Sunday, July 8, 2007

Boring Saturday!

What a boring day for me. I thought since my hoomans were not disappearing (like they do every morning), they would have brought me out to stretch my legs. But all they did was to let me sleep in a bigger room today, the kitchen. And although I can smell Mumsy in the house, I hardly saw or hear her. Dad explained that Mumsy was sick and was sleeping off her medicines. I think she got the runnies too!

So all I did today was to sniff around the kitchen, watch my housemates run amok in their cages, stare pleadingly at Dad to bring me out. I think I must be losing my cuteness cos Dad had no effects from my hypnotic play-with-me-now look anymore. He basically ignored me the whole afternoon while he did what hoomans do on wheekends: housework (strange, the house doesn't work does it?)

Mum came down at about 5-ish and I tried to pounce on her. I did that last nite, pouncing on her with all my 8kg frame! She squealed like a pig (not the pigs like my housemates) and clutched her tummy. I got a bit worried cos Dad had to check on her. So subsequently I decided not to pounce on her tummy but on her bony legs instead. In the end I gave up cos I ended hurting myself landing on a pile of bones. I prefer landing on her soft tummy. Anyway Mum refused to play with me today and made me stay away from her. I whined and whined and whined but she was firmed about it. She said she didn't want to pass me the floo, whatever that means. I only perked up when I heard her talking to Daddy about bringing me to school! I can't wait cos Chester will be there!

Mumsy also broke a piece of bad news to me gently. It seems that Auntie Zoe and Benny might not be able to take me when my hoomans disappear for an extended period of time. Auntie Zoe is expanding her bizness hence she might be too busy for me. Part of me want Auntie Zoe to be successful and part of me wants to stay with her. I guess if she is successful, then she might remember that I wished her all the best and she might give me a massage! Right Auntie Zoe?


Ume said...

oh oh Cody! hope your Mumsy is feeling better today... it sux to be sick! does she use cheese as her pill-wrapper too?
will u post pix of your housemates? i wanna c the piggies in your house. do they oink?

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Hello Ume! My Mumsy isn't better.. In fact she was so sick (i think she was lazy!) that she slpt the whole of Sun afternoon too! I didn't get to go to school in the end! She isn't better though, but managed to muster enough energy to disappear again this morning. Thanks for your concern!

Yes yes, will post photos of my housemates soon.. I was supposed to do a piece on them (Mum said it was only courtesy to show ppl who they are) soon anyway. Stay tune!