Thursday, June 28, 2007

To the groomer's we go....

I had a new experience today! Last evening, Mummy was trying to cut my ‘thumb’ nail and being the naughty boy I am, I struggled like mad. Mummy accidentally cut off some of my quick and I gave a big yelp and bled all over the floor. Daddy saw the blood and scolded Mummy for being careless. I kinda pitied Mummy for getting scolded cos honestly it was my fault but I ain’t gonna tell her that! Mummy was so guilty that she gave me an extra serving of my favourite chicken jerky!

Anyway aft that that traumatic experience (I think Mummy was more traumatized than me), Mum brought me to the groomer this afternoon. At first I thought it was a treat as I haven’t been out for a couple of days (more of that later). I wagged my tail so hard at this huge guy at the groomer’s and when he led me off into a small room. I promptly forgot about Mummy and happily walked off without her. When I went into the small room, I saw 2 other doggies! I got even more excited! The big guy hoist me up onto a table and to my horror, grabbed my paws! I realized that I got conned into getting my nails cut! I struggled and struggled, looking for Mummy, but she wasn’t in the room with me. The big fella was now using some buzzing tool to do something to my paws (he was getting his paw pads shaved) but I continued to struggle.

All of a sudden I heard tapping and saw that Mumsy was standing outside and looking at me. She tried to talk through the glass and I could hear her telling me to stay. So for 2 seconds, I laid on my belly quietly before resuming my struggles. Luckily the big guy was patient with me and stopped for a moment to calm me down. He finished my four paws and I thought I was home free, until I saw the nail clipper! I struggled even more and yelped each time the nail clipper went ‘click’ (Cody was acting like somebody was out to murder him!). But by then I was getting a lil’ exhausted so the groomer cut them pretty quickly.

And still my ordeal was not over. He took the buzzing thing again and this time he aimed it at my, ahem, sensitive regions. Mummy later explained that the guy was shaving my nether regions so that my pee won’t wet my fur. That wasn’t so bad cos I felt much cooler aft that! I think I can handle it the next time I go to a groomer.

After getting out of the groomer’s shop, I immediately went berserk and wanted to chase those black things that can fly (he meant the mynahs). My hoomans normally bring me out when the sky is dark and I don’t get to see these flying black things. Coupled with the fact that I have not been out since Sat’s trip to the Botanny-cal Garden, I longed to run free. Now the reason that I have not been going for my usual walks is because I have been having the runnies (diarrhea). After the grooming, I offloaded quite a bit of watery stools. I feel perfectly fine though and tried my best to convince my hoomans to bring me out but Daddy was pretty firm about it. Hence all I have been doing is playing Fetch with them in the kitchen. So boring! I overheard Mummy making an appointment to see Dr Ling on Fri that means I get to go out and stretch my legs!

Mummy had to drag me home cos all I wanted to do was to run around and play with those black flying things. On the way home, I saw the hoomans living next door to me and guess what I saw tiny hoomans too. The tiny hoomans smelled very nice and they seem to be smarter than the big hoomans cos one of them could communicate with me with doggie language. He was going, “ooooo….” and “waaaaah”. Sounds like me when I want attention! The other tiny hooman came to pet my head. I wanted to pounce on him cos he was about the same size as my best bud, Chester, but Mummy held my leash tight. She then spent some time talking to the big hoomans while I tried my best to get near to the tiny hoomans. They even came to my home but before I could show them around, Mummy locked me up in the kitchen. I did manage to show them my housemates, Scrappy and Scruffy though.

It was a pretty eventful afternoon for me. Normally I would be all alone and I guess despite getting my paw pads shaved and my nails cut, it was a treat for me to have Mummy with me today. I wish she didn’t have to disappear every morning though. Sigh… I wonder where she goes?

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