt today? Shall I tell you all about my outings? I think I shall.

When my hoomans first got me, they couldn't wait to bring me out. Being so small and having an undeveloped munity (immunity), Mum said that I had to finish my jabs first before I can go out for walks. Daddy on the other paw, wanted to bring me just downstairs. One night when Mummy was working late, Daddy brought me down without her knowledge and after a fun walk, we waited for her to come home. When she saw me waiting, she didn't know if she should smile or scold Daddy. But I had lotsa fun. It smells so different from home, so many different scents, and so many different things to find out about. I kept chewing on everything I encountered! Some of the green ticklish stuff were quite nice to munch on. But Mummy will always pull me away when I smell something interesting to munch on! The other thing I like to pounce on to chew is tee-shu. They are white, some of balled up, some in loose fluttery pieces!
And there are trips to the vet. My first trip to Dr Ling was pretty scary as every other dog I saw were so much bigger than me. Dr Ling gave me a small sweet that tasted very bitter but being the silly puppy I was then, I gulped the whole thing down. Mummy said she (the vet) gave a jab but I didn't feel a thing. I like Dr Ling! She smells of many different dogs and cats and bitbits (rabbits) and peeggies. The last two trips to her was so fun! I kept trying to bite this shiny little off her chest (It was Dr Ling's button that Cody was trying to remove). I overheard her telling my hoomans that I was gonna grow up to be extremely naughty if I wasn't sent to obedience class. I was a lil' hurt by her comments cos I felt that I was on my best behaviour. All I meant to do was to be friendly (and get the shiny thing if possible)!

Of cos, Mummy packed me for kindergarten classes but I think I'll leave this for another post. I had so much fun there that I think I won't be doing it justice if I merge it into this post.

My first official trip was to a dogrun, with Chester, Benny and Furby. It was fun! I saw some really big dogs, but they weren't too friendly. I got chased by them and instead of coming to rescue me, my mean hoomans left me to fend for myself. Here's an embarrassing photo of me groveling to some husky. I was trying to be friendly only! Is being friendly a crime now? Anyway I got the chance to try the A frame and to jump over some hurdles. I did it once or twice then gave up cos no matter how many pieces of treat I get, the effort ain't worth it.

The embarrassing photo

Me on the A frame. I think I am afraid of heights!

Tired but contented me

Mum's favourite outing place is the Botanny-cal Gardens. She calls it going on a peegnic, but the peeggies don't join us! Daddy would bring me around the park while Mummy would just sit under a tree, reading her book. It was rather boring for me but Mummy seemed to enjoy it a lot. I can't chase the big dumb birds swimming in the lake, neither can I be off my leash. There are so many things to chase there! Kids playing frisbees and balls, other doggies going for their walks and lil' hoomans pottering about on unsteady feet!. I think she is planning to bring me there again this wheekend. May be, just may be, Daddy might let me go off leash for once!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My canine frens!

Mummy and Daddy overslept this morning. I woke up at 6am, waiting for them to come and carry me down for breakfast as usual at 8.30am. But at 9am, with my tummy growling, I still haven't hear a single noise from their room. I tried my best to wake them up by banging my body against the metal grills. But still they continued to snore! I contemplated if I should tear the newspapers in my loo, but I remembered that Mummy hates that and I would get a smack for doing it. In the end my hoomans got up close to 10am and by then I was hungry enough to wolf my breakfast down.

Since I had the whole wheekend to think of something to write about, I have decided to talk a lil' bit of some of my frens I have made during my outings. Of cos, my BOF is my bro Chester. With him around, no other dogs can hold my attention. Both of us just simply start to wrestle, bite and paw at each other. We don't stop at all, to the extend of us missing treats that our hoomans offer us out of sheer embarassment at our behaviour. It is fun pouncing on Chester especially when he becomes all docile when his master is offering him a piece of duck jerky, in the bid to stop our wrestling. Mum, of cos, would be all red face and apologetic, pulling me off Chester and chastising me. Peace will only last as long as Chester is chewing his treat before we are off at it again. That's Chester on the left and me on the right taking a break to drink water.

Of cos there is Furby, a Shih Tzu that has long messy hair. Furby normally thumbs his nose away from us as he thinks that it is beneath him to play wrestling with youngsters. He normally sits away from us and tries hard not look at us with interest. I think he is just jealous of our youth cos he is already 3 yrs old! Oops Auntie Grace is gonna kill me for saying that!

