Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Me, myself and I

Mummy has been thinking for a long time if she should allow my grimy paws on her laptop. She kept saying that her dis no space, ramp very slow, and most importantly she got tonnes of dada in it that piece of L shape cold metal (Cody's mum: its disc, ram and DATA, silly). On most wheekends, she will be spending her time banging on that piece of metal though. Sometimes she would be laughing at it and other times she would look like she wanna crush that piece of metal.

All of a sudden today, she announced that she has thought it through and that I should spend some of my pent up energy on writing a blog. I looked at her quizzily as she explained that it was some online (what line?) journal that I can use to record down my activities. At first I was wondering if I should waste the time and energy to sit up to do this, let alone think abt what I want peaple to read. Aft much though (actually it took only 2 seconds), I decided to give it a go. Afterall, everybody, dogs included, likes talking about themselves.

So here's a brief introduckion of myself. I am supposed to be a purebred Welsh Pembroke Corgi, but Mummy says as long as there is no official papers to prove my lineage, I better not go around proclaiming that I am a purebred. Man, i am getting confused! I think u can safely say I m a corgi. That's good enough for me. My barkday is on 18th Jan 2007, though on my vaccination card, it states 19th Jan, which is Mummy's sis's barkday too. Oops Mummy said it's BIRTHday not barkday for peaple.The colour of my fur is red and white, but my tail has this tiny patch of black. Oh yes, before I go any further, I have to say my real mummy gave birth to 10 pups, including me! I still keep in contact with one of my brother, named Chester! In fact we go to sch together! We both have since graduated from puppy kindergarten and will be starting the next level soon.

Ok ok back to ME, like all corgis i have short legs. Let's make it clear, the legs are shorter becos i have a dwarf jeans (Mummy: gene) encoding for short legs! My body is the normal size as other doggies so its short legs but normal length body. And unlike other corgis, I have a tail. Mummy said some corgis are borned without tails while others get theirs chopped off! I shuddered when Mummy told me that. Mummy said unless I want to change from an apartment dog to a working, herding dog that chases after cows and oxen, there is no need to have my tail cut off. Daddy says he prefers me with a tail so that he can see if I am happy to see him or not.

What's my fav activities? I guess it would be chewing any and everything I can get my paws on. Even the walls of my own bedroom are not spared. I would chew on them like they were the juiciest bone in the whole wide world. I can finish one rawhide bone in 6 hrs considering I am just a 4 mth one puppy. Other than that, I love walks! No matter how tired I am I will still walk an extra mile, sniff another bush, pee at another tree, just as long as I am in the big wide open. Although sometimes I get so excited that I poo watery stuff out and puke. I can't help it! I get so excited and all...

What I don't like is meal time. This is really weird considering most corgis are foodies. Mummy will feed me this nasty smelling bowl of brown stuff. It used to be just the hard brown stuff but I rebelled and refused to eat my breakfast for the next couple of days. I wanted to show my displeasure even more obviously if Mummy didn't already get the hint, by skipping dinner too. But my empty tummy will always be the better of me and I find myself licking the bottom of my bowl in the evenings. Mum then became smarter and mixed it with hot water, which made the smelly stuff become surprising aromatic! She should have done it long ago. To make me more interested in meal times, she added Nupro to my smelly food so now it tastes wonderful. But still I need a lot of encouragement to eat. Some days I will just gobble it down. Other days Mummy and Daddy have to sit beside me to cajole or scold me to finish every bit of my dinner. I don't even have treats cos they would ruin my appetite. And when i have them, I puke them up! I think I have written quite a bit for a first antry. Next post I will tell you how Mummy and Daddy came to have me. That's all for now! *Woof*

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