Thursday, November 22, 2007

Flying corgi!

Someone gave Mumsy the link to this amazing corgi and now she made me watch the damn veedeo over and over again! She is trying to get me to memorise what that corgi is doing, in the hope that I can follow his footsteps! Why's up with parents? Why do they constantly need to compare their child to other hooman's children?

Anyway that is Monty, a Welsh Pembroke Corgi like me. But he definitely runs much much faster than I. I would probably get bored with the jumping and would rather much prefer to sniffing other (gals) doggies' butts.

Anyway I got my grimy paws on Mumsy's metal and did some virtual digging. I found lots more of such corgis doing these weird stuff! Jumping, running through tunnels and such. I wonder what their hoomans are using to bribe them to do such stunts. If my hoomans feed me the crap I am getting, I won't even move my ass!

Anyway enjoy the veedeos. I have finally graduated from school and I am proceeding to agility classes (with my brother, Chester YAY!) this coming wheek. Wish me luck!

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