Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pawsitive Sensations' Official Opening!

My hoomans woke up earlier than usual this morning and started bustling around immediately. I could sense that something was up cos Mumsy was running around getting ready while Dad was trying to get my school bag ready. Something was definitely up, so I refused to eat my breakfast cos I wanted to find out what was going to happen.

Mumsy has been dropping Benny's name at me in hope that I will eat my breakfast, and for an instance I thought we were going to Benny's! Knowing that my Mum likes to bluff me, I didn't want to get my hopes high. Was bundled into the veehicle and when the door next opened, I was back at a familiar place: Auntie Zoe's shop! It was Pawsitive Sensations' Official Opening and yes, I was going to see Benny!!!

Except it wasn't just Benny, there were 2 other corgis there, Dexter and Barn2! I have never met them before and since Benny was busy doing his duty as the official mascot, Dexter and I had loads of fun playing together. Mumsy was very impressed with the well behaved Dexter, who was a gentleman, not like me, tumbling and bumping into stuff. Barn2 was another matter. He looks fierce and he growled at me when I tried to make friends with him! He is huge too but Mumsy seemed to be especially taken with him. Saw her telling Auntie L (Barn2's Mum) that this is how a corgi should be, big and sturdy. I steered clear from Barn2 after he gave me the fiercest growl ever! Having a 18kg dog pouncing on me isn't my idea of fun. I got the feeling that Barn2 feels that we kids are too noisy for him and he can't wait to put us in place. I got photographic evidence of Barn Barn giving us the evil eye!

Top to bottom: Benny standing at the door, welcoming guests; Dexter and I; gentle Dexter and scary Barn2.
When Benny was released from his duty, the boy (dressed up nicely with a red bow tie) came to join Dexter and I for some wrestling! Benny took turns to wrestle with us before we all escaped and ran out into K9 Kulture's compound! I followed Dexter around and I must say that chap has good taste! He actually ran directly into US Doggie Bakery! For the next couple of minutes, it was me pulling my hoomans around after Dexter. Benny joined us too before Mumsy put a stop to it and brought me back to Auntie Zoe's shop. They had to leave to go somewhere else and I didn't even notice them telling me goodbye. Benny and Dexter were just too distracting!

After a bit, everybody left and Auntie Zoe started her massage on me. I struggled a bit and hoped that by biting her, she would just leave me alone to play with Benny. But she gave me a stern scolding and I decided that I might as well just lie there and relax a bit. Benny took the chance to sleep and woke up refreshed for the next bout of wrestling. In between all the fun, I peed in Auntie Zoe's shop 6 times and unloaded a big pile of crap under the food table! Mumsy said I must apologise for the bad toilet behaviour so Auntie Zoe, I am really sorry for not telling you that I needed to pee. *blush* Sorry for making you and Uncle Clement wiping my mess countless of times.

My hoomans reappeared later that afternoon and by then both Benny and I were tired. We attempted to do one last bout of wrestling but gave up. My hoomans said it was time to go but i refused to budge. They literally had to drag me out of the shop. But I guess I was kinda tired too cos I slept all the way home and collapsed in a heap once I got home.

Playing is tiring too u know!


Benhur Xobile said...

Cody, I had so much fun playing with you! Mummy had to give me a massage too cos I played too hard and strained my right hind leg abit too. Haha... (btw, i see you eat bitter gourd. is it nice?)

Scruffy said...


You sure pooped and peed a lot. Ha! Ha! Glad you had a good time.

The Mighty Scruff

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Benny! Bitter gourd tastes way better than the stinky food i have everyday. :P I am contemplating if i shd start another hunger strike.

Scruffy, when a dog gotta go, it gotta go! kekeke... I didn't take brekkie some more!

Sir Chance-Lot said...

Today is Bloggers Unite for the Environment! I can't wait to see everyotherdog's post and contributionskboq