Friday, December 21, 2007

Corgis' Christmas gathering - Part I

Yesterday was one of the best days I had so far! I was good and so Mumsy bundled into the car and brought me to the Weekly Crazy Corgis Wednesday! Except this wheek's gathering is a bit more special. It is our sorta Christmas meet up, with presents and all!

Auntie Zoe's shop was all decked up with beautiful Christmas decorations. When I got there, Clare and Dexter (Benny is the resident dog so he IS always there) were already there having fun! I immediately bounded over and decided that Dexter was my BFF! That means: I wanna hump him! Mumsy wasn't too please with my behaviour and I got punished with my naughty collar. Auntie Rachel had to hold on to me for most of the gathering cos I kept trying to hump Dexter and follow him around. But we did manage to have some wrestling time together and I have to say, don't underestimate Dexter! He might look small but he is definitely capable of holding his own.

Here's a veedeo of Dexter and I wrestling! The two smaller pups that came bounding over and ended up wrestling too were the much talked about Lucky (red/white) and Clare the Terrorist (tri-colour)!

Clare isn't called the Terrorist for no reason! She bites Auntie L quite badly! Even her brother Barn2 has to put up with her and that says a lot. Barn2 is extremely scary to young puppies like me. Benny and I are petrified of him... His nickname is Darth Vader! *Shudders* Lucky, though is very sweet and timid, or so I thought. She might have eaten too much gd food yesterday cos she was extremely feisty! She managed to beat Clare down into submission, till Clare cried murder!

The 2 feisty gals fighting it out! Looks like Lucky is having the upperhand!

What was Benny doing all these while? Benny was hiding! We finally learnt what Benny is afraid off: squeaky toys! Uncle Eugene (Lucky's dad) brought us squeaky toys for Christmas and once the hoomans press the toys, Benny ran and hide! But to give him credit, he came out once the hoomans stopped teasing him. He was rather busy yesterday as in addition to the 4 crazy corgis in the shop, there were 3 lovely shetland sheepdogs (or collies, Mumsy can't be sure). Mumsy was in love with one of them. She kept saying that that shetland was extremely sweet natured and didn't struggle when she hugged her. I think my Mumsy was trying to tell me something, but I can't figure it out. But when Benny had some free time, he came over and we had a bout of wrestling too! As you can see, he had the upperhand.

We all froze (well, Benny and I) when one of the hoomans told Auntie L that Barn2 had finish school and was waiting outside! The hoomans decided to bring us to US Doggie Bakery to smell some of the yummy food that was baking. My stingy Mumsy didn't buy me any treats! Hmmmppfff! Anyway while we were there, we met another corgi named Monty. Monty is, erm, well, very well built! Mumsy loved him though and kept taking the chance to cuddle him while she could.

Here's a veedeo of Monty...

The younger puppies were more subdued at the bakery. Clare was trying her best not to fall asleep but she failed! Mumsy thought it was rather hilarious to see Clare trying her best to fight sleep! Here's the cute veedeo of Clare struggling to keep awake!

It was a wonderful day! I had lotsa presents that I have since put them under the Christmas twree... I can't stop admiring them though and can't wait to rip them open! I think this post is long enough... I shall put all the photos into another post...

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Benhur Xobile said...

Dude, I realised ur a great wrestling partner! =) Its fantastic... when Dexter takes a short break, I can carry on wrestling with you! =) And ur ears. Hahaha!!!!

Hope to see you soon and am very happy to hear u r feeling much better now. =)