Monday, September 17, 2007

Fun, fun, FUN!

I went back to school yesterday! And so did Chester! Mumsy's toe was better so she took me over to Lucas's and sad to say I didn't do anything at all. I sulked at one corner while Mumsy tried her best to entice me with sausages but I wasn't interested! All I wanted to do was to wrestle with Chester, but he had to be the goody-two-shoes and performed all his obedience command perfectly. Rats! So now everybody thinks that I am a spoilt brat who throws tantrums as and when he wants. But I am proud of Chester though, my bro is good enough to go for agility classes, while I am stucked at obedience. Nobody to blame but myself.

The fun only started after class! Chester and our new friend, Nikka, came over to my place! Nikka is a three months old husky (yes I can hear your sigh of disbelief) who is rather wild... Luckily she is about the same size as me so I could still handle her. You can see how wild she is on the veedeos below! Chester and I had a hard time handling her.

Nikka looks fierce don't she?
Three heads are better than one!

Chester, all tired out from Nikka's rough play!

I was wondering why the sudden change of routine. I don't get visitors you see, and was rather surprised that I had two other doggie friends with me. Mumsy kept an eye on us while Uncle Ian and Nikka's dad went to get lunch. Mumsy told me that all of us were going to Auntie's Zoe's new shop! Apparently Mumsy was worried about me after the husky attack and wanted to send to for a massage to relax! And best of all I get to see Benny!

So the 7 of us made our way there. It was a huge compound and the road smelled rather queer. Auntie Zoe said they only just resurfaced it. Anyhow, Benny was there and he immediately pounced on me. I am not sure why Chester or Nikka didn't attract his attention. Is it because I look like I can be bullied? He kept nipping my ears and I have the evidence to prove it! And my brother didn't bother to lend me a helping paw! Auntie Zoe scolded Benny for barking and quickly shuttled me into the treatment room. I didn't like it cos I could see Benny. Chester and Nikka's shadows from under the door and all I wanted was to rush out to play with them!

Look at Benny's face! No help from my bro as u can see!

Alas, Auntie Zoe and Mummy held onto me tightly while Daddy used his thin frame to block out as much of the shadows as he could. I whined and whined and whined, until even my hoomans were surprised. Cos I never whined for so long and that loudly before. Can't they understand that a dog gotta play when a dog gotta play? Needless to say, I showed my displeasure to Auntie Zoe. I tried to bite her, wriggle out of her grasp and struggled when she tried to massage me. Mumsy and Dad had to scold me numerous times but the massage did me good! Auntie Zoe said my tummy was rather bloated and massaged it so well that I let out a loud burp in Mumsy's face! That wasn't all, I managed to let out a small amount of lethal gas through the other outlet quietly, into Auntie Zoe's face! Mumsy told me that was very rude of me and I think I owe Auntie Zoe an apology. Sorry Auntie Zoe, your massages were so good that I had no way but to let it all out.

Mumsy also told Auntie Zoe to check on my right hindleg as I was walking in a weird manner. Auntie Zoe said I have been lazy and have not been using my right legs correctly and consistently. I might have strained it, but honestly I don't remember any pain (trust me, I remember pain very well). Lo and behold, just as I was starting to enjoy the massage, the session ended. Once Auntie Zoe opened the door, Benny immediately pounced on me and we had a good time wrestling while my hoomans left me there to explore the place. Mumsy even bought me some cookies from US Doggie Bakery but she said that's for me to share with Augus when I go and stay with him tomorrow.

I felt much better after the massage and the prolong wrestling bout I had with Benny. All doggies should try the massages Auntie Zoe gives! And after that, have fun with Benny! Makes a dog's day compete. Visit K9 Kampus for more details of all the other shops located there. I overheard Mumsy discussing with Auntie Zoe to have me go over once a wheek for massage and then Auntie Zoe would bring me to the shop next door for some socialisation classes. Mumsy said I am a coward! Well, if she got her neck clamped by a huge hooman, she would be feeling the same way as I do. Hmmmppff!


Ume said...

hi Cody,
i havent been reading blogs myself, lotsa catch-up to do! TQ TQ for the barkday wish!

it juz shows how effective Benny's mum's massages r when u had to let out the gases n relieve the bloat.

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Yups Ume, you should persuade ur hooman to bring you for a massage. I haven't accquired the taste for it yet but I def like wrestling with Benny!

Benhur Xobile said...

Cody...DUDE! I had so much fun interacting with you! Make sure you come back and wrestle away with me ok? I miss Dexter but with you being a corgi just like me, it kinda brings back the happy wrestling days I had with Dexter.

Mummy says that its ok that you, uh, passed gas in her face. Hahaha!! As long as you felt better, it makes her happy. Pass gas away dude!

Barn2 said...

Just found your blog! Looks like you had great fun. Should meet you sometime....and your brother Chester.
Dexter just found another wrestling partner: After we left Benny's place this afternoon, we went to the Bishan dog run for the corgi gathering. A corgi named Ode aka the Shredder, is quite a wrestler. Couldnt get his paws and jaws off Dexter. Should put the whole lot of you together. I will just watch and bark you all on!

fee said...

wow, nikka looks very grown up indeed. in fact i think she looks like batman in some of the photos. awesome!

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Benny! Finally got my hands on my Mumsy new metal! Her old one crashed, whatever that means and her veehicle got smashed by a tree, all before she flew.

I'm trying to get my hooman to bring me over again soon. I hope it will be sooner than later but yes, Mumsy will bring me over again.

Barn Barn, I met Ode before.He wasn't interested in wrestling with me. Augus is a gd wrestler too. Hope you will be able to meet him soon.

Fee, who's Batman? can it be eaten?