Sunday, July 29, 2007


My hoomans came home later than usual last night. I was rather cross with them as I was still worried that Mumsy would disappear again. But when they got back, they showed me what they got for me and I immediately forgot my anger. Because they brought back lotsa stuff for me! They explained that they went to Uncle Martin's shop and did some shopping for me. I think Mummy is feeling a tad guilty for abandoning me the past 2 weeks! Here's a peekture of me posing with my pressies!
Here are three packs of Oven-Baked Chicken Dog Food for me to try! Apparently Uncle Martin gave them to me free! Then there is this thing I can't wait to try: Evanger's Roasted Chicken Drummet Dinner! The peekture on the can looks absolutely enticing and drool producing! Mummy said I only get to eat part of it on Sundays, after school, cos I am such a fussypot pants when it comes to food. She said after eating the drummets, I probably won't eat my keebles anymore! But Mummy has already added in the Oven-Baked keebles to my dinner and I love it! In fact, I have been picking out the Oven-baked ones and ignoring my usual keebles, much to Mumsy's exasperation.

And then there is my usual chicken jerky that I loooove... I finished the other pack already even though Mummy gives them to me very sparingly. The last 4 small packages are the Greenies! Mummy has been trying to check my teeth regularly and to her horror, she said she sees ta-ta and plate (it's TARTAR and PLAQUE)! Since I am a bit young to start on real bones, she decided that Greenies would be a good substitute.

I am a contented puppy!


Ume said...

the roasted chicken drummet din din sounds totally yummylicious! *slurps*

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Yeah Ume... it was delishious! Mumsy veedeoed me eating it! will post it later!

U shd ask ur hoomans to feed u that too...