Wednesday, September 26, 2007


My hoomans went for a nice long holeeday and didn't bring me along! At first I sulked a bit but it didn't work. Then I tried the "don't leave me" pathetic look in the car when Mumsy was driving me to Augus's place. Mumsy ruffled my head, trying her best not to feel guilty about abandoning me. I was steadily getting more and more miserable as we got closer to Augus's home.
That all changed when I saw Augus! When we first met at the dog run, he ignored me most of the time. But this time, he couldn't wait to leap on me for a wrestling bout! I forgot about pretending to be forlorn and jumped onto Augus! It was lotsa drool and fur flying everywhere! My Mumsy was embarrassed to death at my bad behaviour cos there I was, attacking the hosts' dog! Not only that, I peed everywhere! I was so excited playing with Augus that I peed. Mumsy stayed with me for a bit but I didn't care about her existence anymore. All i wanted to do was to pounce on Augus!

Auntie Jane's Mum was really really good to me. I didn't have problems finishing my food there becos every meal was so delishcious! She mixed Addiction's wet food together with my kibbles and this new kibbles called Back to Basics. Doesn't that sounds yummy? She also added this green coloured bitter thing into my meals to keep my pee from being stinky! Meal times were my favourite times of the day when I was in Augus's place! The first night was a little scary cos everything smelled different and there were many weird noises. I whined for awhile until I dropped off to sleep cos I was exhausted from all the wrestling I had with Augus.

I didn't think much about Dad and Mum for the next four days. Afterall, they didn't bring me along with them. I had so much fun with Auntie Jane, Auntie Joan, Augus and of cos Mama Soon (that's Auntie Jane's Mum). They brought me for walks every night and I met a couple of doggie friends too, like Tiger, who is really as big as a tiger. I even climbed up this hill with them! Augus had to rest a couple of times but I was raring to go! The downside from having an outdoor romp was that I needed to have a shower! Auntie Jane and Auntie Joan bundled me into the bathroom and gave me a good scrub. I tried my best to escape their clutches but they were too smart for me. Hmmppff!

Alas, all good things must come to an end and my hoomans reappeared on Sunday afternoon to bring me back. I wasn't really interested in them as I was having a romp with Augus. I learnt quite a few things from him, including barking! When I first got there, I was doing the soft goose-like quacks instead of barking. By the time my hoomans came, I was barking loudly at the top of my voice! Mumsy told me if I did the same back home, she would spank me! After much struggling, they managed to pull Augus and I apart and off we went home. I kept turning back to see if Augus was following and deep down inside, I knew that it was time to part with Augus and go back to my boring home. I was so tired that I fell asleep in the kitchen a couple of times before Mumsy carried me up to my hidey-hole. I knocked out immediately and didn't even open my eyes when my hoomans came to say goodnite.

Here's some photos courtesy of Auntie Jane, of my stay with them. Thank you very much Auntie Jane, Auntie Joan and Mama Soon for taking care of me when my hoomans were away. And special thanks to Augus, my constant playing companion for that 6 days. I missed you already.
Synchronized head turning!

New friends: Prince the Golden Retriever (top) and Tiger the Rough Collie (bottom)

Augus and I just chillin'

The much dreaded shower, here I am trying to worm my way out

Tired o' me after the climb up Mt Faber

Oh yes, my buddy Benny wrote about my trip to his Mum's place for the massage. You can read all about it here. You guys should bug your hoomans to make an appointment with his Mum! Guarantee you won't regret it!

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