Thursday, October 11, 2007

Especially for Mama Soon

Mama Soon dropped me a surprise message here yesterday! I didn't expect her to remember such a naughty dog like me. Coincidentally, I wanted to write about my recent diet but after the long (and embarrassing) post last evening, I lost the mood to talk abt food.

Since I came back from Augus's place, I have been the perfect dog when it comes to food. Friends would remember I was rather finicky with food. But Mama Soon changed my viewpoint totally. Meals at her place were yummy and delishcious! I gobbled everything up partly because it tasted soooo good and partly I was afraid that Augus will eat my food (Augus was a perfect gentleman throughout the whole time). All the same, I realised that I am not the only dog in the world and there are others that won't be as nice as Augus and steal my food when I am not watching!

I brought the habit back home and my hoomans are very pleased with me. They no longer have to cajole me or play games with me for me to eat! And because I have been so nice, they went to Uncle Martin and got me some raw food! Now Chester my brother has been on raw stuff for most parts of his life and tells me it is very yummy. When I tried Primal Raw Food mixed with Oven Baked and Back to Basic kibbles, it tasted just the way Chester said it would: YUMMY!

Mumsy, encouraged by my new found appetite tried other stuff on me too. She learnt from Mama Soon that bittergourd is good at controlling my urine odour (what odour?) so she has been feeding me that too. I love it although I did catch my Mumsy saying she can't stand the darn thing! Look at me gobbling it up!

So Mama Soon, I have been a good boy!

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