Wednesday, November 28, 2007

One rainy evening...

The weather has been pretty sucky recently. I absolutely hate thunderstorms... Mumsy is laughing at me while I type this cos she thinks I am a big chicken (like Benny?) during storms. I don't know what's so wrong about practising some self preservation! What I am talking about? Why hiding when you hear the loud crash of thunder!

If my hoomans are with me, I would try to hide behind them. But both of them are rather skinny so they don't really offer me much shelter. If I am in my hidey-hole, I will hide between the white throne and the wall. If I am in the kitchen, I run to the loo to hide under the sink! My hoomans don't like me doing that cos most of the time the loo's floor is wet and I will get my fur wet if I plonk down under the sink.

Anyway the last couple of weeks have been rather wet and my hoomans can't bring me out for my usual walks. So to get rid of my pent up energy, my Daddy played some games with me! I used to lose to him in such games when I was younger cos I am (if you haven't noted) very short. Now that I have grown bigger, I am starting to beat him at such games!

Here's a veedeo of one of these games. Dad tends to turn pale in the face after a few bouts of this but I am always raring to go again! I beat him in this veedeo and you can even hear his loser cry!



happy said...

Hi Cody, I tend to run and hide in the bathroom too when there's thunder. But LadyS. would have me out of it soon enough. She said bathrooms are not for hideouts. Oh yes, just dropping in to say hi!

Benhur Xobile said...

Haha...I'm a wind chicken. Rain and thunder doesn't affect me. Its the moves stuff and u can't see it. Creepy.

=P See you soon k?