I have some frens I made at my puppy kindergarten, like little June the Yorkie cross, Tza Tza and Spice the two big huskies (puppies too) in class and of cos cute Milo, the cocker spaniel. I don't have a photo of them though but school is starting again next Sun and I hope I get to see some of them there.

The next fren I am going to introduce is Benny. We met him and his hoomans Auntie Zoe and Uncle Clement at the dog run. Mummy just told me that I will be staying with Benny when she goes on a short trip with Daddy in Sept. I think I want to grow up like Benny. Benny is 14 mths old but he is full of fun and not act like some stuffy old dog. He wasn't really interested in looking at me and Chester wrestle though. I think it's becos he does it much better than us. I have tagged him and you can go and see how he wrestles with Dexter, another Corgi! Chester and I are definitely out of his league! Benny is also a part time vacuum cleaner for Auntie Zoe. I think Auntie Zoe should pay Benny for all the vacuuming he does! I am sure Auntie Zoe's home is spotless. The best thing is that despite not having a mechanism to empty all the rubbish he vacuums up, Benny doesn't put on weight! Mummy says Benny is a true blue foodie. I think in this respect, I can never be like Benny. I am such a fussypot when it comes to food. That's Benny doing the thing he does best: eating!

All the same, after seeing all the photos and videos of the fun Benny had with Dexter, I am looking forward to board at Auntie Zoe's place. Plus from what I heard from Benny, she gives wonderful massages! I hope she will give me some. I promise to be very good if she does give one to me. Benny is one lucky dog. I wonder if I make Mummy learn how to massage me. I hear from Daddy that she gives lousy massages, like chicken pecking on his shoulders. May be I can conspire with Auntie Zoe and Benny to brainwash Mummy into attending one of Auntie Zoe's massage classes!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I am making up for not posting for past 2 days by writing another post. So there, it's a treat for u! I don't think I'll be able to get my paws on the metal this wheekend either. Overheard Mummy saying that it will be a busy wheekend for her as she has some weedding to go to, despite not feeling too good herself. I hope she doesn't get the cold or else she would be very grouchy to Daddy and I!

Here's some photos of my bedroom! I have my own towel, my own hidey-hole, even my own pee space! Some dogs have very comfortable beds to slp on, but I doubt I can sleep on one cos it is so warm! I hardly sleep on my own towel either. But when the sky darkens and makes awfully flashes of light and sound, I am so glad for my hidey-hole. I only feel safe and secure there. There was once I was in the kitchen with Mummy when it started to storm and I was far from my hidey-hole. In the end, I ran to hide in the next best thing, under the sink in the loo in the kitchen. Mum tried to cure this by shutting me out of the loo and played with me during the thunnerstorm but all I did was to stick close to her or hide between the piggie's cages and the laundry basket.
Noticed the teddy bear in red? I used to slp with it until I dragged Teddy with me when I had to pee in the middle of the nite. Mum washed it, but I think she forgot to give Teddy back to me. But at least Teddy is visible so at nite, when I wake up, all I need to do is to look at him and I will feel that I am not alone.

Mean tricks

Mummy has been working late the past few nites hence she didn't bring her metal back for me to type on. In fact my walks were shorter than the usual one owl for the past 2 nites cos she literally had to drag her feet and kept yawning during the walk. As much as I want to explore and to deposit fresh pee at my usual pee spots, even I could tell that Mummy was tired to the bone, though if I don't quite understand this hooman phrase. I mean I don't see any bones or I would have pounced on them! Anyway, I didn't put up a fight when Daddy led me home 15 mins earlier than usual.

Knowing that I was still very hyper, Mummy decided that it was time to refresh my trick collection. The wheek that I came to Mummy, she began to teach me some simple tricks. I can say proudly that I learnt how to shake hands at 8 wheeks old, aft an intensive 20 mins of training from Mumsy. After a wheek's break, she made me learn how to do the roll over. That trick was a bit hard to master as all I could think about was the treat she was holding in her hands. Consequently all I was doing was giving her my paws, cos that was what that got me the treats in the first place! It took Mum 2 days to teach me that and she lost her temper at me once cos I bit her fingers instead of listening to her.

