Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Counting down...

It's coming, it's coming!!! My barkday is coming!!!

But my hoomans haven't given me any clue as to which cake I would be getting. I have to thank you all for voting! Seems like cheesecake is a guilty pleasure for many of my doggie frens! I hope my Mumsy would know what to get it... I am soooo looking forward to this Sat!

It isn't just me celebrating my barkday. Mumsy told me that I have been invited to not one, but two partees!!! Cookie, a fellow corgi, will be celebrating her barkday on 23rd Feb and we are going to Benny's! I have never met Cookie before so I am definitely looking forward to his partee!

This is Cookie! He looks like me! (Photo courtesy of Cookie's Mum)

And then there is the invite from Auntie Claudine for Prince William's 1st barkday on 15 or 16th Feb. Auntie C isn't sure which day is possible yet though, so my suggestion is have it on both days! Teeheehee... I hope we get to go to Pawtobello so that I can try out their yummy stuff!

Life at home is rather quiet now cos Dad is down with tummy pains. Mumsy isn't any better but she is still able to bring me for walks while Dad stays in to rest. I prefer walks with Daddy cos he isn't so rigid! Mumsy is a control freak! She constantly pulls me away, especially if I am marking the pillars. A dog gotta do what a dog gotta do! I hope my hoomans get better soon so that they can bring me to the beach soon... May be as my barkday treat? I need to get my legs stretched! It has been raining quite frequently, so on some evenings, the hoomans would just sit with me in the kitchen, bored to death.

Take a look at the veedeo below. That's how bored Daddy is... He resorted to playing with my EARS to keep himself entertained. *roll eyes*


Ume said...

ooohhh... your barkday is in 3 days' time! how exciting!!!
i'm sure your hoomans will be preparing lotsa treats n prezzies for u!

Pee.S: Speedy recovery to your injured nails!

happy said...

3...2...1...counting down! How exciting! Can't wait to know too what cake they are getting for you. Yeah, it has been raining a lot lately. Hope it'll be sunny weather for you soon!

Ashley said...

oh your barkday is coming up... you should have your mommy make you a carrot cake. it is really good for doggies. she can put some pumpkin in there too. that is what we had for maxy's barkday!

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