Saturday, June 30, 2007


This is Cody's Mumsy posting on his behalf. Cody isn't feeling too well today with a slight fever. He has been having diarrhea off and on, i.e. 2 piles of solid poo and a puddle of watery stools, for about 8 days. He also threw up some whitish, foamsy vomit a few times this week.

Anyway he has been to the vet and but she doesn't know what is causing him to react this way. All she can do is to give him some meds. Being such a young puppy, we, the parents, are worried sick about him. So do keep him in your prayers.

When he gets better, he will come back on to write about his ordeal, and thank you guys too.


wally said...

Poor Cody! We are keeping our paws crossed for you and hope your tum feels better soon.


ps. My sister has spells like that but we've never figured out why. I hope yours go away like hers do!

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Thanks Wally. Cody is looking a bit better now. Actually, the vet couldn't see what was wrong with him cos he was bouncing all over the place. We thought it was tick fever cos I found his first and only tick a couple of days before that.

The gd news is his stools are solid now. No paste YET.