So the last 2 nites, with a fresh supply of chicken jerky, Mum made me repeat the tricks I learnt over and over again. She was grumbling that without treats, I wouldn't even sit up to acknowledge her. Daddy took the camera and recorded the whole thing down. So here it is, a video of me doing both tricks.

Mum also taught me a new trick, called Bang Bang! It is a trick where she points her fingers at me and says, "Bang! Bang!" and I am supposed to lie down and pretend that I'm dead. Kinda silly if you ask me. Even Dad was shaking his head at this. But I'll do anything to get that yummy chicken jerky! I sound pretty desperate, but hey, chicken jerky tastes waaaay better than the usual brown stuff I get! I will remind my hoomans to record this down. Actually it is better to watch my Mum's reaction when I do the trick successfully. She was cackling so loudly that the piggies scramble to hide in their hutches!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How Mummy came to have me

Mummy told me that I have loads to catch up with, since I am already almost 5 mths old. That means I have 5 mths worth of stories to tell!

I thought I'd start by telling a bit on how I came to live with my Mummy and Daddy. You see, my Mummy always love animals, but my Grandmama hates them. All she could have was ONE goldfishie kept in a coffee jar. Mummy grew up loving fishies and till today her work still revolves around those disgusting, slimy fishies. Anyway back to the story, since she couldn't keep anything bigger than a guinea peeg, she waited till she moved out with Daddy. Even then she kept thinking and thinking about the lifelong responsibility of having a dog. Daddy on the other hand wants a boder collie cos he thinks they are smart! But I am smart too, just 9 rungs below them on the list. So aft much consideration and speaking to a lot of dog owners, she decided to take the plunge. Coincidentally, there was this person advertising that he had corgi puppies for sales at a really low price. They went to view but went home empty handed! Cos Mummy had cold feet (well if she brought me home, I could have warmed it for her) and needed to sleep on her decision. She told me later that when she decided to have me, it was like a big burden off her chest!

So I was brought back to the new place. It smelled strange to me... Too clean in fact! I started to lick the floor to make things a lil' bit more familiar and but was pulled away immediately. I am sure you can tell that Mum is a neat freak. The room was so big and all of a sudden, I missed my siblings. I mentioned previously that my real Mum gave birth to 10 of us, but our eldest sibling got squashed by her and died. Luckily the owners had sense to send her to a dog doc, and the 9 of us were delivered safely. Anyway, aft being pulled away from licking the floor, i went to pee under a chair! I mean I was already holding everything in throughout the car ride and they expect me to suck in it some more? I was only eight weeks old then, with an eight week's old bladder. I see the hoomans' babies all have to wear this plastic thing around their butts till they are 24 mths or so. Hence my pee-holding-in skills are infinitely better than these hoomans. That's me on the first day of at the big clean house.

They put me into this huge room with a big white throne and told me that this will be my bedroom. I wanted to climb onto the throne but the surface was too smooth and I was too short (yes, I can hear you sniggering). The first nite I was really meek. But then after for the next 4-6 weeks I whined and pawed at the grills every single nite. I really wanted to be near the hoomans but I overheard Mummy telling Daddy if he lets me into their room, her nose will be blocked and she can't slp. Every morning, Mummy would greet me with half opened eyes and eye bags. She told me sternly that no amount of whining will get her out of bed to come and cuddle me, so I might just as well quit doing it cos she can't slp! I was tad a bit hurt to hear her saying that so aft a break of 7 days, i resumed whining again. Cheeky me eh?
Oh yes, I forgot this really traumatising episode! I was with my hoomans for about 4 wks and one morning, while waiting for them to wake up their lazy asses, I decided to chew on my grills. I had a faint idea that if there are no grills, I can escape to be with my parents. So I being the smart guy i was, I chewed from the weakest link, which were where the grills were connected. Yet somehow or rather, the hook connecting the grills became lodged in between my gums and I got so frightened that I started screaming!!! Daddy immediately came to check on me and tried to calm me down enough to see what was stucked but I continued to scream. Mummy came to see too and by then Dad saw the prob and was trying to to extricate me. I have to say I was so scared that I pooed. Mummy was close to panicking as I wouldn't stop screaming. I refused to allow Daddy to touch my mouth and even bit him (oh this is so embarassing, why did I start on this?). Mummy in the meanwhile was on the phone with the dog doc, but they couldn't do anything either. In the end Dad left me in Mum's care while he rushed out to buy wire cutter. All this while I was still screaming (note the liberal use of the word). Mummy was trying not to breakdown seeing me in such pain. But in the end I managed to wriggle free before Daddy came home. I was so exhausted that I could only crawled to my waterbowl for a drink. Mum immediately made an appointment with the dog doc and she pronounced me ok. Aft that I no longer chew my grills and change it to chewing my bedroom walls.

