Monday, September 10, 2007

The Final Adventures of Mr Teddy & more...

Mr Teddy has left me. And Mumsy said I contributed to him leaving forever. This was what happened to Mr Teddy. As usual after my hoomans disappeared to do whatever hoomans do in the day, I was all alone with a bone and Mr Teddy in my hidey-hole. For some strange reason, I felt like playing with Mr Teddy that day. I flung him around, tugged and pulled at him and when I was finally tired, I saw that Mr Teddy had something whitish coming out from him. Intrigued, I decided to help Mr Teddy remove the white fluff and to my horror, it was endless!

When Mumsy came home that night, she thought that I was so bored that I tore off bits of my own fur. Until she saw Mr Teddy laying face down on the floor. I put him face down as I didn't want to see his accusing eyes. Mumsy turned him over and saw the source of the white fluff. She then told me sternly that Mr Teddy has to go and this time, I wasn't supposed to rescue him from the bin. So with one final lick, Mr Teddy was dumped in an undignified manner. I tried to rescue him but Mumsy's sharp eyes saw what I was doing and I got a rebuke for it. So now I am all alone in my hidey-hole at night. I wasn't used to it and whined for him the first couple of nights but my hoomans decided to keep me occupied (and exhausted, but more of that later) so that I won't remember Mr Teddy's absence. Here are some peektures if me when Mumsy discovered the mess and Mr Teddy before he was taken away from me.

To keep me occupied, my hoomans came home early for once last Friday, when the big globe of light was still shining. To my surprise, they brought me down to the big field I have always longed to run free in. And they actually unleashed me! Now you see, Mumsy hurt her toe last Thurs night while playing football with me. She had to have her whole nail removed (yes, I cringed when I heard it cos nobody is gonna ever remove MY toenails!), so she wasn't able to run and walk properly. The hoomans decided that I should be doing all the hard work, running after my favourite ball! Not that I am complaining, cos playing Fetch is my ab-soolute fav past time! Mumsy, in her haze of pain, forgot her camera so there wasn't any evidence of me running free like a wind! I enjoyed myself thoroughly, running after the ball. In fact I was so hyper despite looking tired, that my hoomans decreed that I should rest before I die on them or something. It was one of the best days I ever had.

Then today, the hoomans decided to bring me out again since the weather was bright and sunny. I was mad with delight but the sun was so hot! I felt tired only after a few runs and when a cocker spaniel and a lab pup came onto the field, I just collapsed into a heap and refused to run anymore. My hoomans were a tad concerned cos the last time I was still begging for more! I think they put two and two together and realized that wearing a fur coat and running around under the hot sun don't go together. I was promptly whisked home and given ice cubes to cool down.

But still it was wonderful running free without a leash, feeling the soft grass beneath my paws, rolling in it and generally having so much fun! This time Mumsy remembered her camera and here are the veedeos she took. As you can see, I kept on running back to her instead of Daddy and I think I inadvertently hurt Daddy's feeling.

Running free!

Thoroughly enjoying myself!

Returning the ball to the wrong hooman!


Scruffy said...


What a great job with Mr Teddy!

The Mighty Scruff

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

I don't think Mr Teddy shares our sentiments. RIP Mr Teddy!

Ferndoggle said...

Cody, you run really fast for a guy with such short legs (don't worry...that's what Mom says about me too).

I'm a bit disturbed that you do not like food. You are more than welcome to send anything you don't want to me!


Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Hello Sherman, do you know that there is a shark named Sherman too?

Yeah my hoomans, especially my Dad, thinks my short legs is a handicap to me! Hmmpppff! What an insult. I think I managed to change his mind after this romp!

I don't mind sharing it with you! Are you sure you want my yucky kibbles? What do you get at home? May be you get better tasting food than me hence u love your meals!

Reina said...

I go for the eyes too and I make sure I get them both!


Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Hi Reina!

I didn't have time to go for the other eye before Mumsy found out and took him away. By then I had already eaten some of the white stuff from Mr Teddy and made a mess the next day while I was pooping.

I sent you a private msg via your webby. Did you get it?

Benhur Xobile said...

You like playing ball too!!! Yay!!!
I like it too, cos there's so much running and fun!
Bye bye Mr Teddy...Mummy's hidden my Hippo. I'm sure I'll see him again though. =P