Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bones, bones, bones!

As promised this is the follow up post on the goodies Uncle Martin brought along during his last visit! He usually brings one BIG bag of my keebles, my fav dog biscuits and my milk bones! This time around he brought along 6 cans of Addiction's Bushmeat! Mumsy is trying to fatten me up!

Alas, the usual milk bone I chew upon ran out, so Uncle Martin compensated by bringing me the biggest size he has. Mumsy doesn't like me eating the big ones because I take longer to finish it and I like to swing it about so violently that it packs a tight smack when it hits my hoomans. In fact, after getting one of these huge bones, I promptly gave Mumsy a huge bruise on her ankle after she stood too close to me while I was on my swinging rampage!

I couldn't wait for my hoomans to give me the bones. Mumsy had to ruin it all by making me dig for my bone! Needless to say, the whole plastic bag was covered with drool after that. Take a look at it!

I failed the first time around so Mumsy had to give me a helping paw. Got it on the second try!

I am off to enjoy another big bone... YUMZZZZ!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Uncle Martin's visit: The bad side

I always have mixed feelings when Uncle Martin comes to visit me. Why? Because he brings the yummiest stuff over to me, like my milk bones and new food (this time around it is Addiction's Bush meat!). If he only just stick to delivering the good stuff and leave my paws alone, he might be my favouritest hooman ever!

But NOOOOO, he has to always take the stupid nail clipper out to check my nails and give them a trim! WHY oh WHY must he torture me so? So I do what I do best: STRUGGLE! Now it takes Dad and Uncle Martin together to get all my nails trimmed. I dunno why it is so scary for me. It doesn't really hurt but when I see the clipper coming close to my digits, it is just pure panic for me.

Here's me greeting Uncle Martin happily! Note my waggy tail!

Here's me not looking at the nail cutting process! In this case, I have gone totally limp and Dad has to support my weight.

And here's me trying to take a bite out of the nail clipper and Uncle Martin's paw steathily.

I try to think of the good stuff that Uncle Martin brings along each time and it makes things easier to bear. I will show u guys the loot he brought along in the next post. Till then...