Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hot date with the babes!

WOAH! I had a hot HOT morning at the beach with a couple of hot babes!

It came as a complete surprise cos usually my lazy arse Mumsy would like to sleep in on Sat mornings. This morning, the hoomans woke up early, got me ready in a jiffy and told me we were going to meet some pretty babes!

Waiting patiently for Daddy at the void deck while he buys coffee

And yes, I finally met Miss Fussypot Pants herself! She is reeeaaally cute, although like I mentioned before, I like my gals a bit furrier! I could sense that she wanted to touch me cos she kept standing in front of me and blocking my view but something stopped her. I tried to stay still for a bit so that she can touch me but I think she is too shy.. May be she has a crush on me!

The weather was unbearably hot that I drooled tonnes... Dad brought me to the sea and I surprised him by JUMPING into the sea! Now my frens who have been following my blog would have known that I don't quite like the sea. Mumsy promptly tried to film me SWIMMING but that klutz must have hit the wrong button cos when she got home, there was NO VEEDEO in the camera! DUH.. and they say primates are the smartest animals on the planet.

I did the swimming stunt a few more times cos Miss Fussypot Pants wanted to see.. Poor Auntie Xian had to keep carrying her cos she (the cutie) didn't wanna touch the sand. After a bit, the 2nd babe arrived! This one is really tiny! Baby Lilin kept grinning at me and was brave enough to touch me. To reward her, I licked her foot a couple of times and she giggled each time when I did that. Mumsy told me the tiny hooman coming will be like Baby Lilin and that I have to be gentle with hoomans of this size. I was! I sat there for Baby Lilin to pat my head!

Sexy babe alert! Baby Lilin struggling to get to me!

Back to Miss Fussypot Pants, Cate... She finally plucked up the courage to feed me some water. After her first try, she kept trying to feed me more.. I tried my best to drink as much as I could, but seriously babe, there's only so much I can drink!

Cate plucking up her courage to feed me water

We mingled a bit more before the tiny hoomans had to go get some food in their tummies. By then I was getting tired myself too! The weather was really getting into me and I was so thankful when the hoomans led me to the car.

Oh one last thing. I met another babe at the beach too. Her name is Cookie and she is a 10 mth old Border Collie! Even Mumsy said she was lovely cos she has never seen a BC in that colouration before. I was a bit afraid of her though and Mumsy had to embarrass me by calling me a COWARD! SIGH!!! PARENTS!

Cookie the BC!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Cody!
You had a lady's day!
They are so cute!
Too bad I can't watch you there in the beach!
I hope you have a great weekend
Kisses and hugs

Latte said...

How exciting! I can't wait to go out and meet all my doggie friends too! Lucky you!

Dexter.Yew said...

Yo Cody!

You are one lucky chap! So many char-bor and so much fun. Long time no see u... catch up with u again some other time ok.