Saturday, June 23, 2007

Let's go out!

Mummy has been busy again! Though there was one day she got home much earlier than usual, but all she did was to hide in her hidey-hole and did not emerge till Daddy came home. I thought we could have spent some time together but seeing her tired face, I doubt she has the energy to run after me.

What shall I blog abt today? Shall I tell you all about my outings? I think I shall.

When my hoomans first got me, they couldn't wait to bring me out. Being so small and having an undeveloped munity (immunity), Mum said that I had to finish my jabs first before I can go out for walks. Daddy on the other paw, wanted to bring me just downstairs. One night when Mummy was working late, Daddy brought me down without her knowledge and after a fun walk, we waited for her to come home. When she saw me waiting, she didn't know if she should smile or scold Daddy. But I had lotsa fun. It smells so different from home, so many different scents, and so many different things to find out about. I kept chewing on everything I encountered! Some of the green ticklish stuff were quite nice to munch on. But Mummy will always pull me away when I smell something interesting to munch on! The other thing I like to pounce on to chew is tee-shu. They are white, some of balled up, some in loose fluttery pieces!
And there are trips to the vet. My first trip to Dr Ling was pretty scary as every other dog I saw were so much bigger than me. Dr Ling gave me a small sweet that tasted very bitter but being the silly puppy I was then, I gulped the whole thing down. Mummy said she (the vet) gave a jab but I didn't feel a thing. I like Dr Ling! She smells of many different dogs and cats and bitbits (rabbits) and peeggies. The last two trips to her was so fun! I kept trying to bite this shiny little off her chest (It was Dr Ling's button that Cody was trying to remove). I overheard her telling my hoomans that I was gonna grow up to be extremely naughty if I wasn't sent to obedience class. I was a lil' hurt by her comments cos I felt that I was on my best behaviour. All I meant to do was to be friendly (and get the shiny thing if possible)!

Of cos, Mummy packed me for kindergarten classes but I think I'll leave this for another post. I had so much fun there that I think I won't be doing it justice if I merge it into this post.

My first official trip was to a dogrun, with Chester, Benny and Furby. It was fun! I saw some really big dogs, but they weren't too friendly. I got chased by them and instead of coming to rescue me, my mean hoomans left me to fend for myself. Here's an embarrassing photo of me groveling to some husky. I was trying to be friendly only! Is being friendly a crime now? Anyway I got the chance to try the A frame and to jump over some hurdles. I did it once or twice then gave up cos no matter how many pieces of treat I get, the effort ain't worth it.

The embarrassing photo

Me on the A frame. I think I am afraid of heights!

Tired but contented me

Mum's favourite outing place is the Botanny-cal Gardens. She calls it going on a peegnic, but the peeggies don't join us! Daddy would bring me around the park while Mummy would just sit under a tree, reading her book. It was rather boring for me but Mummy seemed to enjoy it a lot. I can't chase the big dumb birds swimming in the lake, neither can I be off my leash. There are so many things to chase there! Kids playing frisbees and balls, other doggies going for their walks and lil' hoomans pottering about on unsteady feet!. I think she is planning to bring me there again this wheekend. May be, just may be, Daddy might let me go off leash for once!


wally said...

Hi Cody! Nice to meet you. I saw you commenting on Benny's blog and wanted to say hello. I'm a corgador (half corgi) and my ma ape insists on visiting all the corgis in these parts--she had one when she was just a girl (like a million years ago) she had a corgi that looked a lot like you. In other words, adorable!


Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Hello Wally! Yes I saw you at Benny's blog too! wowee a corgador! i never met one before though. You sound like a moovie the hoomans like to watch, called "Terminator" or something.

Help me thank you hooman for calling me cute. My Mum said that I shd be polite, whatever that means.

Can I tag you Wally?