Thursday, December 13, 2007

The big blinking trwee...

My hoomans put up this big thing a couple of wheeks back and I wasn't allowed to help. The reason being I would spend my time chewing on it and swallowing those glittery balls instead of helping them.. Which is true, I suppose. Anything is better than those yucky keebles.

Mumsy explained to me that it is a Christmas trwee... Christmas trwees only appear in December and they all come nicely decked out! She also explained that Christmas is a time where people (and dogs) exchange presents with each other and that if I am good, some hooman called Santa Cos will come and give me a present!

So every night, when I get to run around in the house, I will check under the Christmas trwee to see if any presents came for me. Sad to say, there is none so far. Sigh... So I have resorted to looking for presents that I want and leaving them on this screen in hope that my hoomans will buy me the right stuff. Take a look at these yummy food! Furrytreats' pie and pineapple tarts look absolutely yummy! Doggybitez and Greedy Pet Bakery look good too! And if I want something healthy I can always count on No Bones About It... Of cos there is always US Doggie Bakery to depend on if all else fails. Wonder if Mumsy will get me something from these places for my barkday! Or at the very least for Christmas!


Benhur Xobile said...

Dude...nice tree.

Don't pee on it ok? =P

happy said...

What a lovely tree! Benhur have to give you the idea on watering it, eh?

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Pee on the tree? Hrmmm that sounds fun! Thanks for the suggestion Benny!

Happy: thanks! I think it needs some present UNDER the tree to make it look even better.. Don't you agree?

Sophie Brador said...

Don't eat the decorations!


Ashley said...

You have such a pretty Christmas tree! I hope Santa Paws brings you everything on your list!