Friday, November 9, 2007

Not for the fainthearted

No this isn't some arty-farty painting. That's, according to my Mumsy, my blood. So if you are already feeling faint (I don't think doggies would feel faint, only hoomans), don't read this!

Last Sunday I didn't go to school. Not that I played truant but becos there was a doggie competition going on and Lucas had to be there with his students that were taking part. One of them did him proud by clinching a REAL trophy! And that is Big Chester, but I am sure he would have preferred food? Anyway, congratulations to my hero!

Ok, back to my story. My hoomans brought me out to run in the field and brought along my squeaky ball and my frisbee. According to my hoomans, I am still not playing frisbee correctly. I was supposed to catch it and bring it back, not catch it and shake it all around like I was trying to break it into pieces. So my hoomans took it away and threw my ball around instead. Like always, I tire out after 15 mins of hard running and to end the whole thing, Mum took out the frisbee and gave me one last run. I caught it and proceed to mangle it. Mumsy ran up to me and gave a gasp before ordering me to drop it. Something in her voice made me plause instead of running off, and I dropped it immediately. That's when I tasted something salty and warm in my mouth.

By this time Dad ran up and both my hoomans immediately hustled me off the field. Dad even carried me in his arms for a bit. All this while that warm salty liquid was coursing now my throat and dripping everywhere. I was a bit puzzled at my hoomans' reaction cos I felt physically fine. I did notice red splotches of stuff were coming out of my mouth. When did my saliva turn red?

Once home, my hoomans proceeded to check my mouth. Like I said before, I don't like hoomans touching my mouth but this time I sensed that Mumsy was a lil' panicky (and I was rather tired) so I didn't put up a fight. Mum looked at me for a bit and said something about me bleeding non stop and that I should be brought to the vet. In the meantime, Dad gave me a piece of ice to suck on while they got ready. When they came back to get me, I stopped bleeding, just like that! Mind you, by this time my blood was all over the kitchen but it stopped just like that. Mumsy sat beside me to monitor me and I decided since she wasn't gonna play with me, I would just lick off all the blood on my paws. But it seemed like a neverending chore and all of a sudden Mumsy pushed my head away. I looked at her indignantly but she told Dad that I was bleeding again! They gave me more ice and it stopped. My hoomans soon realised that it was my incessantly licking that was keeping the wound open.

Daddy supposedly watching me

Guess what they did next? They sat with me for an hour, keeping me distracted with my duck so that I wouldn't lick! It worked and the bleeding stopped for good. Can u see the small wound on my tongue?

Actually I don't know what the fuss was. You heard how Mumsy was squealing in the veedeo for me to stop licking! I didn't even feel any pain and I kinda like the taste of my blood. Smells like my Primal Lamb dinners! The only good thing I got out of it was lotsa tummy rubs and scratches for the rest of the day and I got to gnawl on my leftover bone!

On other matters, I am finally a LAWFUL citizen of this island! My dog tag came in the mail yesterday and here is a peekture of me wearing it! Handsum or not? *Woof*


Ashley said...

Aww, Cody. You poor thing. Glad it didn't have too much of an effect on you. Is humans get worried when we see our puppies injured. Glad all is well.
You said you are a lawful citizen of the island... which island do you live on?

Sam Tsang said...

Glad Cody is doing fine! Great job in the duck diversion :)

Ume said...

u r a brave brave boy, Cody! thank doG it was oni a small wound, n u could still gnaw on the leftover bone.

Barn2 said...

Cody, glad you are ok. Your folks love you....

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Thanks for ur concern guys! I m perfectly well. Actually I didn't feel any pain! Mumsy later explained to me that a doggie's tongue has a lot of blood vessels hence the bleeding couldn't stop.

Sophie Brador said...

Cody, Humans panic about every little thing. They're so weird. But I'm still relieved it wasn't serious. I wonder what you cut your tongue on. Love the video of your scratching for your duckie.