Monday, July 23, 2007

Going away again!

Mumsy is going away again! I overheard her telling Daddy to send her off on Mon and that she would only be back on Wed... Just when I thought life is going back to our normal routine. After hearing that, I stucked to Mum the whole day, getting under her feet and made her trip! She finally got irritated with me to send me to sit in a corner. I don't want her to go!!!! *hic*

But since she is around, I thought I better take the chance to pound on the metal. I didn't do much in the wheek that Mum was away. I wake up in the morning, get fed by Daddy and when he isn't looking, I chewed the laundry basket! After he leaves to do whatever hoomans do, I just spend the day wishing that Mum comes home quick. In the evenings, Dad and I will sit in front of this amazing contraption called a tee-vee. It changes so quickly that nothing stays constant more than a second. I have to say it kept me entertained cos before I can figure out what they are doing on tee-vee, it changes!

Initially, when Dad brought me out for walks, I kept thinking that Mummy was hiding behind the pillars. So I kept running round and round the pillars looking for her. I missed her that bad. After a few walks I realised Mum was never around and decided to divert my attention to eating whatever I can find. This drove Daddy nuts (I didn't see any nuts though) and he had no choice but to bring me for short walks.
When Mum finally got back, I couldn't stop licking her. She did spend the whole of yesterday with her nose buried in some big book. I saw the title about some potter and some hallows. Hoomans do read the strangest thing. Anyway Mum's sharp eyes spotted the damage done to the laundry basket but she didn't scold me. Phew! Here's a peekture of the damaged basket. Mummy made me pose beside the basket, with me looking a bit sheepish and guilty.


Benhur Xobile said...

Hey Cody,

Sorry i haven't commented since your blog is up. I just want to say HIHIHI! And wow, your Mummy is a busy lady to be travelling all over the place eh?

Happy chewing! =)
Love tons,

Furby said...

i also cannot stand anymore... potter potter potter!!! all three coms simply hogged by these potter idiots!! she better make sure her potter books are safe up on the shelves.... if they get on my paws, warfafafafafaffafaaaaa... good luck.

Ume said...

hiya Cody,
lotsa hoomans r obsessed with this hairy potty fellow, thank doG mine isn't!
u do look v guilty in the pic... but at least u din put a hole in the basket.
do blog soon, ya!

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Benny! You were abandoned too eh? Next time we can get together when our hoomans aren't in!

Furby, now it's my Dad who has his nose stucked in the book. Argh....

Ume, ya I was obviously uncomfortable being made to pose beside the scene of the crime. I think this is called humiliation!