Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The grape

Mumsy currently has cravings for grapes. It's one of her all time fav fruits. That day, she got Daddy to get some for her and Daddy, being Daddy, always share stuff with me. He gave me one of her grape to try! Mumsy gave them to me before but cautioned Dad that I might choke on it. She told him to break the grape into half and not distract me when I am eating it.

At first I thought it was a really small ball. It was rather tasteless though. I chased it around with my tongue, licked it about and basically had a ball of a time (pardon the pun) with it. Only when Daddy made a move to take it away from it (bcos I didn't seem to want to eat it) that I swallowed it in a gulp.

Mumsy took a veedeo of it. Please pardon the shaky footage cos Mumsy has a lousy sense of balance with her huge tummy now.


13th Nov, 1.06pm
Hi guys, I thought i would add a bit in about this grape issue. Mumsy would like to clarify that this is the THIRD grape I have ever eaten in my life. She didn't realise that it was toxic to me becos the very first grape I tried was one that fell out of her food bowl. I gobbled it up before she could stop me and was fine after that. That's why she thought it was ok for me. But now that she knows better, she has told me that I will never get to taste it EVER AGAIN. BOO!


Barn2 (Barnabas Ju-Ern) the Samsengkia said...

Do be careful. Grapes, like chocolates, are poisonous to doggies....I think while chocs are more lethal, it will take a few grapes to make you seriously ill. Be careful.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Cody!
I liked you video playing with the grape but yes, please be careful because grapes are not good for us.
How is your Mumy doing?
Kisses and hugs

Yuki said...

Hi Cody,

Grapes are 1 of the forbidden fruits to us doggies as they can cause kidney failure. I dunno why mabbe bcuz they can ferment in our tummies n make wine. Heehee.

I personally like durians! But my quota is only 1 stingy lick & mom's very strict abt my lick. Shucks.

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