Sunday, September 2, 2007

New friends, new experience

What a wonderful day it was for me! I thought I was gonna be stuck at home doing nothing much again since Daddy woke up early to go to work and Mumsy was still snoring away. To my surprise, once she managed to get her lazy butt out of bed, she got herself and me ready in a jiffy (15 mins is a record for her). She told me that we were going to a new place to meet new friends.
After what seem like a looong car ride (which I fell from the car seat when Mumsy hit the brakes hard), we arrived at this park which smelled wonderfully new to me. I immediately tugged Mumsy towards the place where all the doggy scents led to, the dogrun! And in there, I saw two handsum corgis! Mumsy introduced me to Augus and Ode, two brothers belonging to two sets of hoomans. I was a lil' afraid of them at first and had to run from Ode when he came up sniffing. Augus was friendlier so I stuck close to him, and joining us was this Jack Russell that looked like a deer and this black and white mix. On a whole I just tagged along with the two other corgis since I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. The Jack Russell chased me though and I had to hid underneath the bench to get away from him! Mumsy was left shaking her head at me but she, Auntie Jane (Augus's Mummy) and Auntie Jane's mummy all agreed that we get along very well. Which is a good thing as I am gonna board with them when my hoomans disappear sometime this month. Auntie Zoe and Benny were supposed to take care of me, but Auntie Zoe opened a new BIG biz so I guess I must remind her to give me a discount when I visit her NEW SHOP.

I think I better leave it to the peektures to tell the complete story of what I did this morning at the dogrun. U can see that I was practically Augus's shadow! Augus is the one with similar colouring as me while Ode is the sable one.
Giving Augus a massage with my jaws!
Me checking on Augus' butt! Smells just like a dog!

Ode drinking water while Augus and I watched him.

Mumsy especially like this photo above of our butt shot!

This series is of Augus and I running after Auntie Joan, Auntie Jane's sister. I am pretending to be Augus's shadow.

After the run, the three of us were covered with each other's drool and sand. Auntie Sharon and Auntie Jane decided to bring Ode and Augus to shower first so Mumsy drove all of us to Uncle Martin's place! I never been to Uncle Martin's shop before and it was like my bestest dream come true. His shop was stacked from floor to ceiling with yummy dog food! Mumsy decided that I should go for a shower and grooming too, since my fur was getting a lil' out of shape. I was so scared when the grooming lady took out that buzzing thing to shave my paws! I think I bit her accidentally and got a scolding in return. Hey, I am a puppy what and I have not been to the groomer's often. Mumsy explained to the groomer and she (the groomer) gave me a reassuring hug before she continued. I felt a tad better after the hug and Mumsy left me there with Uncle Martin and the groomer while she went off with the rest of the hoomans for lunch. Here are some peektures of me at the groomer.

Mumsy reappeared some time later, when I was already smelling great. I waited for her patiently (well not really, I whimpered when I saw her cos I missed her already) while she did some shopping for me. She got me loads of stuff again, including this tee shirt that says England 7, which from what Daddy said, it was supposed to be something called beckham. I think it is a type of yummy sausage that's why it is called HAM. OOOOH she bought the chicken drummets! I nosed through the shopping bag when she wasn't looking! I can't wait for Sunday's dinner!
This bandana was given to me by the groomer. I supposed it was to reward me for being such a good dog. *grin* See my hairless ears?


Scruffy said...


I see you've just visited the dreaded groomers. I just hate it. Strangers touching me all over (including my privates). This will not be your only time Cody. So beware. The hoomans regularly torture us with it.

The Mighty Scruff

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Ya I totally agree Scruffy! When they hold that damn buzzing stuff near my privates, my legs totally turn into jelly! Urgh! I don't even want them touching my paws! What if they cut off one of my toes?

wally said...

What a fun day! Except for the bit with your nails. And I like your Beckham jersey. I didn't know he was made of HAM--no wonder he's such a big deal! I'm much more excited about him coming to the U.S now!


Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Wally, if you ever get to see that backHAM playing, eat him first! I don't believe any dog would be able to resist eating that sausage!

Benhur Xobile said...

Nice T-shirt!
Come to the shop soon!! Then we can finally play together and show the humans what corgis are all about.

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

I'll get my hooman to call ur hooman to make sure u are at the shop before I go down ya?