Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mean tricks

Mummy has been working late the past few nites hence she didn't bring her metal back for me to type on. In fact my walks were shorter than the usual one owl for the past 2 nites cos she literally had to drag her feet and kept yawning during the walk. As much as I want to explore and to deposit fresh pee at my usual pee spots, even I could tell that Mummy was tired to the bone, though if I don't quite understand this hooman phrase. I mean I don't see any bones or I would have pounced on them! Anyway, I didn't put up a fight when Daddy led me home 15 mins earlier than usual.

Knowing that I was still very hyper, Mummy decided that it was time to refresh my trick collection. The wheek that I came to Mummy, she began to teach me some simple tricks. I can say proudly that I learnt how to shake hands at 8 wheeks old, aft an intensive 20 mins of training from Mumsy. After a wheek's break, she made me learn how to do the roll over. That trick was a bit hard to master as all I could think about was the treat she was holding in her hands. Consequently all I was doing was giving her my paws, cos that was what that got me the treats in the first place! It took Mum 2 days to teach me that and she lost her temper at me once cos I bit her fingers instead of listening to her.

So the last 2 nites, with a fresh supply of chicken jerky, Mum made me repeat the tricks I learnt over and over again. She was grumbling that without treats, I wouldn't even sit up to acknowledge her. Daddy took the camera and recorded the whole thing down. So here it is, a video of me doing both tricks.

Mum also taught me a new trick, called Bang Bang! It is a trick where she points her fingers at me and says, "Bang! Bang!" and I am supposed to lie down and pretend that I'm dead. Kinda silly if you ask me. Even Dad was shaking his head at this. But I'll do anything to get that yummy chicken jerky! I sound pretty desperate, but hey, chicken jerky tastes waaaay better than the usual brown stuff I get! I will remind my hoomans to record this down. Actually it is better to watch my Mum's reaction when I do the trick successfully. She was cackling so loudly that the piggies scramble to hide in their hutches!

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