Monday, February 18, 2008

Much to do about nothing...

My Mumsy has been really busy hence I could not find the chance to use her piece of metal to update my blog!

The only two highlights that happened to me since my last post were that two small hoomans came over one Sat afternoon and played with me! They came together with their big hoomans and two older hoomans. Mumsy said they were Daddy's parents, brother, his wife and two hooman puppies! I have seen them before but the last time they came, they refused to stand near me! As if I looked scary! I am the nicest, most placid dog in the world. I might even be a teeny weeny afraid of them (don't tell!)! This time around I thought it would be the same cos they kept running away from me shouting "eeeeeee". I think it is a type of hooman game so stood there patiently, wagging my tail while waiting for them to come back to me. After they had their meal, they plucked up enough courage to come into the kitchen to pet me. I wanted to pounce on them since they were roughly my size but Mumsy held on tightly to my collar. In the end, I sensed that they were a bit scared of me so I sat there quietly for them to pet me. It took all my self control to do that!

I look so cute, why would anybody be afraid of me?
The older hoomans had lotsa fun teasing me. Now Mumsy has been training me to respond in Doglish when someone knocks on the door. I still can't get used to it and so far, I would only do it if either of my hoomans are home. I would bark ONLY if my hooman says, "Who's that?". So that afternoon, Daddy's parents kept saying "Who's that?" loudly and each time I hear that, I would bark! They seemed so amused at it!

The second highlight was the trip to the reservoir. Usually my hoomans sleep late on Sat mornings. Much to my surprise, I heard them stirring at 7.30am yesterday! It seemed that Mumsy had to work and Daddy was gonna be sweet and waited for her while she did her stuff. I got to go along too, partly to keep Dad company and also as a treat for me to stretch my short legs. Mumsy disappeared once we got there and after a bit, there was a loud din! Lotsa clanking and banging that I started to bark back! By this time Daddy was motified and had to drag me away. He later explained that during Lunar New Year, dragons and lions appear and when they do, hoomans would make loud noises to scare them away! I didn't think those bangings would be effective though. In fact I saw the dragon and the lions dancing about! Dad said it was for show and it was to welcome some very important people for the function. Oh well, hoomans are too complicated to comprehend. Anyhow Mumsy appeared after the din died down and it was time to go home.

Oh Mumsy reminded me to thank all of you for your well wishes and concern. To Barn2's Mummy, Mumsy says she has already built up resistance to many pills, especially over the counter types. She has been on antihistamines since young and now only uses the newest type when she suffers from severe reactions. Mumsy is more careful while playing with me now. With the exception of some rashes, she is perfectly fine.


JB's Big World said...

It is nice to meet you. Why don't you like food? You look like a real nice doggie.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Cody!
I'd be scared if I heard all those noises!
Glad to know that your mom is better!
Kisses and hugs

Kathryn and Ari said...

Wow--sounds like a great time. We're big fans of human puppies here. And I'm always amazed that Ari seems to get that special rules apply when playing with them. You dogs are awfully smart!

Scruffy said...

Hooman puppies are really quite strange. I am also kind of afraid of them. (Don't tell anyone) They are so unpredictable. Sometimes they are nice to you and then sometimes they just run away squealing. As if we were monsters. Very odd.

The Mighty Scruff

happy said...

Cute picture of you there, Cody. Glad that your mom is better.