Saturday, February 9, 2008

The day I almost killed my Mom...

The hoomans have been really busy. Apparently it is the Lunar New Year so they have to do lots of cleaning and throwing and keeping the house clean. Even with Auntie Huay coming to help them, they were still struggling all the way till Wed's night, which was the eve of the New Year. Because of all the cleaning and washing, I haven't been getting my usual dose of attention. Even my daily walks were shorter! I could only watch the hoomans carrying mops, brooms, this machine that sucks in stuff and makes lotsa noise, tonnes of washings, detergents and such around the house. That is when they are at home though. They have been coming home late, laden with deliciously smelling stuff (Mumsy: they are the tibits and cookies for the Lunar New Year). But the good news is, the Lunar New Year has came and went and the hoomans are back to giving lotsa attention! Not only that, the hoomans have lotsa other hoomans visiting them! Grandpapa, Grandmama and Auntie E came over this afternoon and I had lotsa fun playing with them although Grandpapa said I was a big coward! HMMMPPFF!

Just a background for my non-Chinese hoomans frens: Chinese around the world celebrate Lunar New Year as the start of spring. Festivities last 15 days, starting on the eve of the Lunar New Year, where families gather around to have reunion dinners. These dinners are usually more lavish than those prepared at other times of the year and extended families will travel long distances to catch up and meet up with frens and family. On the first day of the year, the younger generation will visit their elders and those who are married would have to give red packets to single relatives! All in all, it is a very tiring but happy time for everybody! Mumsy tried to include me in the festivities by buying me US Doggie Bakery's reunion dinner and making me pose with red lanterns!

Me, looking stoopid with red lanterns.

My yummilicious reunion dinner! Yumzzz...

Pose, pose, pose. Hoomans and their posings!

Today the hoomans are a lot more free and they decided to make it up to me by bringing me to the beach. Everything went well and they stopped at a drive through to buy food. That's when the problem started and I almost killed my Mumsy. Mumsy decided to carry me on her lap and opened the car window so that I can feel the breeze on my face. I normally sit at the foot of her feet in the car. I kinda enjoy the wind ruffling through my fur but hate it when other cars zoomed passed! We managed to find a place to park and I noticed that Mumsy was starting to have her sniffles. She began to rub her nose and started sneezing in my face! That isn't something out of the ordinary as Mumsy is very sensitive to many stuff and her sneezing in my face is quite the norm. But this time around it wasn't like the usual. She started developing welts on her face and her mouth swelled! By this time Dad was worried and insisted that she sat down and rest. Her eyes were red and she was wheezing like an old lady. In the mean time her sneezes continued unabated and she began having difficulties trying to draw a breath. I tried to comfort her but Daddy held me far away from her! Dad himself couldn't go near her without me getting in her face. She rested for quite awhile before recovering some what. Dad insisted that we aborted the walk and headed for home, but didn't want her to be in close contact with me. Can you imagine how hurt I was? It was as if I was making her sick! Mumsy had to drive and you could see that in the enclosed area of the car, she was steadily getting worse again. She managed to get us all home in one piece before she collapsed in the kitchen, sneezing and coughing at the same time. Dad had to shut me up in the loo while he tend to her. I heard Daddy insisting something about hospital and injections but Mumsy managed to pop a pill in time. By then her face was covered with rashes, her eyes were red and watery, her throat and mouth were itchy and she couldn't breathe properly... Dad bundled her up to take a bath and that was the last I saw of her. She is resting now, but I think she is better cos she has stopped sneezing!

Mumsy's rashes after the welts subsided. Can you imagine how bad it was before that?

Daddy later explained that Mumsy almost went into anaphylactic shock as she had a bad reaction to me. I was really puzzled cos I have been together with Mumsy for almost a year and have never seen her reacting to me in this manner! Dad said that when I sat on her lap and stuck my head out of the car window, the wind ruffled my fur and caused dander to be blown into her face, hence she reacted that badly. Mumsy is allergic to 78 different things out of the 150 stuff she tested against. And guess what? She is allergic to DOGS! I was so insulted! The only good thing is that she is also allergic to cats and get this: COWS! When she changes Scrappy and Scruffy's litter, she wears a mask to prevent herself from getting a bad reaction. At this point, I started to blame myself for causing Mumsy so much pain. Dad saw it and told me that Mumsy loves animals too much to live without them and wanted to have me despite knowing the dangers and that I shouldn't be blaming myself.

Sigh... The only good thing was in the hurry to finish the food and get Mumsy home, my hoomans shared with me their fries! I just hope Mumsy gets better and we can all go out for a nice walk tomorrow!


Dexter.Yew said...

Hi Cody, how is mummy now? My mom and I are concern about her. I pray that God will give her a speedy recovery so she will get to enjoy CNY too. Please don't blame yourself bro. It is not your fault. I know your mummy won't blame u. She loves u so much that she is taking the risk to love u. For sure she is not changing her mind. I am sure she will do anything to keep herself well with u. Take it easy ok.


Kathryn and Ari said...

Happy New Year, Cody! Ari wishes every year was a dog year (especially a fiery dog year), but we like the idea of a rat year, too.

That's really scary about your mom. I hope it hasn't dampened all of the festivities in your house!

Gus and Louie said...

So is mumsy better now? You shouldn't worry it wasn't your fault we are sure that everything will turn out ok.. Mom may have to just go to the doc and get some different meds so she can again love on you...
Hope you are feeling better Mom..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie

Lorenza said...

Hi, Cody!
Thanks for sharing the info about the Chinese New Year. It is very interesting!
Sure it was a scary episode with your mom and I really hope she is better now. Don't feel bad. It is not your fault and she loves you so much!
Kisses and hugs

Barn2 the Samsengkia said...

Cody, is there a medicine like antihistermine eg Zyrtec that your mummy can take to deal with the allergy? My mummy likes cats (dont know why...) but she gets all the symptoms of a cold when she plays with she always has Zyrtec ready in her bag and it works very well.Non drowsy medicine. Can get it from the pharmacist at Guardian....

Mango said...

I found you through Lorenza's blog. My momma had a corgi when she was a little human and says they are really cool little doggies.

So scary that your momma had that bad reaction. I hope she is OK. She must really love you.


Scruffy said...

Cody, how scary about your Mum. I sure hope she is feeling better now. Lucky my Mummy is not allergic to me. I would be very upset if she were.

Take care of your Mummy.

The Mighty Scruff

happy said...

Hope your mom is all better now, Cody. Take good care of her now.