Friday, January 11, 2008

Yet another one...

Another accident that happened to me that is...

Last Sat morning, Dad saw that Mumsy was still snoring away, he got our my leash and decided to bring me out for a walk all by himself. We decided to explore a new route and since the big globe of light was out shining, I didn't feel scared and gamely agreed.

So there we were having a great time walking, me pooing and peeing everywhere. We went down a tunnel (Mumsy: he meant an underpass) and while running up the stairs, I broke my nails. Daddy didn't notice and since the pain wasn't that bad, I continued to run... We stopped to rest and that's when Dad saw The Blood. It was everywhere on my chest.

I admit, I was quite a sight! Dad panicked and since he didn't bring any munny out nor his pesky ringing device, he couldn't wake the sleepy pig Mumsy up and get her to come and pick us up. I was rather cool cos I knew it was my nails but no matter how I tried to tell him, he didn't get it. In the end he made me WALK all the way home. Once home, he shouted for Mumsy to take a look at me. Mumsy had a shock cos by this time, I was completely drenched in blood. Dad thought that I might have sustained a cut on my chest (since it was completely covered with blood). Mumsy couldn't find the source of the blood (it's my paws silly!) and they had no choice but to rush me to the vet.

The vet assistant had a shock of her life when she saw me. In fact I heard one of the hoomans in the clinic exclaiming at the bloody me. They thought that I was knocked down by a veehicle! The nice nurse quickly ushered me into the surgical room and proceeded to check on me. They couldn't find the source of the bleeding also (my paws, MY PAWS!!!) and began to shave me down.

After much rinsing and shaving, they found NO wounds on my chest. That's when the Doc Dog decided that it could be my paws. I gladly held my paws up for her to see and there were 2 bleeding nails. What an anti-climax it was. But all the same, my hoomans were rather relieved that it wasn't something major. Dad was especially shaken cos he had never seen so much blood before and he had no means of getting me to the nearest Doc Dog fast enough. I heard that he had no appetite for the rest of the day! The hoomans next door came to check on me too cos I left a lot of blood outside the door. My hoomans had to wash the whole corridor after they got me settled.

So here I am, feeling a-okay, with ridiculously looking chest hair now... Mumsy made me pose for this shot. Not very flattering don't you think?

Mumsy: No bloody photos were taken this time around because there were simply too much blood and our first priority was to get him to a vet immediately. It was bad enough that neighbours came knocking on our door cos Cody left a messy blood trail on the corridor.


Sophie Brador said...

Hey Cody, I've had the same thing happen in the dog park when it is icy. Those nails sure can bleed. I'm glad you are okay.


happy said...

Aaww poor Cody! Hate to see that they shaved off the chest hair there

Barn2 the Samsengkia said...

Poor Cody. Glad you are ok. Your daddy has to be more careful next time he takes you out.