Friday, December 21, 2007

Corgis Christmas Gathering - Part II

Here are all the peektures taken during our party. Mumsy was so busy taking photos and she took a grand total of 83 peektures in 2 hrs!

The 3 lovely shetland sheepdogs (or collies). Mumsy love the one in the 3rd peekture.

Sweet lady ain't she?

Benny and Clare looking at the new arrivals.
Benny welcoming them into his shop!

Clare getting a rub before her bout with Lucky.

Lucky gets a hug from her Granny...

... and a massage from Auntie Zoe before her bout with Clare.

Is that why Lucky did better today?

BFF again... I just don't understand gals!

Dexter and I having some quiet time together...

Here's me whispering something to Dexter...

FOOD! As you can see, Benny always knows when food is being served.

Everybody is tucking in except me.. Food doesn't interest me.

Big Monty.... Need I say more?

Here's Monty trying to pretend to be a soft toy. He is definitely very cuddlable!

How could the day be complete without a peekture of Mr Darth Vader?

A group peekture, from left: Lucky, Clare, Me, Benny and Dexter.

Sleepy Clare missing out all the fun.

My loot!

Can you spot them under the Christmas twree?

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Barn2 the Samsengkia said...

Great photos and videos! Thanks. Enjoyed time together. Next week?