Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cody the Cowardly Dog

It is pretty obvious that I share this post with my Mum. Who (doggie or otherwise) would call themselves a COWARD?

My Mumsy said I remind her of Courage the Cowardly Dog, a dog that is terrified by the most mundane things in the world. I shook my tail at that, cos I am NOT that a coward. She begs to differ though. I tried to erase this but Mum took her metal back and edited this post, so I am limiting the damage by rewriting the whole thing.

Yes I got to admit I have a huge fear of the dark now. I used to wait eagerly for my walks at night, wagging my tail off and giving my hoomans a big grin when they take the leash out. But nowadays, I am a bit more subdued. Don't get me wrong. I still prefer to get out and stretch my legs but why can't they bring me out when the big globe of light is still shining? And why on earth do they have to bring me to dark places? I keep having flashbacks of that fateful night when the darn husky sprang a surprise on me. I'm sure if I have seen him coming, I would have given him as good as I got! So now I keep whirling around to check my back when we are out. My hoomans are pretty irritated with this behaviour and try their best to encourage me to walk properly (not run away in fear).

And yes, I am sure after what I have gone through, you would understand why I try to make myself invisible when I encounter another dog. Why can't my hoomans be more understanding? They brought me to the dog run last Sat and all I wanted to do was to dig a hole and bury myself when I saw the number of huskies there! There were other big dogs too and I was too petrified to do anything else but hid under the bushes. Mumsy dragged me out and made me sit in the middle of the field, holding my collar. When other dogs came up to me to investigate, it took Mumsy everything to prevent me from bolting away. I actually snapped at a friendly cocker spaniel when he persisted in sniffing my butt! Dad pitied me and suggested to bring me home early. I was so relieved that I ran to the gate and stood there while my hoomans took their own sweet time.

I thought we were going straight to the veehicle but NOOOOO, my Dad said we should sit at the benches next to the pond for a bit. All around me were big dogs getting their shower and being dried. The only good thing was they were leashed or placed high up on a table so they couldn't get me. However, next to me was a small Maltese that was super friendly. My hoomans were laughing at the way the Maltese was standing on his hide legs and dancing around. I was pretty glad to watch from afar but that Maltese decided to come and make friends. I immediately got up and tried to tug my hoomans towards the car but they were too dumb to make a connection. So I had to run around in circles AWAY from the Maltese. Gawd, it is killing me just to admit this fact, but I prefer my version of the story than what Mumsy had written. The Maltese was like some mad possessed dog, twirling on his hide legs and coming after me at the same time! *Shudder* I can't write anymore about this without dying so I guess it is better you watch the veedeo yourself.

Mumsy was concerned enough to tell Lucas (my trainer in case you are wondering) about my bad(?!) behaviour at the dog run when I went for class on Sunday. To try see how bad I was, he brought up 3 of his dogs, Bailey, Jean and this chocolate lab. I was trembling in fear because on Sunday I was the only dog that attended school and I was always hanging out with puppies! But Lucas brought out my fav toy, tennis ball, many of them in fact. He bounced the balls around and rest of them chased after the balls and I did the OPPOSITE. I ran away from the dogs! Mumsy joined in the fun and after seeing how the other dogs ran after her for attention, I was jealous that she wasn't playing with me. I started to run after the balls she threw and after awhile I started to enjoy myself! I was so surprised at myself when I ran after a ball that Jean was chasing and grabbed it away from her! Needless to say, I had the best training session that afternoon!

All the same Mumsy is thinking of sending me to K9 Kulture for more socialisation classes. I can then have a relaxing massage with Auntie Zoe and have lotsa fun with Benny! Thinking of all the fun I can have with Benny almost make me forget the fear of socialisation classes!

I am still deciding if the pain from going for socialisation classes is worth Benny's wild romps! What do you guys think?


Benhur Xobile said...

Hahaha!!! Looks like you and me could be cousins or something. Mummy calls me a big chicken. I don't have feathers but she says its something to do with being scared of things. Bah.
Btw, I used to do the toilet roll thing too. Fun eh? But everytime sure kenah scolding one. Haha... =P
See you soon eh?

Sophie Brador said...

Cowardly or cautious? Sometimes you have to watch out for those little white doggies.

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

U, chicken, Benny? Some how I think you are faking it in front of your hoomans! kekeke!

Hello Sophie, erm, it doesn't have to be little white dogs. Any dogs (except for corgis) are scary to me!