Monday, October 20, 2008


Sorry guys! It's not like I don't wanna post, but Mumsy has been so tired lately that she seldom allows me to type on her piece of metal! If you are wondering how I am, I have been rather well. In fact I gained quite a bit of weight since my hoomans gave up on the food fight. They have started giving wet food mixed with my kibbles and since the regime started, I have finished all my meals! YUMZ!! So to all the doggies that are still fighting for good food, keep up with your hunger strike!

Anyhow, Mumsy ordered a Furminator from Benny's Mum in May and that lazy arse (my Mumsy not Auntie Zoe) didn't bother to collect it from Auntie Zoe! She finally got it last wheek after much chasing from Auntie Zoe. Immediately, my hoomans wanted to furminate me. I was a bit suspicious cos I smelled Benny on the packaging.. I thought it was some new toy or chew bones from Benny! Dad had a hard time convincing me not to go for the Furminator and to sit still while he did it! I kept wanting to have a bite of it! You can see from the peektures how confused I was. Cos usually if I perform some tricks, my hoomans will reward me with something... And I was hoping that this time, it would be the Furminator!

Daddy trying to tell me rolling over doesn't mean I get to bite the Furminator

Trying to get a nibble of it!

Ok no more monkeying around. Don't be fooled by my docile face cos immediately after that I went for the Furminator again!

Daddy was pretty skeptical of the brush, cos to him, it looked like any other brush.. Nothing really special about it. Plus the instructions mentioned that it might cause skin burns if the hoomans don't use it properly so Dad was brushing me very gingerly. Hence he didn't get much fur out! Mumsy got impatient and took over. In 10 mins, she got that pile of fur out of my coat!

Can you see the fur ball? Notice Mumsy holding onto my tail? Cos I have the tendency of eating my own fur...


Mumsy brushed me again the following night and I am proud to say that I produced another big fur ball!! May be I should measure the balls I produce! Dad was finally convinced it was worth paying so much for this brush cos when he gave me my weekly shower, I didn't clog up the drain. That's a first for me! I am gonna get furminated again tonight and I have to admit, it is rather soothing... The only worry Mumsy has is that it seems to be getting more fur out on my right flank than my left one.. Dad said if that continues, I might be bald on the right! GASP!!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Cody!
Nice to see you again and to know that you, your mom and dad are doing well.
I've heard about those Furminators. Looks like you liked it!
Are you going to make a pillow with your fur?? Sure it will be big and comfy!
Kisses and hugs

Kathryn and Ari said...

We've missed you and are so glad to see you back!

PS- The caninaturalist likes wet food in her dry, too!

Latte said...

Allo Cody,

Does the furminator work well? My humans are wondering if they should get one before shedding season comes again.


happy said...

Hi Cody, glad to hear you are doing fine there!

Latte said...

Hi Cody,

Thanks for dropping by my blog :) Think my hoomans are going to get the furminator cos they suspect my shedding season is coming soon.