My Mummy shook her head when she read what I have written and said that she hopes this serves as a one-ing (Mumsy: warning) to all chewy dogs and puppies. So there you go, don't say I didn't one you!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Me, myself and I

Mummy has been thinking for a long time if she should allow my grimy paws on her laptop. She kept saying that her dis no space, ramp very slow, and most importantly she got tonnes of dada in it that piece of L shape cold metal (Cody's mum: its disc, ram and DATA, silly). On most wheekends, she will be spending her time banging on that piece of metal though. Sometimes she would be laughing at it and other times she would look like she wanna crush that piece of metal.

All of a sudden today, she announced that she has thought it through and that I should spend some of my pent up energy on writing a blog. I looked at her quizzily as she explained that it was some online (what line?) journal that I can use to record down my activities. At first I was wondering if I should waste the time and energy to sit up to do this, let alone think abt what I want peaple to read. Aft much though (actually it took only 2 seconds), I decided to give it a go. Afterall, everybody, dogs included, likes talking about themselves.

So here's a brief introduckion of myself. I am supposed to be a purebred Welsh Pembroke Corgi, but Mummy says as long as there is no official papers to prove my lineage, I better not go around proclaiming that I am a purebred. Man, i am getting confused! I think u can safely say I m a corgi. That's good enough for me. My barkday is on 18th Jan 2007, though on my vaccination card, it states 19th Jan, which is Mummy's sis's barkday too. Oops Mummy said it's BIRTHday not barkday for peaple.The colour of my fur is red and white, but my tail has this tiny patch of black. Oh yes, before I go any further, I have to say my real mummy gave birth to 10 pups, including me! I still keep in contact with one of my brother, named Chester! In fact we go to sch together! We both have since graduated from puppy kindergarten and will be starting the next level soon.

Ok ok back to ME, like all corgis i have short legs. Let's make it clear, the legs are shorter becos i have a dwarf jeans (Mummy: gene) encoding for short legs! My body is the normal size as other doggies so its short legs but normal length body. And unlike other corgis, I have a tail. Mummy said some corgis are borned without tails while others get theirs chopped off! I shuddered when Mummy told me that. Mummy said unless I want to change from an apartment dog to a working, herding dog that chases after cows and oxen, there is no need to have my tail cut off. Daddy says he prefers me with a tail so that he can see if I am happy to see him or not.

What's my fav activities? I guess it would be chewing any and everything I can get my paws on. Even the walls of my own bedroom are not spared. I would chew on them like they were the juiciest bone in the whole wide world. I can finish one rawhide bone in 6 hrs considering I am just a 4 mth one puppy. Other than that, I love walks! No matter how tired I am I will still walk an extra mile, sniff another bush, pee at another tree, just as long as I am in the big wide open. Although sometimes I get so excited that I poo watery stuff out and puke. I can't help it! I get so excited and all...

What I don't like is meal time. This is really weird considering most corgis are foodies. Mummy will feed me this nasty smelling bowl of brown stuff. It used to be just the hard brown stuff but I rebelled and refused to eat my breakfast for the next couple of days. I wanted to show my displeasure even more obviously if Mummy didn't already get the hint, by skipping dinner too. But my empty tummy will always be the better of me and I find myself licking the bottom of my bowl in the evenings. Mum then became smarter and mixed it with hot water, which made the smelly stuff become surprising aromatic! She should have done it long ago. To make me more interested in meal times, she added Nupro to my smelly food so now it tastes wonderful. But still I need a lot of encouragement to eat. Some days I will just gobble it down. Other days Mummy and Daddy have to sit beside me to cajole or scold me to finish every bit of my dinner. I don't even have treats cos they would ruin my appetite. And when i have them, I puke them up! I think I have written quite a bit for a first antry. Next post I will tell you how Mummy and Daddy came to have me. That's all for now! *Woof*