Thursday, September 13, 2007


What's up with me and huskies! I seem to be always be their punching bag! There I go about doing my own biz and I get chased, harassed and even bitten by them. I am just a harmless lil' corgi, why do they have to torment me so much?

Late last evening, my hoomans brought me out for my usual walk. The normal route we took was one that cuts into the area with shorter houses. I like going there cos there are lotsa doggie scents around so my nose would be perpetually on the ground. What I don't like about that route though, was the numerous dogs that bark at me loudly when I walk pass. I think they are just jealous that I am out for a walk while they are trapped behind that fence of theirs.

So there we were, me messing up other dogs' scents by pissing here and there, especially when I smelled a dog that I don't quite like. We were almost home, only needing to run across the road to get home. This is one part I like, dashing across the road like a mad dog. I accidentally slipped on the metal grill and when I struggled to my feet (my hoomans were laughing at me), something chomped on my neck! I immediately screamed and vaguely heard Mumsy doing the same. It was another dog and it didn't let go of me until Dad pretended to kick him! When it let go, my heart sank as what stood in front of me was ANOTHER husky! I immediately turned to run, but I was on my painful collar and Mumsy told me sternly not to panic. Look who's talking cos I could smell her fear! Mumsy walked slowly away from the husky, who kept staring at me in a menacing manner. Dad walked behind us, trying to deter the husky from chomping on me again!

That sneaky doggie tried to run up on me a couple of times and this time I was in blind panic. All I wanted to do was run for my life, but Mumsy was adament that we walk slowly. I kept straining on my painful collar and it lived up to its name: it was damn painful. I was out of breath and in fear and didn't realized that I was wheezing and whimpering out loud. All of a sudden, the painful collar broke and I ran! Dad chased after me for a bit and this spurred me to continue running. Then both my hoomans stopped and called me to them coaxingly. I turned and saw the husky behind them. That persuaded me to stick close to them and Mumsy managed to put the painful collar back while Dad shooed the husky away again.

By this time we have already crossed the road and near home. We walked past another 2 doggies and Mumsy stopped to warn their owner about the stray husky. All I wanted her to do was to get me home safe! We finally got into the box that beeps and bring us up to our floor and I collapsed on the floor gratefully. Once we got out, I made a beeline for the door to my home. Usually my hoomans and I would play a game of Chase, i.e. Dad would be at the door while Mumsy would be hiding at the lift lobby. I had to herd Dad back to the door then run back to herd Mumsy. But last night, I refused to move at all and stared longingly at the door. Dad got the hint and carried me in. I was finally safe.

Now I am very wary when I go out. I gonna sniff everywhere for the smell of huskies and if I smell them, I am gonna run in the opposite direction. My hoomans too were shaken. Dad approached the husky to check if it was wearing a collar, but the husky didn't dare to come near. My hoomans initially thought some idiotic hooman unleashed the husky and looked around frantically for its owner. After awhile they realized that the husky either escaped or abandoned, but having no collar made the second scenario more plausible. For the rest of the night, I stuck close to my hoomans.

I think I m mentally scarred after this. May be I shall start a "Help Cody get therapy" fund. Would you guys donate?


Reina the dachie said...

I will pass some of my guts if you set up that fund. Hee Hee


Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Heehee, thanks Reina!

Yeah, my hoomans said I am such a coward. The last time I was at a dogrun, I got chased by a JRT! I ran and hid under the chairs with my tail between my legs and my ears flat against my head.

What an embarrassment.