Friday, October 5, 2007

New toy!

Ba! Mumsy has been super busy and she won't lend me her metal thing to bang this out! In fact, I haven't seen much of her as she leaves the house early and comes home late. And when she is home, she hides in her hidey-hole, banging on her metal! The only time I see her is when she brings me out for a walk. Dad has been doing the feeding recently and I have to say I finished all my food consistently! My hoomans were rather impressed but I didn't tell them I learnt it when I was at Augus's place. I learnt that I don't eat fast enough, another dog might eat it! I thought I should impress them even more by eating everything I can lay my mouth on in my hidey-hole. But some how they weren't amused when they saw this.

My guilty look when Mumsy started yelling at me

Before I go any further, I would like to thank those doggies that posted their pet names on my blog! I think none of you got it as bad as me. Barn2 even has a Chinese name! Hrmm, we should turn the tables on our hoomans. Do you have pet names for them? I call my Mumsy The Klutz cos she is always knocking into stuff and hurting herself. And my Daddy would be The Bean Pole cos as the name implies, he is very skinny! Not very creative but it will do.

I haven't been doing much lately. No visit to Auntie Zoe's yet. Each time the wheekend rolls around, I would be eagerly anticipating a possible trip to see Benny. My hoomans made it up by getting me a new toy, a flying plastic plate called a frisbee. I was so excited about it that I made a flying leap in the kitchen like how I saw Big Chester did, and landed awkwardly. For a moment, I thought I broke my paw cos it was so painful. Mumsy did a check on me but after awhile the pain disappeared. My hoomans refused to bring me out just in case it was something serious but I just ran round and round the kitchen looking for the frisbee that they relented.

Here's a veedeo of me running after the frisbee. Dad said I must return it to him after catching it but as you can see, I had more fun mangling it!

Look at my drool string! Cool ain't it?

The veedeo of me mangling the frisbee. I think I need a lot more practise before I can attain Big Chester's level.


Reina said...

Hi Cody,

Gosh u looked so high and happy with your frisbee.

My frisbee is too big for my mouth :P
I still can't catch it!


Barn2 said...

Wow, Cody! You did good with that frisbee. Liked your tail. Very expressive. I dont have one....(sigh)

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Hi Reina, there are smaller sized frisbee you know? I saw it at my trainer's shop! Apparently it is for smaller dogs. :)

Barn2: I have a tail, but I definitely don't have your courage!

Sam Tsang said...

beautiful corgi! Thanks for sharing the video! Come join other corgi owners!

Sarina said...

Mama Soon said

Hi Cody Boy,

So glad you are eating well.
Keep it up.

Lots of Love
Mama Soon

chester.hi-flyer said...

The frisbee is one of the most fantastic toys a dog can get!!!

Have fun with it...practice loads and you'll be flying soon enough!