Saturday, July 21, 2007

Miss me?

I am baaack!

But, this is going to be a short post cos I want to go and lick every inch of my Mumsy! I missed her so much. Late last night, when I heard her keys on the door, I thought my big satellite ears were playing tricks on me. I've given up on seeing her again. 7 days away from me is too long in my puppyhood! Anyway, the first thing she did was to climb up to see me and that's when I slobbered all over her. She didn't seem to mind though (my Mum hates to be licked, so weird right?). I spent the rest of the evening staying close to her.

She told me that the hoomans she were teaching were successful in their learning so I guess I will be seeing a lot of veedeos of rolling hoomans soon. I won't write about what I did in the 7 days that Mum was away just yet. My notes are in a mess!

I will leave you with this cute veedeo of 4 handsome corgis singing a song for some hooman called qween. Now this is what I call talent. I doubt the hoomans can do something similar. If any of you doggies have a veedeo of hoomans doing the same thing, post it and let me know!

1 comment:

Ume said...

welcome back, Cody, n Cody's Mumsy!!!
keke... dats a great video! nah... hoomans aint as smart!