Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Original Fussypot Pants

I got my chicken drummets yesterday for dinner! I gave up on my hunger strike and finished my food consistently for the last couple of days before Mumsy considered feeding me my fav food. It was yummy! And I think I ate too much. Cos Mumsy took the chance to give me the maximum amount I was supposed to be eating and mixed it with the chicken drummets. It was delishcious!

Just that this morning, I couldn't fathom why I could stomach plain keebles and decided to do my hunger strike again. Mumsy isn't too concern though. She told me I have just finished the whole can of chicken drummets and she ain't gonna ever buy it for me again. *sob*

The wheekend was pretty quiet. It was raining off and on so we didn't go to school. I didn't go for my usual walks too cos it was too wet or raining when it was time for me to stretch my legs. Despite being much cleaner than usual (since I was indoors for a few nights), I had to have my usual shower! Pooh! I protested during the blow drying and bit Daddy hard on his arm. For that Daddy refused to play, talk or even look at me for the rest of the evening, no matter how hard I tried. He did his disappearing act at some unearthly hour this morning before I had my chance to say sorry. Well, I guess I have to act all contrite when he returns on Friday for good.

Mumsy said I should take this chance to introduce the person who was the ORIGINAL Fussypot Pants. She met up with Auntie Hui Xian and Auntie May on Sat (BUT she didn't bring me along!) for lunch and coffee. And with them was Miss Fussypot Pants: Cate! Cate is older than me by 5 months and she is one of the tiny but smart hoomans I was telling you about. She speaks my language, likes to throw things around, like to lick everywhere, likes to scream (or bark) for attention, and... she is a Fussypot Pants too! She lives with Auntie H, and apparently Cate chooses to drink her milk powder by brands! If Auntie H buys a brand she doesn't feel like drinking, Cate goes on a hunger strike! Sounds like my soulmate! I think I am in love!

Here's a photo of Miss Fussypot Pants. I would prefer if she was hairier, but I ain't gonna complain.


Leroy said...

bear, if I'd wanted a mini-chewbacca, I'd have married my ex-girlfriend with the facial hair problem.
There's only so much hair a guy can take.

Hence - EX-GF...

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Uncle Leroy,

Well may be you hoomans want less hair on ur partner but we doggies want them as hairy as they get!


Xian said...

Hi Cody! Auntie Xian here. Glad you like Ms Fussypot Pants. You guys should get together and see who wins the title of Fussiestpot Pants evuh!

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Auntie Xian! Mumsy whispered to me last night that you might be THE origal Fussypot Pants! Are u?

Yeah I can't wait to meet Cate. I think we will get on like house on fire... Oops I promise not to burn ur house down. :P