Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My canine frens!

Mummy and Daddy overslept this morning. I woke up at 6am, waiting for them to come and carry me down for breakfast as usual at 8.30am. But at 9am, with my tummy growling, I still haven't hear a single noise from their room. I tried my best to wake them up by banging my body against the metal grills. But still they continued to snore! I contemplated if I should tear the newspapers in my loo, but I remembered that Mummy hates that and I would get a smack for doing it. In the end my hoomans got up close to 10am and by then I was hungry enough to wolf my breakfast down.

Since I had the whole wheekend to think of something to write about, I have decided to talk a lil' bit of some of my frens I have made during my outings. Of cos, my BOF is my bro Chester. With him around, no other dogs can hold my attention. Both of us just simply start to wrestle, bite and paw at each other. We don't stop at all, to the extend of us missing treats that our hoomans offer us out of sheer embarassment at our behaviour. It is fun pouncing on Chester especially when he becomes all docile when his master is offering him a piece of duck jerky, in the bid to stop our wrestling. Mum, of cos, would be all red face and apologetic, pulling me off Chester and chastising me. Peace will only last as long as Chester is chewing his treat before we are off at it again. That's Chester on the left and me on the right taking a break to drink water.

Of cos there is Furby, a Shih Tzu that has long messy hair. Furby normally thumbs his nose away from us as he thinks that it is beneath him to play wrestling with youngsters. He normally sits away from us and tries hard not look at us with interest. I think he is just jealous of our youth cos he is already 3 yrs old! Oops Auntie Grace is gonna kill me for saying that!

I have some frens I made at my puppy kindergarten, like little June the Yorkie cross, Tza Tza and Spice the two big huskies (puppies too) in class and of cos cute Milo, the cocker spaniel. I don't have a photo of them though but school is starting again next Sun and I hope I get to see some of them there.

The next fren I am going to introduce is Benny. We met him and his hoomans Auntie Zoe and Uncle Clement at the dog run. Mummy just told me that I will be staying with Benny when she goes on a short trip with Daddy in Sept. I think I want to grow up like Benny. Benny is 14 mths old but he is full of fun and not act like some stuffy old dog. He wasn't really interested in looking at me and Chester wrestle though. I think it's becos he does it much better than us. I have tagged him and you can go and see how he wrestles with Dexter, another Corgi! Chester and I are definitely out of his league! Benny is also a part time vacuum cleaner for Auntie Zoe. I think Auntie Zoe should pay Benny for all the vacuuming he does! I am sure Auntie Zoe's home is spotless. The best thing is that despite not having a mechanism to empty all the rubbish he vacuums up, Benny doesn't put on weight! Mummy says Benny is a true blue foodie. I think in this respect, I can never be like Benny. I am such a fussypot when it comes to food. That's Benny doing the thing he does best: eating!

All the same, after seeing all the photos and videos of the fun Benny had with Dexter, I am looking forward to board at Auntie Zoe's place. Plus from what I heard from Benny, she gives wonderful massages! I hope she will give me some. I promise to be very good if she does give one to me. Benny is one lucky dog. I wonder if I make Mummy learn how to massage me. I hear from Daddy that she gives lousy massages, like chicken pecking on his shoulders. May be I can conspire with Auntie Zoe and Benny to brainwash Mummy into attending one of Auntie Zoe's massage classes!

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