Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I have been tagged by Ume again! She is one fast one I tell you. I am supposed to post photos of me smiling.
Erm, I tend to smile a lot, well, becos I like to think I am very friendly. So friendly that it gets me into trouble a lot of the times. I have a story which I will elaborate on later, after my smiley photos. Mum says I can't stop smiling hence my drool always decorates her kitchen floor!

From top to bottom: me at 8 wheeks, 10 wheeks (one of my ears is starting to stand), at the Bontanny-cal Garden, at 19 wheeks for the last 2. As you can see, I look like a dog you can easily trample your grimy paws all over! All tongue, no teeth.

Something embarrassing happened to me 3 nights ago during my walk. I encountered another husky! Although I do have some reservations about them, I decided to flash my handsome grin (evident from the photos above) and be friendly. Afterall, we should always give a dog another chance. To my horror, the husky was a female dog that was, ahem, very interested in putting her snout at somewhere where it didn't belong. At first, I thought she might have accidentally put her snout at the wrong place. But she persisted in doing so! I was so uncomfortable so I decided to run away from her nosey snout. So we ended up in a comical twist, me running away from her, and she chasing me. I didn't know how to break the news to her that I wasn't interested.
In the end Mum came to my rescue and tugged me away. You should have seen how fast I bounded away from that frisky husky! *shudder* So embarrassing to have somebody's nose up your ass in a public place!
I tag Chester, Furby and Ume to share with us their most embarrassing encounters!


wally said...

Well you can't blame the girl--you are awfully good looking! I'm sure the ladies all find you irresistible.


Ume said...

i almost melted when i saw your 1st pic! so so so cute!!! no wonder the husky gal was hooked, u r one handsome corgi dude!
i shall go crack my terrier blains on your tag now!

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Thanks Wally! But I m not interested in gals yet! I find them so irritating!

Ume, i think all of us start up cute, and end up even cuter. Unlike the hoomans who start out ugly, become a bit more decent looking and then end up ugly again.

Furby said...

tagged and shared on my blog!