Monday, October 29, 2007

All about me...

I know I haven't been talking much recently. Blame it all on my Mumsy!

Anyway just some updates on me. After getting a lot of advice from other corgi owners and Lucas, my hoomans brought me to visit Doc Dog to check on my right hindleg. Apparently I have been walking funny (that's the closest word that I can come up with) and this has caused some worries. Thank goodness it was my usual Doc Dog and not the one that was so touchy-feely with my privates!

Doc Dog made me sashay around her room and said that my leg was too straight! My hips were fine though and most likely, my too-straight leg was inborn. Auntie Zoe said I am a left pawed dog, which was absolutely spot on cos that's the paw I used to play footie with! Anyway, being a leftie, my right paws' muscles aren't as developed. Doc Dog said there was nothing that she can to medically to treat it and recommended my hoomans to keep me slim! Ha! Now my hoomans are grateful that I have been so fussy with my food!

Other than that, to make up for her neglect, Mumsy and Dad brought me to the beach on Friday for a nice long stroll. I got to eat this Mac-do-something french fries! My Mum said I would glad sell my soul to the Mac-do-something clown in order to eat those fries! After that it was a loooong stroll to the jetty and I spent my time licking those salty fishy smelly stuff off the ground. Needless to say, I was very happy that evening.

I think I should give my hoomans the doleful look more often. Cos each time I do that, they will give me presents! My Mumsy bought me my first real bone today and I had so much fun chewing on it! I will post the photos the next time cos Mumsy needs this back to start doing her work...

Until the next time!

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Scruffy said...

Cool! I have never known a left pawed dog before. Glad that its only because of your natural straight leg and not something else.

The Mighty Scruff