Thursday, November 29, 2007

*Scratch scratch*

I loooove my hoomans scratching me. One bad thing about having short limbs is that you tend to miss quite a bit of area when you wanna scratch this itchy spot somewhere behind you head. Reaching it is possible but I rather have my hoomans doing it for me.

This is how I get my scratches. Usually my hoomans will be sitting on the floor, reading their books or having a conversation and I walk up to them surreptitiously. I just flop next to them and instinctively their hands will come towards me and start to scratch me!

This morning was the same. Mumsy was having her breakfast (I tried to jump for her bread) when I flopped beside her. She started to scratch me all over unconsciously, but after awhile she noticed that I was twisting and turning my body to get her to scratch the places I wanted. She looked at me with this amused expression before hollering for Dad to take some photos of me in ultimate bliss.

Don't I look like I am absolutely enjoying it?

Scratch under my right ear please

A bit more to the right...

AHHHH..... That's the place

Yes yes yes....

Don't forget under my chin!

Of course, I show my appreciation by snuggling in between my hooman's legs (and get free pets at the same time!). Dad wasn't too happy after this above peekture was taken becos he had FUR all over him!


Ashley said...

Maxy loves scratches too. Your pictures are very cute :)

happy said...

That's quite a scratch. Cody sure looked very happy in the last pic!

Barn2 said...

Sounds heavenly. You should get them to brush you as well. It doesnt feel good the first time (depending on what kind of brush they use)..but it does feel good after that. At least- I think I look great after a brush!

fee said...

hi cody, i love doing this as well! it's heavenly!