Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I finally got to sink my teeth into the delishious Evanger's chicken drummet dinner, but I got only ONE miserable piece! Mumsy transferred the whole can out for me to see but before I can even take a whiff of it before she tapped my nose and kept the rest in the fridge! Can you believe it? One small piece only! So now I m smart. Whenever Mumsy opens the fridge, I'll sit right at the opening and stick my head in! My ears get cold though, but I am not complaining. Even if I can't get to eat them, at least I get to stare longingly at them.

Here's the photos of the chicken drummets! Mumsy mixed it with my old and new keebles. There's even carrots in the drummet sauce. There is even a veedeo of me enjoying the chicken! Obviously I went for the chicken first before the usual keebles. You can hear Mumsy and Dad talking in the veedeo cos Mumsy wanted to teach me to pick up food that I dropped before going back to my foodbowl for more. I am drooling all over Mumsy's metal as I type this. *slurp*

I am finally shedding too! My fur is everywhere and I am kinda pleased about it. Cos that means I am going to be a big boy. Chester, my bro, has been bragging to me about his new denser chest hair and I was kinda envious as mine still look sparsed and puppish. Now I can show off my new coat to him when I finally see him for the dog walk this wheekend! That lazy bum skipped school last Sun again.

I also get perverse pleasure of seeing Mumsy sneezing her nose off and chasing after those lil' dust bunnies made out of my fur! Those dust bunnies also keep me entertained as they seemed to have a life of their own. I am not that stupid to think that they are alive since they are part of me and I should know my body parts well right? I like chasing them though. *grin*

Here's some peektures of Mumsy brushing me. Don't I look like I am enjoying myself? I used to hate getting brushed but now I just flop on my belly and let Mumsy do her magic. She told me I needed to be brushed daily or I might get hotspots. Which I promptly showed her the one I have been worrying about since last afternoon. She and Dad immediately pinned me down to clean the wound and boy, it stings! This morning, they did it again and I growled and growled at them but they wouldn't let me go! But the wound didn't feel as itchy this morning as it did last night.

See the amount of hair I am shedding? That brush only ran through my fur 5 times and it got all clogged up! Mummy is complaining that she is eating my fur with all her meals!


Benhur Xobile said...

Hey are getting big...
Eh, i think you might just be bigger than me. I hope its just the hair. Hahaha!! Sometimes mummy brushes me 3 times a day...usually i get brushed only once a day.
Wee! Let's make a corgi-haired coat for our mummies eh?

Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Me bigger than you Benny? I don't think so.. in my mind you are HUGE! heehee...

Yeah, we should ask the rest of the corgis to donate their dust bunnies too! then we can make them into sweaters and such and sell them to unsuspecting hoomans! We make them wear our cast offs!