Monday, February 25, 2008

Prince William's Barkday Pawty!

I feel so much more refreshed after a good night's rest. I got my hoomans a lil' worried after not moving much in the kitchen yesterday evening. Daddy was convinced that I was sick but Mumsy proved him wrong when she took out my bone and I was up and jumping in no time.
So where were we? Oh yes, Prince's barkday pawty!

My hoomans bundled me out of Benny's shop as we were already late for the next pawty. At first, I was very reluctant to move as all my pals were still having fun! After much (forceful) persuasion, I got into the car with Mumsy, who was again feeling sneezy all over. She actually lost her voice becos she was coughing so much in the shop. At this rate, I might never get to go and hang out with my pals again cos it always make her so sick. Sigh...

We got to this place called Pawtobello, where doggies and their hoomans can have a meal together. Now for my overseas frens, this might seem ordinary, but over here, many eateries, bistros, restaurants and coffee shops do not allow pets in their premises! Not even if you are dining al fresco! Many pet lovers have protested against this, but the mindset is already fixed. Hence the owners of Pawtobello decided to come out with a place to help doggie lovers have a good meal with their pooches! When we got there, Auntie C and Prince were already there, tucking into their food. Also there was a really sweet gal named Ami! She is a Yorkie and sits dainty like a princess! After a bit, another sweet gal doggie named Milky came to join us! Milky is a Maltese and also sits dainty like a princess! I think all gal doggies sit like princesses! Only guy doggies do macho stuff!

As usual, here are the photos. I think they tell a better story than me!

Me greeting Prince rather, erm, enthusiatically

Prince - camera shy

There! A decent photo of him!

Ami, waiting patiently for the food to be served

Cake! It tasted so much nicer than my barkday cake!

Waiting eagerly for the slow hoomans to give them the cake

Hurry up! Ami says she want TWO servings!

Prince definitely enjoyed the cake

And surprise! So did I! I usually don't bother with food as there are a lot of other things to do!

I had TWO servings too!

After the cake, the hoomans continued to chat while Mumsy took the chance to take a look at the mechandise sold at the shop. She saw this really cute cap and made me wear it. Although it fits, I think the cap is too, erm, GAY for me. Whatever that means.
Gay-looking me!
I was beginning to feel tired even at the shop. Although there were a lot more pooches there, most of them were the small dainty breeds so I couldn't do much wrestling with them. I did bit two white doggies but not Milky! I simply have something against them! This Japanese Spitz came too close and I immediately reacted. Dad saw and gave me a big yank on my prong collar so I decided to stay away from those pesky white doggies. Two big labs came in too and they almost stepped on the Barkday Boy before Mumsy had the sense to yank him away. Now, having a squashed Barkday Boy wouldn't be nice, would it?

I think this photo would be an appropriate ending to a fulfilling day! It describes my feeling aptly don't you think! I can't wait for more pawty invitations!


Lorenza said...

Did you have two servings of cake?? Lucky you!
Here we don't have a single place that allows dogs. Sure that Pawtobello place is great!
Kisses and hugs

Kathryn and Ari said...

What a day! We're so envious and hoping that the U.S. will get on this dogs-in-public bandwagon. In the meantime, we feel like we've been at a party just by looking at all your great pictures!

happy said...

That sounds so fun! Two servings of cake? You are so lucky, Cody!

Ashley said...

Max is featured in an article about barkdays just today on MSNBC at We are pretty excited!